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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 1: Zarathustra
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    • persists. When we study the evolution of mankind in the light of
    • glorious blaze of light — The Revelation of the
    • (which we are inclined to regard as so amazingly enlightened!)
    • light-giving mass when considered as such, merely the external
    • Light’.
    • outward as a point of light from within man’s essence,
    • ‘The Spirit of Light’. He taught them that, just in
    • and evil brings shadows into the light. By following the method
    • Heat, Light, and Chemical forces, so in the world of spirit must
    • birth to both The Realm of Light (Ormuzd) and to The Realm of
    • which lay beyond the light, and which Zarathustra termed
    • Light-Realms of Ormuzd; but if we turn our eyes upon the past, we
    • it is woven upon the one side, The Power of Light, shedding upon
    • profound. When we are midway, then is the light (Ormuzd)
    • ever traversed by Ormuzd, The Spirit of Light. In other words,
    • through the Zodiac takes place while it is light, as in the
    • forces ever flowing outward from the Light-Realms of Ormuzd. That
    • Light-Realms, the Amschaspands undertake that specific work which
    • finds expression in the transmission of the sun’s light
    • engendered by the action of light, and the Izeds, as governing
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 2: Hermes
    Matching lines:
    • past, in order to throw light upon later Egyptian culture;
    • more general enlightenment has nevertheless a feeling, whether
    • an endeavour to throw light upon the nature and significance of
    • the profundity of their primordial clairvoyant enlightenment they
    • Isis-Influence. But until she receives his light the moon is dark
    • vast universe — the light-giving sun and the dark moon every
    • ready to reflect his splendour. And he realized that the light
    • to send forth light.’
    • stimulus to strive towards higher spiritual enlightenment, is as
    • in order that he may obtain such enlightenment, he that would
    • desired to enlighten the people with regard to the nature of the
    • symbolical reference to the light which emanates from the Sun and
    • these old Egyptian peoples sought enlightenment and guidance from
    • Testament in the Light of the Ancient East.
    • strange and wonderful treasures brought to light, ‘were not
    • come to light as a result of discoveries made by digging beneath
    • light of modern external science upon one of those glorious
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 3: Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • when we regard it in the light of all this retrospection
    • the light of the Buddha-mood, when regarded as already
    • enlightenment which flowed in upon him found expression in the
    • primeval wisdom; which, however, in the light of Indian
    • development and progress; and because of this enlightenment,
    • Gautama and led him directly to that sublime enlightenment known
    • enlightenment that the thought came to Gautama that the teachings
    • the light of our ideas concerning humanity regarded as a whole —
    • enlightenment is both remarkable and significant, but unless we
    • craved enlightenment, he went forth into solitude; to a place
    • soul that clear light whereby he might comprehend and solve the
    • depicted in Genesis. Now, a curious fact comes to light, namely,
    • may at last apprehend this perceptual world in the light of
    • contrast is as that between light and darkness. In St.
    • assimilate them, and throw new light upon their significance,
    • (Sanskrit). A Bodisat, one whose essence is enlightenment, that
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 4: Moses
    Matching lines:
    • there thrown new light upon the history of Moses — in so far as
    • depicted in the latter part of the narrative in the same light as
    • development, greater enlightenment, a more advanced stage of
    • of human evolution, and whose mission it was to enlighten mankind
    • Legends merely in the light of transfigured typical dreams, as
    • its fitting soil, and ripened, in the light of that knowledge
    • 1 Viewed in this light the Bible story
    • the seven liberal arts were evolved and brought to light was as a
    • upon the world, and gain enlightenment through inner intellectual
    • of its promptings. All that knowledge and enlightenment which was
    • We now realize that the enlightenment which Moses
    • down as lightning from Heaven, of the words: — “I AM AN
    • to receive that great enlightenment which it was the Mission of
    • reason that the enlightenment which Moses was destined to give to
    • culture to that of Moses in its true light and meaning as an
    • the evolution of mankind; and we realize that it is no light task
    • his intellectual enlightenment was fundamentally dependent upon
    • Spirit brings to us enlightenment and ever manifests in
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 5: Elijah
    Matching lines:
    • Elijah in the Light of Spiritual Science
    • in its light, we find in the very nature of his being an
    • light upon the world’s history may become clearly apparent
    • enlightenment which came to him was passed on to mankind through
    • of the means at its disposal, is enabled to shed fresh light upon
    • seers. Viewed in the light of our modern times it is probable
    • light in connection with some quite lowly station in earthly
    • investigations made by Spiritual Science, in whose light their
    • as that glorious Divine Light which flowed in upon St. Paul at a
    • the city (II Kings, ix, 30 to 37). I have only touched lightly
    • bring about enlightenment concerning spiritual revelation, even
    • means of the methods of Spiritual Science] a new light has been
    • the outer world, does not enlighten us concerning things of
    • slightly modified form, are as follows: —
    • Which hides her secrets from the light of our new day.
