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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 1: Zarathustra
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    • condition of mankind will vary considerably from its normal state
    • have stated over and over again that the period ascribed to
    • Spiritual Science, in its statements and theories, fully concurs
    • state’, or ‘clairvoyant condition’ (we will
    • state, namely, dream consciousness. We all know those fluctuating
    • of our sleeping state, where clings in truth that last remnant of
    • primitive man was capable of intermediate conscious states,
    • clairvoyant states and experiences of the ancients we have no
    • state. Man can enter the superperceptual region by both these
    • a statement might appear at first sight full of significance, it
    • less moment. He further stated that the sun, regarded purely from
    • be destined to attain to wiser and more advanced states of
    • to this point the Greek authors state that the ancient Persians
    • mere vague statements such as: — ‘Without and remote from
    • underlying the statement, that one branch of this time-curve
    • We have stated that Zarathustra regarded Ormuzd
    • which, as already stated, he recognized twelve different kinds.
    • I will now make a definite statement, which when
    • the statements of Spiritual Science become wholly fantastical
    • state that the Supreme Deity in order to create Ormuzd, must also
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 2: Hermes
    Matching lines:
    • Egyptian thought and feeling. But, as has been before stated,
    • state that differed from our customary normal conscious
    • clairvoyant state cannot be likened to the insensibility produced
    • reality all clairvoyant consciousness, including the dream-state
    • the ancients, and our present-day objective conscious state. As
    • that when the old clairvoyant state was past, our present
    • rightly understood, tends but to verify the statements of
    • We can therefore make this statement: — The
    • ages. Man’s human state was preceded by another and more
    • past, before I came to this state, I lived wholly in a spiritual
    • to attain to yet higher states of perfection, has of a verity
    • ethical factors of its life, nor affecting its fate or state of
    • influence would bring mankind back to that state which he enjoyed
    • his present material state, and bring him back once more to
    • already stated, by way of Initiation and Holy Devotion. Such was
    • attention to the following statement: — If we consider the
    • fallen away from some exalted primordial state. This assertion is
    • methods, that the primitive states of mankind are in truth
    • life we shall not find rudimentary cultural states, but lofty and
    • It is further emphasized that those cultural states, which we are
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 3: Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • widening and fuller recurring corporal states, in which we may
    • law, as was then stated, during the gradual passing of time the
    • it went through varying transitional states. Those events
    • whereby the normal state of human consciousness was quite other
    • another form of conscious state. I have emphasized this point
    • of the human soul, and in which mankind assumed a state between
    • only in the latter that we seek to apprehend a state of
    • state out of which our present intellectuality gradually evolved.
    • stated that modern science is coming more and more to the
    • primeval times the prevailing state common to man was similar to
    • decadence from a primarily highly clairvoyant spiritual state
    • transition from the old or clairvoyant state of the human soul to
    • clairvoyant state, a certain feeling of sadness at the thought of
    • embodied in the following statement: — The Indian has ever
    • state into one of sense-illusion, or that ‘Great
    • stated, the last of these was Gautama Buddha.
    • it is only necessary to refer to the main points. It states that
    • element destructive to existence; and the legend states that when
    • transcendent state which Gautama Buddha has designated
    • What, then, is the nature of this state — this
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 4: Moses
    Matching lines:
    • definite modification, from a divine primordial clairvoyant state
    • statement made in previous lectures, namely, that in primeval
    • conscious state in order to account for these ancient myths and
    • evolved from a different form of conscious state; and it is just
    • little understood. This prehistoric soul-state has now given way
    • condition of sleeping and of being awake. In our wakeful state we
    • clairvoyant soul-state. We have thus characterized a particular
    • state.
    • that a certain order of conscious-state may reappear and be found
    • This occurs at that place where it is stated that he fled away
    • a more exalted soul-state.
    • Statements such as the above must be made with
    • already stated how, in the future of mankind, the clairvoyant
    • conscious states will be universally interwoven and co-active
    • soul-state as of many another, for it is lacking in [conscious]
    • conscious state — but the time allotted to that mission had
    • that the old clairvoyant state should give place to an
    • conscious state which had previously hovered, as it were, over
    • and torpid, compared with the intellectual soul-state of man.
    • mentioned, in connection with the old clairvoyant state and also
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 5: Elijah
    Matching lines:
    • statements that are the result of the investigations of Spiritual
    • required evidence, that all my statements will ultimately receive
    • forces of his soul could break in upon his conscious state. In
    • that such a statement may appear somewhat grotesque, but those
    • such a state of apperception that they could outline their
    • may be stated to be somewhat as follows: — The clairvoyant
    • sleep state, but in a certain way they are typical symbols,
    • spiritual state. Such a procedure, I would mention, is most
    • This state of profound meditation fraught with
    • his whole soul-state which had become, so to speak, fully
    • the description given of these events it is stated that he took
    • dancing, worked themselves up into a state of singular ecstasy)
    • state of intense inner contemplation, that he questioned himself
    • marks the statements of Spiritual Science concerning ancient
    • refused to eat! We can only begin to understand such statements,
    • higher state or world. This was made possible, not because of the
    • 4 This statement was made to Elisha in a
    • merely states that Elijah ascended into heaven (II Kings, ii,
    • manner!5 I would here state that
    • set about comparing the various statements made with facts
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 6: Christ and the Twentieth Century
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual state, gradually changed into that of a lower and
    • Science, on the other hand, leads us directly to previous states
    • man could acquire. From this time on, so the gnosis states, the
    • place in the evolution of humanity. The gnosis states quite
    • with various statements of Spiritual Science brought to your
    • state of the human soul and the various conditions of social life
    • thus driven to the following statement: — ‘The ancient
    • other olden sacred writings state is, that in the very beginning
    • present state and assume a more perfect form of soul-being which
    • sleep-state.
    • When we consider the sleep-state in the light of
    • figure, and that during such state the power of the true inner
    • sleep-state was first induced. This was of such nature that the
    • the most important statements contained in the Gospels, then (as
    • thy conscious state if thou but rightly understandest that
    • states that all such thoughts and conceptions concerning the
    • in the manner indicated, and regards such states as of actual
    • mankind once admits the verity of the above statement, it may go
    • from a position which is untenable, and rise to a state which
    • — ‘The world is my own conception.’ This statement
  • Title: Turning Points: Cover Sheet
    Matching lines:
    • Printed in the United States of
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • of the spirit. He stated that the true ‘Ich’, the Ego
  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 3)
    Matching lines:
    • further lectures to be delivered in Germany stated, that
    • elucidation of that which has been stated, while it
  • Title: Turning Points: Preface
    Matching lines:
    • present. His crystal-clear statements as to the nature of the
  • Title: Turning Points: Translator Preface
    Matching lines:
    • of information the following brief statement concerning the
    • and desires, to enter upon a state in which he experiences
    • determines the difference between this truly clairvoyant state,

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