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  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: About the Transcripts of Lectures
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    • imparting facts directly from the spiritual world to the general
    • The right to judge such private material can of course, be conceded only to someone who has the pre-requisite basis for such judgement. And in respect of most of this material it would mean at least knowledge of man and of the cosmos insofar as these have been presented in the light of Anthroposophy, and also knowledge of what exists as ‘anthroposophical history’ in what has been imparted from the spiritual world.”
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Contents
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    • The plant world as sense organ of the Earth. The organ of orientation
    • Man's participation in the physical, astral and mental world. The
    • ordering of the world. Alteration in the forms of the flora, fauna and
    • relationships (Life in the Groups). The physical world as world of
    • causes, Devachan as world of effects. Three stages of pupil-ship. The
    • Certain species of Elemental Beings in the Astral World — Asuric
    • Beings and experiences in the Astral World. Black and White Magic.
    • Astral World. Technique of reincarnation. The memory tableau
    • and Devachanic World in the life after death and the preparation for
    • Schematic survey of the stages of World-Evolution.
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Glossary of Indian-Theosophical Terms
    Matching lines:
    • The higher regions of Devachan. Higher Spiritual World (R.S.)
    • Theosophical: World-soul or World-mind and as 6th principle of the human being: Spiritual soul. Called by Rudolf Steiner Life Spirit.
    • Spiritual World. See under Planes.
    • ‘How to Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’
    • Mental World, Mental Plane:
    • The Theosophical-Indian terminology for the seven planes, levels or worlds was already replaced by Rudolf Steiner as far as possible by German expressions in his Theosophy (1904) and in later lectures.
    • The same, also: physical world, world of understanding.
    • The same, also: Soul World or Land, Imaginative World, Elementary World.
    • The same, also Spirit Land, Spiritual World, World of the Harmony of
    • the Spheres, World of Inspiration.
    • Lower Devachan, Lower Spiritual World, also Heavenly World.
    • Higher Devachan, Higher Spiritual World, World of true Intuition.
    • Buddhi plane, also World of Fore seeing.
    • This world above the World of Fore-seeing is of such a nature ‘that in
    • the World of Fore-seeing.’ Rudolf Steiner, Lecture, Berlin, 25
    • Lower Devachan, Lower Spirit World. (R.S.)
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Introductory remarks by the Editor
    Matching lines:
    • in accordance with what he himself experienced as the world of
    • ‘Theosophy — An introduction to Supersensible World-Knowledge and Human Destiny’.
    • ‘How to attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds’
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Notes
    Matching lines:
    • beginning of the world the different parts of the world
    • Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and the
    • World-Soul is stretched on the cross of the World-Body.
    • Worlds.
    • ‘In the overall picture of world evolution the
    • — the Platonic World Year — generally speaking,
    • Reflection in the Physical World, Zodiac, Planets,
    • 19th century and its relationship to World Culture
    • 12.10.1905 The Present Situation of the World. War,
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Translators Preface
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    • was to become his greatest creation, the worldwide Anthroposophical
    • brought about by man does not only affect the world around him but
    • of nature of our earthly world; for, to quote Rudolf Steiner's words,
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Short list of books/lecture cycles by Rudolf Steiner
    Matching lines:
    • Knowledge of Higher Worlds
  • Title: Foundations of Esotericism: Schematic Survey of the Stages of World Evolution
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    • Schematic Survey of the Stages of World Evolution
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • more closely connected with the rest of the world than the nervous
    • whole world. This is so with the invertebrate animals. For instance,
    • the world, so does this common Earth-Soul create the invertebrate
    • animals as eyes and ears in order to see and hear the world.
    • abstract way as one does nowadays; one learned to comprehend the world
    • out in the world when the spinal cord was formed, and has remained at
    • the world. This pictorial way of seeing things is astral vision
    • part of the world each single one of his organs belongs. The old
    • Each part of the world reveals to the esotericist its connection with
    • surrounding world — stones, plants and animals are signposts
    • and animals into the world, but also stages of consciousness. In a
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture II
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    • through the entire world. They are as follows: Activity or Movement;
    • of continuous activity, a point in continuity. The whole world is in
    • himself, through the physical body it lives in the physical world. He
    • would be unable to form concepts about the physical world if he did
    • body he builds into himself. In what he observes in the physical world
    • bodies into the external world. What man takes in from the outer
    • world, he takes in through these three bodies.
