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Fruits of Anthroposophy

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Fruits of Anthroposophy

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Summary of Lectures given 1 & 2 September 1921

2 September 1921

Imaginative perception — The difference in working towards supersensible knowledge and ordinary knowledge — Haeckel's drawings as instinctive Imagin¬ations — Goethe's perceptive insight in relation to Swedenborg's pathological visions.

3 September 1921

Imaginative perception and living in our memories — Dangers of yoga breathing exercises — Progression from object-based perception through Imagination and Inspira¬tion to cosmic intuition, adding to what Rudolf Steiner already referred to in his Philosophy of Freedom.

5 September 1921

The gulf between casual explanation of nature and the moral world order — Natural law and certainty of faith — The path to intuitive perception; intuitive perception pro¬vides living insight into the nature of thinking and perception — The threefold nature of man — The moral sphere breaking through natural causality — Moral Intuitions — Schiller's view of Kant's concept of duty — Philosophy of Freedom as antithesis to Kant's view of morality.

6 September 1921

Brief characterization of the social question — The human organism — Medicine made fruitful through spiritual science — Imaginative perception as the only way of truly grasping organic processes in man and the complexity of social processes — Living creativity has two branches: ideation and artistic creation — Anthroposophy not a new religion — Free inner experience must take the place of dogma based on evidence gained through the senses.

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