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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 1: Zarathustra
    Matching lines:
    • perception, in order that you may look around upon all things,
    • all things found expression in imagery, and the images gave rise
    • detail, the hidden workings of the Spirit in all material things,
    • nothing more, than that some vague nebulous spirit underlies all
    • These things Zarathustra impressed earnestly and
    • There is something more about this ancient cosmic
    • things which affect our eyes, our ears, and sense organs in
    • asserted, that in everything which could be seen and apprehended,
    • therein could be discerned something of the nature of spirit
    • descry in the starry firmament something similar to letters,
    • behind everything of which we are conscious and appears to us as
    • that latent spirit exists in everything that comes within the
    • Amschaspands, had in mind something connected with the twelve
    • contained the spiritual prototype of so many things which we have
    • world through the woman — Eve — but we find nothing in
    • culture. In this world, all things pursue their appointed course,
    • and nothing can hinder the ultimate triumph of Zarathustran
    • Everywhere we find in different lines of thought something which
    • of their search after those things which are of the Spirit; in
    • civilization. You must not regard all things as merely Maya, but
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 2: Hermes
    Matching lines:
    • investigations have found traces of certain things, clearly
    • things, in other words — the world of spirit. We can say that in
    • to the apprehension of physical concepts and things; from that
    • something akin to higher beings. It has been said that this
    • those things which the Thrice-Great Hermes had taught them, and
    • within me a longing for spiritual things; a longing for that true
    • wherewith to express concepts such as these; for everything which
    • something in the nature of a written language, which could
    • mechanism owes its construction to something spiritual. Now, just
    • world, in which manifest material things and physical happenings,
    • is but as a garment clothing the Osiris-Isis spirit
    • something of the Isis-Force which gave birth to Horos, the
    • things should be observed during such time as the soul might
    • fully conscious of an object, as a specific thing, when external
    • things. Symbolically, in the sense of the Isis-Initiation, we
    • One’ saw in the interrelation of all things spread abroad
    • best bring forth all things necessary to external life.
    • Surveying; indeed, he instructed them in all things needful for
    • past when all earthly things were begotten of divine
    • to material things. [Ed.]
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 3: Buddha
    Matching lines:
    • course of our normal human life, we now regard all things around
    • those things hidden behind the perceptual world.
    • what they had lost, and an indifference to all material things
    • things, knowing full well that knowledge and guidance, born of
    • things, to regain his union with that spiritual region from
    • shall come into men’s lives something of the ancient primal
    • twenty-ninth year he had seen nothing of the world outside the
    • unfolding, he looked only upon those things which would bring
    • life, but something quite apart and distinctive in
    • things which may be apprehended in the material state in which we
    • have our being. There is nothing in this physical world, nor in
    • reincarnation, since it is not of those things of which we may
    • this matter, nevertheless, there is one thing we must admit, and
    • were not in harmony with those things which had been ordained, I
    • things has been transformed into one of illusion, such that we no
    • understanding there is a something ever active in each individual
    • everything that is Maya  — the Christian, on the other
    • development we find nothing in Christianity corresponding to
    • To those who profess Buddhism, there is something
    • even in our time there is something about Buddhism which inspires
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  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 4: Moses
    Matching lines:
    • negative in character and contributed nothing toward the
    • he could gaze upon the Spirit-World, and that things thus
    • a new-born flower, it has something to add to that which has gone
    • Here we note something akin to a change of
    • that is best of those things which have been handed down to us
    • the cosmic forces, then can it apprehend those things which were
    • convey the idea that all those things regarding which Moses spoke
    • human beings who regard and apprehend all things through the
    • ideas concerning all things which come within his cognizance; but
    • death will be the lot of the one who would do this thing, for he
    • existence, the Ego must live in contact with physical things.
    • it could realize that all things that live and weave throughout
    • must we not regard temporal things; nor take heed only of the
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 5: Elijah
    Matching lines:
    • the contemplation of outer happenings and things, or the apparent
    • souls can be implanted the germ, so to speak, of those things
    • teachers of that time. Something in the nature of an holy
    • only say: — ‘He must be here, or there, — for something
    • something more than a mere vision. Then it was that before his
    •  — ‘Abide in patience — endure all things — for He
    • first place and above everything, to stand before King Ahab and
    • Elijah-Naboth raised up his voice and said: — ‘This thing
    • which is in me.’ The sacrifice is performed, and everything
    • that he overcame and swept away all things which were opposed to
    • who had done all these things was their neighbour, and that he
    • Now the King knew nothing whatever about the
    • replied: — ‘Never shall those things come to pass which
    • which we again find something in the nature of an exhortation and
    • xvii, 2, 3, 4.) These things came to pass; and when the brook was
    • the outer world, does not enlighten us concerning things of
    • that a multitude be present, but for this thing to happen it was
    • stood forth and said: ‘This thing must now be determined —
    • things which are written in the Bible. [Ed.]
  • Title: Turning Points: Lecture 6: Christ and the Twentieth Century
    Matching lines:
    • times something in the nature of a crisis, such as might be
    • Christ there had come to mankind something in the nature of a new
    • reality, something which directly affects our actual material
    • concepts to which we may raise ourselves, than is that of things
    • directly apparent to the senses, or about those things which it
    • all things. Thus it came about that in those days in place of the
    • research is brought face to face with something for which it has
    • this external progression, there still remains something which
    • of Spiritual Science, where the methods are applicable to things
    • Spirit-World which lies behind all things material and
    • all those things which it had observed and experienced while
    • figures there presented, as pictorial representations of things
    • concealed. When we come to understand these things rightly we
    • shall realize that everything which followed as a result of the
    • nevertheless this very life-centre was something the awareness of
    • realize that Supreme Deity who has ruled over all things from
    • feeling that everything which is Divine and of that Holy
    • apprehension of those things which are of the spirit and lie
    • still find something of this nature in the East among the
    • in doing something which is looked upon as detrimental or
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  • Title: Turning Points: Introduction (part 1)
    Matching lines:
    • spirit. It was in order that such things might come to pass —
  • Title: Turning Points: Translator Preface
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness of all things pertaining to the external world, his
    • contact with things divine; the finer vehicles of his being,
    • knowledge and understanding, not alone of spiritual things, but

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