    • however the desire to take part in the world surrounding him. This is
    • everything from the world, he has no further use for his organs.
    • Between birth and death man accustoms himself to perceive the world
    • perceive the world, then he finds himself in the condition which is
    • evil into the rest of the world; otherwise he would work his harmful
    • hypnotised works into the world the harmful instincts of the
    • From this aspect we must consider the entrance of Christ into world
    • But through the coming of Christ into the world, it came about that a
    • into his etheric body without doing harm to the world. When one bears
    • suffered for all, so that through the world-historic initiation a
    • central point was created whereby the tumultuous emotions of the world
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • The plant world as sense organ of the Earth. The organ of orientation
    • beings extend their senses into the world in order to behold this
    • world through them. Let us take our start from the sense organs of the
    • higher worlds. The plants are, as it were, only the feelers which are
    • ‘The World Soul is stretched on the Cross of the World Body.’
    • world into the physical world. This earthly consciousness of man is
    • expression in the spinal cord. Then a person perceives the world in
    • such a consciousness. Idiots, for instance, see the world in pictures;
    • world have a similar consciousness.
    • One is then conscious in the plant and sees the world through it. One
    • himself out of the minerals of the world.
    • world-existence.
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • then can make use of them to find one's bearings in the world.
    • world of industry, is the transformation of the mineral kingdom. When
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • in the condition described as the dream world, and when one then seeks
    • Manas. What the ear experiences as sound is the wisdom of the world.
    • In the perception of sound one hears the wisdom of the world. In the
    • act of speaking one brings forth the wisdom of the world. What is
    • outside, as the ear does sound. Thereby it perceives world warmth. The
    • the warmth of the world in the heart and lets it stream forth again
    • streams out as today our words stream out into the world. In the
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • become. What is around him in the outer world will later become his
    • bring into the Earth something coming from higher worlds. Such an
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • that time the dual nature of the world was understood, the opposing
    • forces of the world, Ormuzd and Ahriman, Good and Evil. Thus the
    • impulse must come into the world. When one epoch comes to an end
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • The greatest impulses of world history can however no longer be read
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • Man's participation in the physical, astral and mental world. The
    • ourselves how it is connected with the so-called three worlds. All
    • other worlds, with the exception of these three, hardly come into
    • three are the physical, astral and mental worlds. During the day
    • condition of consciousness, we are in the physical world; there, in a
    • certain sense, we have purely and simply the physical world before us.
    • world as such before us. But the moment we look on the physical world
    • astral world and only partly in the physical world. Only the
    • beginnings of living purely in the physical world are present today in
    • physical world, forgetting oneself, is very rare. It is only seldom
    • true consciousness of self. In all other worlds the ordinary man is
    • still immersed in a world of unconsciousness.
    • In the physical world man is not only aware of his self, he can also
    • he is unable to forget himself. Here the physical world is not the
    • hindrance, but the playing in of the astral and mental worlds. If,
    • gains senses adapted to a particular world can he become
    • self-conscious in that world. Now he only has senses for the physical
    • world but the other worlds continually play into the consciousness of
    • self and cloud it. When feelings play into it, it is the astral world;
    • when one thinks, the mental world plays into the consciousness.
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  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • camera, there appears within it a picture of the surrounding world.
    • was produced as [a] picture of the surrounding world came to the
    • for the inner being what sunlight is for the outer world. Actually we
    • to develop an objective observation of the world or a sense of duty
    • instance, because they are needed in the world.
    • re-birth takes place. He waits at first in the astral world, as in a
    • must break himself from this longing for the outer-world. Kamaloka
    • world, that Kamaloka comes about.
    • astral world, the souls of Russians executed for political reasons
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • ordering of the world. Alteration in the forms of the flora, fauna and
    • World. This grandiose thought could only have been carried through if
    • himself from the more delicate connections with the earthly world.
    • conditions of Kamaloka can also be made use of in the world outside
    • for the whole world.
    • in the earthly world, destiny too is prepared by man for himself, and
    • transformation of the plant world is the result of Devachanic forces.
