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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 1: Zarathustra
    Matching lines:
    • constrained to manifest again and again in a single personality,
    • indeed potent and become absorbed over and over again by the Ego
    • have stated over and over again that the period ascribed to
    • It has often been pointed out, and we will again
    • to regain and cultivate this long-lost power. Then in the future
    • and his logic, he will again approach the condition of the
    • his development has run its course he will again return to the
    • perfection, so must he ever battle against his lower passions and
    • desires, against the delusive images suggested by possible
    • Ahura Mazdao, while against these operate the powers of Angra
    • begins to gain spiritual experience, a feeling of awe may come
    • Darkness (Ahriman). It is not easy to gain a right understanding
    • ‘Zervane Akarene’. How can we gain a comprehension of
    • ascends from Aries to Taurus, and again during its descent toward
    • Again, subservient to these Amschaspand entities, according to
    • come when the world will gain yet another item of knowledge, for
    • The old Zarathustranism has arisen once again in
    • Again, the Izeds, who are present in the outer universe as a
    • opposing basic qualities, and which recurs again and again
    • primordial force is conceived as set against another. This same
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 2: Hermes
    Matching lines:
    • until we again fall asleep. On the other hand, the ancient
    • the Egyptians should gain wisdom and understanding from this
    • once again. They named the first Hermes, — ‘Hermes
    • and an animal head, or again formed of the most varied
    • Again, the veneration and worship of cats and
    • Egyptian thought and feeling. Again, how extraordinary do the
    • that man shall once again find Osiris.’
    • might be gained of all that is supersensible and lies concealed
    • During this period the Initiate gained complete knowledge of the
    • be up ‘against the flank of the mound on which stood the
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 3: Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • I must now once again draw your attention to that
    • prehistoric times, we gain much further knowledge; we then find
    • before, but I must lay particular stress upon it once again. We
    • supersensible, he gained not knowledge alone but a feeling of
    • things, to regain his union with that spiritual region from
    • reached, when he rose again, only to sink once more. He continued
    • sink into illusion — into Maya — but that again and again there
    • was empowered to revive once again a last remnant of by-gone
    • Again, he saw an aged person, tottering and weary; and he
    • life after life, always applying the experiences gained through
    • his understanding. That knowledge which we gain from the repeated
    • in life that we can never hope to gain from external experiences
    • through gaining freedom and redemption from further
    • intense longing manifested by individual man to be born again
    • we have gained through Christianity. Six hundred years after the
    • principles of his being, ever seeking to gain through the conduct
    • toil I must regain touch with that greater self which because of
    • I must rise again; and this I must do, not through that quality
    • experiences gained during our repeated reincarnations, in such
    • in the past and it is likely that it will again reappear in the
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 4: Moses
    Matching lines:
    • important task is to bring about once again an accurate and
    • far from easy to gain a clear comprehension of the true meaning
    • I must once again bring back to your minds a
    • Hence, the impression we have gained of Moses is
    • once again from the form in which they are presented, that they
    • tribulations against which Moses struggled in order to attain to
    • individualities whom we meet again and again when we study the
    • man may gain true understanding of those grand spiritual heights
    • upon the world, and gain enlightenment through inner intellectual
    • full measure of a content that shall once again embrace the
    • of mankind, that we may gain that sense of power, confidence of
    • The words of the great poet live again, in
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 5: Elijah
    Matching lines:
    • gained confidence in its power and proved substantiality, will
    • within the being under such circumstances, and thus gain an
    • soul has gained this or that special clairvoyant power, then will
    • life’s happenings be set against such trust. Mankind must
    • nevertheless shall man again rejoice — but he must be ever
    • God Jahveh must ye have faith, until such time as He may again
    • vision was again more positive than any of merely dreamlike
    • appeared to him that his God, who had again manifested, set him
    • had repeated over and over again to his own soul: — ‘Fear
    • It next appeared to [Elijah-Naboth], again as in
    • regain his self-control through the medium of that power which
    • to life. Then did he gain more courage to stimulate and quicken
    • Ahab went forth to battle against the Syrians, he was wounded and
    • soul experiences gained through inner contemplation and absolute
    • vision, but to him it was more than a mere vision. Then, again,
    • which we again find something in the nature of an exhortation and
    • spoke again and said: — ‘I must now go upon my way to
    • for the Lord hath sent me to Jericho.’]. Once again this
    • teacher. Elijah spoke again and said: — ‘I must now ascend
    • necessary to gain the consent of the King. Now Naboth lived near
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 6: Christ and the Twentieth Century
    Matching lines:
    • to you a point to which I shall now again draw your attention. In
    • again descended upon our earth, where already for a long
    • Christianity has again revealed the fact that [in many instances]
    • refer to Him as a God ‘; and again to this remarkable
    • we shall again refer to it at some future date.
    • of modern Spiritual Science, man has gained an understanding of
    • realms. When, in due course, the soul was brought back once again
    • through repeated reincarnations, and through knowledge gained
    • time again in the innermost sanctuaries of the Temples, memories
    • that in the Gospels there appear once again detailed narratives
    • is indeed MAN. He who would gain knowledge of the fundamental
    • Once again do we realize that Spiritual Science
    • considering, Spiritual Science is again disposed to associate
    • the twentieth century to gain general acceptance of the concepts
    • That truth by which, through Christ, mankind shall gain
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • expounding once again from the beginning, in each city where he
    • daily torment this bearing up against the ever-breaking waves of
    • at last, that it is again in the true Ego, the veritable
    • a differently constituted human organism. Again, in reviving the
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • How do we gain Knowledge of the Spirit
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • was enormous and a violent uproar ensued, against which
  • Title: Turning Points: Preface
    Matching lines:
    • man back again, on paths of Will, whence he came down when with
    • Michael goes upward again along the paths by
  • Title: Turning Points: Translator Preface
    Matching lines:
    • fleeting contact with the Spirit-World, and thereby to gain
    • gained, a clearer understanding of the material world.

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