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The Eternal in the Human Soul. Immortality and Freedom

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.


The Eternal in the Human Soul.

Immortality and Freedom

Ten public lectures held in Berlin from
24 January 1918 until 20 April 1918

Translations from volume 67 of Rudolf Steiner's Complete Work, original title: Das Ewige in der Menschenseele. Unsterblichkeit und Freiheit Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung Dornach (Switzerland), second edition 1992. Copyright ©1993 Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach (Switzerland)

The translations of Goethe's Faust were taken from: Faust I and II, edited and translated by Stuart Atkins, Princeton University Press, paperback printing 1994. Copyright © 1984 Suhrkamp/Insel Publishers, Boston, Inc.

Some translations of Goethe's poems were taken from: J. W. von Goethe 103 Great Poems, edited and translated by Stanley Appelbaum, Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, New York. Copyright © 1999 by Dover Publications, Inc.

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