    • And the physical world which also changes, the outer conditions of
    • own world. They can, for a particular purpose, form for a short time
    • this must be made to serve a useful purpose in the world. The beings
    • again into the world. One finds the same idea in a deeper form in
    • consciously brings to life within him that world which man in the
    • to attain conscious seeing of an external world. The further
    • evolution. Through his contact with the outer world, faculties are
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • relationships (Life in the Groups). The physical world as world of
    • causes, Devachan as world of effects. Three stages of pupil-ship. The
    • For Devachan, the astral and the physical world are nothing other than
    • three interpenetrating worlds. We can form the most correct idea of
    • Devachan if we think of the world of electric forces before
    • contained in the physical world, only it was then an occult world.
    • difference between life in Devachan and that in the physical world is
    • perceive the physical world but not with organs that enable him to
    • physical world serves the purpose of making him more and more
    • us as devachanic sense organs for the devachanic world. As preparation
    • is why the devachanic world is called, the world of effects and the
    • physical world the world of causes. In no other way can man build his
    • entered into the physical world as a being who must find his own way.
    • I then undertake the task of selflessly fitting myself into the world
    • out into the world.
    • does not lead us to underrate the world on the physical plane, but to
    • World-Rounds are completed. Then everything will have become human
    • nature. The initiate describes the world as it is on the other side,
    • penetrate through the veil of the external world and to look at the
    • world from the other side. The initiate is homeless here on the earth.
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  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XV
    Matching lines:
    • language, to the way in which things were expressed. In the world of
    • Lodge. From them went out in very truth events of world significance.
    • play their part in the outside world. Voltaire was in the most eminent
    • through Theosophy today. In the outside world however there was no
    • on language in order to teach the outside world. The occult pupil
    • make themselves understood in the world, the initiates only have at
    • their disposal the language used by the world at large. At the time
    • ‘Lead in your daily life in the outer world, a life of Wisdom, Beauty
    • soul. As a rule however all these works in the outer world remain
    • of the outer world. In ancient India nothing of this was yet known.
    • that is also in the outer world, not so much in the inner life as this
    • in the world around thee. The Gods have raised thee out of the mineral
    • development of mankind. The transformation of the world was not given
    • incarnation he knew nothing of an outer-world. Self-awareness first
    • Somewhat different however from this contact with the outer-world is
    • again into the earthly world. That is the eighth force. Trishna =
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XVI
    Matching lines:
    • The whole of our surrounding world is nothing other than the result of
    • into the world. A certain man, let us say Mr. Kiem, is the result of
    • new deeds into the world. What is new comes into the world through
    • past, but where man only carries out actions in the world which are
    • world-history.
    • his hands he filled the surrounding world with deeds; through speech
    • accomplished through deeds and words in the surrounding world.
    • of humanity began in the world. As soon as human beings speak with one
    • our deeds is actually something new coming into the world. Each single
    • human being brings something new into the world, something new strikes
    • become active in the world that came forth from Nirvana, from that
    • world and embodies itself in what is already there and which, for its
    • In so far as he expresses himself in the outer world, man leaves
    • world will be there in which our entire thinking no longer lives
    • world by means of another activity having a form quite different from
    • we explain the world by means of thought, this world-explanation is
    • The Planetary Spirit who represents the Being of the World is now
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XVII
    Matching lines:
    • More lies in these things than in a whole world-history. Through them
    • In the higher spiritual world there is a counter-image for every
    • the traces of what is happening in higher worlds.’ It is with regard
    • world was active; and indeed in such a way that in everything which is
    • Intuitions. Behind the entire physical world lies a cosmos of
    • consciousness existent in the world also lives in man, in abstract
    • which flows through the world outside, is healthy. The Holy Spirit is
    • with the Holy Spirit flowing through the world. This is the Spirit
    • in the world, but also the forces working outside in the world.
    • world once more, if looked at from the point of view of Karma is
    • impressions in a world behind which lies not only what is physical,
    • but what has life. In the world of life the Imaginations about which
    • the entire world of feeling. This resounds into what a human being has
    • In the outer world thought is connected with everything having
    • perception. The fact that we can in any way perceive the outer world
    • in physical space as a world of colour and sound is only possible
    • on the consciousness which in the outer world is itself thought.
    • make an impact on the Intuitive World: Rupa.
