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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 1: Zarathustra
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    • Spiritual Science and to which your attention has been drawn in
    • Spiritual Science, we find therein a progressive purport, a
    • teachings of Spiritual Science that during man’s
    • Spiritual Science, in its statements and theories, fully concurs
    • Science"‘. All great spiritual personalities have followed
    • of ‘Spiritual Science’, are strengthened while man is
    • will be discovered and recognized by external science, that a
    • limits of our sense perceptions. Further, that science will be
    • which in many ways is similar to that of Spiritual Science.
    • the statements of Spiritual Science become wholly fantastical
    • themselves drawn towards the Indian Spiritual Science, or Method
    • coming from the representatives of other sciences, and judge for
    • Science tells us concerning Zarathustra and his pronouncements
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 2: Hermes
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    • It is of great importance to Spiritual Science to
    • age‘, when the methods of Spiritual Science are employed in
    • Science can alone obtain, from the sources of information at its
    • step by step, to the birth of modern science. Thus it came about,
    • Spiritual Science regarding the allotted task and true purpose of
    • mysteries of the Spirit-World. [Spiritual Science asserts that it
    • the custom of the sciences of to-day outside of Spiritual Science
    • natural science, without in any way touching the moral and
    • those directions in which such sciences were needed as Geometry
    • the people the elements of the science of mathematics, while he
    • science with religion. As this attitude waned it gradually
    • not at all to the liking of that branch of science which would
    • the savages of our time. Nevertheless, Spiritual Science affirms,
    • concepts and theories. Now, Spiritual Science definitely asserts
    • Science, bring it into conflict with the results of modern
    • science itself replies to this question.
    • science while engaged in the gradual unfoldment of ancient
    • science has truly made a beginning toward the opening up of new
    • Spiritual Science to bring forward and impress upon our present
    • similar progress in connection with the science of Geology. If in
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 3: Buddha
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    • Science and
    • however, we look back with the aid of Spiritual Science to
    • of our wisdom, and our science — was first developed from
    • stated that modern science is coming more and more to the
    • our present intellectual science has been attained.
    • Spiritual Science as a result of its investigations. Here, as in
    • complete accord between spiritual and external science. Further,
    • a time will come when the conclusions which Spiritual Science has
    • Science knowledge may be acquired concerning recurrent earth
    • forward by Spiritual Science. But it is important that we should
    • Science, but it is worthy of note that during the last century,
    • Spiritual Science is based upon the most profound conceptions and
    • fresh truths and data brought forward by external science, to
    • Spiritual Science inconvenient and unsuitable. They turn away
    • this Eastern creed than with European Spiritual Science, which
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 4: Moses
    Matching lines:
    • been conducted by science during the past ten years and more,
    • the natural sciences, which claims in so high a degree our deep
    • which we have termed Spiritual Science, is chiefly concerned with
    • as is so often the case with other sciences. In our time its most
    • Spiritual Science has to say regarding the peculiar nature of
    • the Bible through the medium of Spiritual Science, that we
    • methods of Spiritual Science and thus enter gradually and
    • become immersed in the study of Spiritual Science, the greater is
    • insight, born of Spiritual Science, which would have enabled him
    • externally, and without the aid of Spiritual Science?’ we
    • Science, and he was quite unaware that he had in reality laid the
    • from the stand-point of Spiritual Science when we realize that
    • of Spiritual Science knows that brute nature is so closely
    • modern science or of our analytical methods, but nevertheless
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 5: Elijah
    Matching lines:
    • Elijah in the Light of Spiritual Science
    • consider Elijah from the stand-point of Spiritual Science. Viewed
    • Spiritual Science weighs and regards such matters and, in virtue
    • Science, and have reference to the personality and significance
    • are revealed by the researches of Spiritual Science, which
    • years of experience with the methods of Spiritual Science have
    • What now has Spiritual Science to say concerning
    • investigations of Spiritual Science we must recognize in the
    • upon this Deity. The Spiritual Science of our time would say that
    • Spiritual Science.
    • and [Spiritual Science tells us, that] Jezebel
    • investigations made by Spiritual Science, in whose light their
    • Spiritual Science, however, we realize that she sent her
    • marks the statements of Spiritual Science concerning ancient
    • obtained through Spiritual Science show that Elisha, in virtue of
    • employed by Spiritual Science, and as we proceed they will be yet
    • Spiritual Science tells us] commanded him to go to the King Ahab
    • Science.
    • cannot look upon the pronouncements of Spiritual Science as other
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 6: Christ and the Twentieth Century
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    • Science, which traces man’s origin back to spiritual forms,
    • field of Natural Science. Perhaps nowhere do we find this want of
    • that which science has been constrained to adopt, as in the case
    • understood, because Spiritual Science would seek to cloak those
    • development in the field of Spiritual Science, are wholly
    • Science of to-day, which will be recapitulated in this lecture,
    • the teachings of Spiritual Science in our time. During the first
    • Science, on the other hand, leads us directly to previous states
    • with various statements of Spiritual Science brought to your
    • Already in the Middle Ages we note, that Science
    • all that was regarded as Science and absolute knowledge, but
    • mention Jesus of Nazareth as a human being. External science is
    • Spiritual Being. How, then, does present-day science regard The
    • no faith? External science has merely proved that the Bible
    • Science as characterized above, with what Spiritual Science has
    • highest point to which the Science of History has as yet reached
    • of Spiritual Science, where the methods are applicable to things
    • of modern Spiritual Science, man has gained an understanding of
    • of Spiritual Science, we learn that the possibility of thus
    • present-day Spiritual Science, we look upon it that while the
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  • Title: Turning Points: Contents
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  • Title: Turning Points: Cover Sheet
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  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 1)
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    • resolved to become the Herald of Spiritual Science, and to
    • of Natural Science, and recommended the employment of its methods
    • in the Science of the Spirit. He cursed the ignoramus and the
    • world, under the title of Spiritual Science. That which he gave
    • the character of a systematic introduction to Spiritual Science;
    • Science. After he had decided to give way, under the pressure of
    • among the celebrities of science; they were modest, unassuming
    • the Soul? Religion, Science, and the Soul Question.
    • has claimed the attention of science and in which lie
    • the sphere of natural science, Haeckel was worthy and
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 2)
    Matching lines:
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 3)
    Matching lines:
  • Title: Turning Points: Translator Preface
    Matching lines:
    • Science upon various questions associated with these so-called
    • what is implied by the term Spiritual Science, and to know that
    • Spiritual Science is not some new fantastic concept, but a
    • and the principles underlying Spiritual Science. Upon this source
    • 'Spiritual Science' (the terms are synonymous) as 'Knowledge
    • The methods of Spiritual Science, by which the
    • Spiritual Science, through which Rudolf Steiner acquired his

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