    • light thrown upon it by Spiritual Science, its purport becomes at
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 6: Christ and the Twentieth Century
    Matching lines:
    • only a slight study of spiritual life, that the subject chosen
    • enlightening to consider briefly those lofty Christ-concepts
    • higher wisdom, and various degrees of light and shade in that
    • momentous indeed in relation to that enlightenment which came
    • fresh light upon all forms of human culture quickened by its
    • Anyone who has obtained even a slight insight into the
    • merely in the light of a wholly abstract impression. Humanity is
    • the light of all those Divine qualities which dwelt within the
    • in the physical world. Through the study of history in the light
    • When we consider the sleep-state in the light of
    • enlightenment proclaiming his Godlike origin and the eternity of
    • enlightenment to humanity, but He became unified in spirit with
    • light of Spiritual Science, then we must first realize that: —
    • unto me true enlightenment [through the powers of those who have
    • and cometh to the light when man, in very solitude, shall know
    • throw light upon matters which have already claimed the attention
    • complete accord with the actual facts brought to light by
    • will yet be evolved from the wonders which come to light through
    • glorious realities of man’s inner life in a serious light
    • the light had not first conjured it into being. If, on the one
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  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • way, ever imparting spiritual enlightenment.
    • Spiritual Healing. Education in the light of Spiritual Cosmic
    • throw light upon that border-land existing between the
    • He rose above all such bias, and was ever delighted to
    • it was a delightful experience to be present when these
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 2)
    Matching lines:
    • Man and Woman in the light of Spiritual
    • The Man, The Woman and The Child in the light of
    • The Souls of Animals in the light of Spiritual
    • Delusions of the Sick in the light of Spiritual
    • The Craving for Health in the light of Spiritual
    • Vocation and Profit in the light of Spiritual
    • Tolstoi and Carnegie in the light of Spiritual
    • Nietzsche in the light of Spiritual Science. Isis
    • light of Spiritual Science.)
    • The Moon in the light of Spiritual Science.
    • Death and Eternal Life in the light of Spiritual
    • The Prophet Elijah in the light of Spiritual
    • The Origin of Man in the light of Spiritual
    • The Origin of the Animal World in the light of
    • light of Spiritual Science.
    • Copernicus and His Period in the light of
    • The Self-education of Man in the light of
    • Soul in the light of Spiritual Science.
    • The Mission of Raphael in the light of Spiritual
    • Fairy-tales in the light of Spiritual
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  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • Evil in the light of Spiritual Knowledge.
    • The Soul of Man in Life and Death in the light of
    • Folk Souls in the light of Spiritual
    • (Deutsche) Spirit, in the light of Spiritual
    • The Riddle of Nature in the light of Spiritual
    • The Riddle of Life's History in the light of
    • Life in Art and Art in Life in the light of
    • Animals in the light of Spiritual Science.
    • Freedom of Will, and Immortality, in the light of
    • Everyday Life in the light of Spiritual Science.
    • Modern History in the light of Spiritual
    • The Basis of Modern National Life in the light of
    • of Thought, in the light of Spiritual Science.
    • Man in the light of Spiritual Science.
    • The East in the light of the West with The
    • Putnam's under the title, The East in the Light of the
  • Title: Turning Points: Translator Preface
    Matching lines:
    • development of mankind, and to throw the light of Spiritual
    • enlightenment to aid and to benefit humanity. During such time as
    • the source of Divine power, and through the enlightenment thus

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