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The Central Question of Economic Life

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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The Central Question of Economic Life

Question/Economic Life: Basis for the Texts

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Basis for the Texts.


The lectures were taken down in shorthand by the professional stenographer Helene Finckh, who since 1916 took down the lectures at the behest of Rudolf Steiner and transferred them into longhand, upon which the print is based. The original shorthand versions still exist and were consulted for single unclear passages.


VIII. The Central Question of Economic Life

Kristiania, 30th November l92l 233

Class struggle and added value. Bismarck and Robespierre. Production becomes more collective. The individual nature of consumption. The “Three-folding of the social organism”. Socialism. Sharing of work. Karl Marx. Spiritual life, economic life. Merchandize on the one hand, land and capital on the other hand. Gold currency. Collective decision through formation of economic associations. Life of rights. The three-fold human being. The just price. Harmonizing of interests. Administration of capital, regulation of labour. Land.

Translated by Luise M. Boeddinghaus

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