    • Through all words we make an impact on the World of Creative Feelings
    • World of Thoughts outside us: Sanjna.
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  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XIX
    Matching lines:
    • Certain species of Elemental Beings in the Astral World — Asuric
    • astral powers. When he dies he first enters the astral world. But even
    • The miraculous is nothing other than the penetration of a higher world
    • the affairs of the world rise from him into the astral plane, they
    • pour cunning intellectualism into the world. In the case of decadent
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XX
    Matching lines:
    • Beings and experiences in the Astral World. Black and White Magic.
    • Astral World. Technique of reincarnation. The memory tableau
    • Yesterday we considered the forms in the astral world brought about by
    • When awake, the human being is so taken up with the outer world that
    • etheric body, is engaged with the outer world. When man is in a
    • that flit into it from the outer world also enter into the etheric
    • directly from the experiences of the astral world: from echoes of day
    • experiences and certain things from the astral world. As a rule the
    • bring with it into waking life the experiences of the astral world.
    • obliterated by the outer world. He is not always aware of his thoughts
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXI
    Matching lines:
    • and Devachanic World in the life after death and the preparation for
    • an idea that has significance for the whole world-conception; that is,
    • entire spiritual world and it is of the utmost importance to know this
    • If we wish to comprehend the world in a deeper way, we should not
    • occultists an extraordinary magical power. Even in the plant world one
    • present on the Arupa plane, so in the physical world we always have to
    • to creep into the plant world, then we should learn to know from
    • effect of feeling in the world. There, where a beginning may be made
    • that is truly artistic, where this is conceived in its world-cultural
    • without concerning themselves with what is noble in the outer world of
    • in buildings, paintings and sculpture. If we were to have a world
    • After the world of feelings, we ascend into the world of thought. When
    • astral world unites itself again with a body that corresponds to what
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXII
    Matching lines:
    • worlds, in the physical, astral and mental worlds and that our
    • existence changes between these three worlds. We have within us an
    • throughout the three worlds. It lives within us in the physical world,
    • but also in the astral and devachanic worlds. This inner kernel,
    • astral and devachanic worlds the garment of our kernel-of-being is
    • the physical world clothed with a particular kind of matter. He then
    • enters the astral and devachanic worlds always with a different
    • three worlds, so that he could perceive the things around him. Without
    • the physical world. If man today were equally conscious in all three
    • worlds there would be no death, then there would only be
    • transformation. Then he would pass over consciously from one world
    • these three worlds. At first he experiences it to be a darkening of
    • his consciousness when he enters the other worlds from the physical
    • world. The beings who retain consciousness do not know death. Let us
    • from outside. To begin with, the whole world was interwoven with us;
    • In the purified astral body pictures arise now of the world
    • the outer world. These mirrored pictures become a new force within him,
    • world it has thrown off and which were earlier within it. They build
    • mirrored images of the outer-world, microcosm in the macrocosm.
    • met by the Monad on its descent into the astral world. This was in the
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  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXIII
    Matching lines:
    • mankind further in this direction. In the earthly world Jahve
    • ourselves, and brings death into the world and everything connected
    • birth and death entered into the world. Previously this had not
    • principle of asceticism entered into the world — reluctance to
    • attempt to find his way in the world. Because he had original Karma,
    • Thus there exists in the world a Jehovah Principle and a Lucifer
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXIV
    Matching lines:
    • The Cologne Cathedral will eventually grow as plant world out of what
    • work in the mineral world around us grows.
    • In the Fifth Round we redeem the plant world, in the Sixth the animal
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXV
    Matching lines:
    • for they are not conceived in connection with the whole world, with
    • concerning the other side of the world. On Vulcan the spirit is
    • This condition endows man with an exact knowledge of the entire world.
    • ear. All that we perceive in the world as mineral kingdom is a whole
    • think of a world in which only the qualities of perception stream
    • Let us think of coloured clouds floating through the world, sounds
    • resounding through the world, all our sense impressions filling space
    • think away the qualities induced by the senses and the world filled
    • thoughts, the World-Ether-Thoughts.
    • imagines a world filled with such thought-seeds. This formless world
    • world.
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXVI
    Matching lines:
    • able to send his thoughts out into the surrounding world. On the
    • of mental images and concepts. When we observe the civilised world
    • today we say: It is out of the Ego that the civilised world has
    • know the world from outside. His Ego was at that time like a hollow
    • In this way he started to work formatively on the mineral world. What
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXVII
    Matching lines:
    • The course of evolution in the world appears to us on three levels:
    • everything existing, who puts the world together out of things.
    • These three Logoi always manifest in the world in and through one
    • experiences, the observer would be able to create a new world.
    • In contemplating the world one continually sees the interaction of the
    • goes into the astral world. In the case of the plant things are again
    • connection with the mental world. The entire plant world has its
    • The consciousness of the entire mineral world is in the highest
    • regions of the Mental World, on the Arupa plane. The consciousness of
    • mineral world, when we break stones, each single action is in a
    • separate the etheric world from them.
    • accordance with definite laws in the physical world. Through a
    • beings. So we have a world of elemental beings around us with a king.
    • great attraction towards the astral world and very frequently result
    • astral world and has become unaccustomed to using the physical world
    • world and the physical body is often a hindrance.
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXVIII
    Matching lines:
    • outer world as such became perceptible to us. Previously the eye was
    • not yet opened to the outer world. We must imagine the same force
    • order to illuminate the world for him. The divine being had no means
    • of the waters.’ At that time the world was simply water, even gold and
    • the world through man.
    • Originally through him there had been introduced into this world:
    • Now man receives back the light from the world. (Reversal of the
    • surrounding world reflect itself in him. The next stage is that he
    • relationship to the world outside him. Then finally he also gained an
    • Through the introduction of light into the world man acquired his
    • a relationship to the world. Through the introduction of the atomistic
    • through the sense of taste, relationship to the world; through the
    • can be discovered today; it has been placed into the world. In the
    • primeval wisdom man was concerned with the plan of the world. Now you
    • then to create light within us, until the world appeared illumined
    • is outside in the world is the remains of what man himself once was.
    • Hyperboreans. So one travels back into the worlds as they once were.
    • various organs in their relationships with the world. This is the way
    • individualisation; and in the world outside the opposite came about:
    • Because of this, what was previously there as Fire-Spirit in the world
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  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXIX
    Matching lines:
    • Those who take earnestly the principle of not looking at the world
    • world. Let us assume however that it comes in conflict with another
    • seventies quite definite battles took place in the astral world which
    • forces confronting one another: the sentimental world of the declining
    • introduced the Theosophical Movement into the world. It arose out of
    • brotherhood dissolves what streams into the world as means of decay,
    • everything that exists as animal life and the plant world. The plant
    • need to breathe. This source arises from the plant world. All that
    • of the plant world. From this we can form a concept of how Worlds go
    • under, how the World which preceded our Earth passed away. On the Old
    • the world. With knowledge, birth, death and illness came into the
    • world. This was the price man paid for knowledge. We see therefore
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXX
    Matching lines:
    • create life for himself out of the mineral world.
    • people who will introduce a new impulse into the world. This is
    • (Riddles of the World)
    • Thus do the currents of World evolution play into one another.
  • Title: Lecture: Foundations of Esotericism: Lecture XXXI
    Matching lines:
    • away from the world; their souls were completely similar to the
    • picture world. Through the practise of Yoga, working from within
    • conception of the world. Of this, what has been handed down as
    • imperfect in the world, was for the ancient Indian nothing but
    • people said: Nothing whatever exists in the world that is imperfect
    • looked at the world in a way sufficiently free from illusion. Rust,
    • away from the world.
    • World-process, was regarded as the goal. It was said: The Good must be
    • sought for. The world is good and evil, Ormuzd and Ahriman; and what
    • came into the early Persian world-conception as the principle of
    • the world, and on the time-concept. Man is placed into life in order
    • Second Sub-Race was not one that was estranged from the world, but
    • work, attention directed to the outer world, concerned as to how
    • someone could himself create good out of the world: this was the
    • of Gods; because the world, if not regarded as illusion, but as
    • man and the outer world — into harmony with each other. Whether
    • wisdom brought down from the spiritual world makes its appearance in
    • whole world is made, corresponds to the cutting into pieces of Osiris.
    • outside world; to create initiates who laid great value on what was
    • The initiators do not always introduce something great into the world,

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