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  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Contents
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    • Lecture 7 ... Evolutionary events in the human organism up to the
    • Lecture 8 ... The stages of evolution of the human form. The expulsion
    • Lecture 11 .. The ancient Egyptian doctrine of evolution. The cosmic
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 1
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    • pregnantly what lies at the heart of all evolution. This is that man
    • long way back in earthly evolution, We know that our earth has often
    • primeval times of human evolution, and we come to times when the earth
    • other world, in the spiritual world, evolution takes place, and what
    • does evolution continue in those mysterious worlds between death and
    • of the labyrinth of the earth's evolution. But just through this we
    • obtain clues to this connection. It will also be shown how evolution
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 2
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    • far into the evolution of our earth, and we will see that these wide
    • achieve a general view of the evolution of the earth as it presents
    • the most remote past. If we look far back into the evolution of the
    • spiritually in the etheric point, and the whole earth-evolution was
    • something important occurred in world-evolution, when the sun split
    • its evolution. Today these beings are already as far along as man will
    • be at the end of his evolution on earth. A still higher stage is
    • their evolution in the same way as man. A dwelling place had to be
    • there, and there they found the proper tempo for their evolution. Had
    • earth, they would not have been able to continue their evolution. This
    • our earth. Everything with a noble evolutionary disposition came under
    • evolution, if the sun and moon had not separated themselves from the
    • Now let us recapitulate the four epochs in the evolution of our earth.
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 3
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    • evolutionary conditions of our earth and the various world-conceptions
    • beginning of the, earth's evolution, took place in that remote past
    • its evolution.
    • Atlantean time, the fourth evolutionary condition of the earth, in
    • persons and, in accordance with the whole nature of evolution at that
    • sketching out the whole of evolution and mentioning the light-form in
    • the earth's evolution; to bring this picture to realization the sun
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 4
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    • transport myself into the earliest condition of the earth's evolution,
    • beings connected with our evolution, although they also had gone
    • through an evolution of their own. Thus there were beings who were in
    • today as the evolution of humanity through the planetary conditions of
    • evolution were secreted in the seven members of the lodge, each of
    • divided through evolution into the seven-fold planetary chain. He
    • he heard the entire world-evolution. The word, split into seven
    • approximately as we today would describe our world evolution. What he
    • Evolution had now progressed through the Sun and Moon stages, as far
    • evolution of the earth. The pupil knew that nothing in the universe
    • meaning for earth-evolution. The divine Word, Brahman, clothed itself
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 5
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    • picture of the earth's evolution in connection with the evolution of
    • of its evolution, were reflected in the knowledge displayed by the
    • It was also emphasized that the succeeding evolutionary periods of the
    • the evolution of man: Angels, Archangels and Principalities. But not
    • connected with earth-evolution.
    • the period of earth-evolution that we are now considering, had to have
    • first time in this earth-evolution, began to have a dim consciousness,
    • this longing. There was a moment in the earth's evolution when the sun
    • examples of how the facts of cosmic evolution repeat themselves in
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 6
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    • about the evolution of the earth and the solar system in relation to
    • evolution were connected with the moon, that when the moon separated
    • pursue his evolution. When we hear all this, what about the romantic
    • becomes base or evil in evolution is subject to a significant fact. As
    • evolution on earth. Now I must tell you something that is strange, but
    • moon-evolution. These fourteen phases are only half the phenomena of
    • into the cosmos and its connections with human evolution. These forces
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 7
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    • Evolutionary Events in the Human
    • the evolution of the earth and of the whole solar system. In the last
    • those facts of the evolution of sun, moon, and earth which had a sort
    • evolution in a still broader sense. Those who are too strongly
    • while still at the beginning of its evolution, consisted entirely of
    • of evolution our fishes have retained what could be achieved while the
    • of evolution. Others, however, retained a certain relation to the
    • Now, as we know, evolution proceeded in such a way that moon and earth
    • evolution proceeded in a strange way.
    • evolution at which man then stood, even as the centaur reflects an
    • actual stage of evolution-upward man and downward horse. The horse
    • to the stage of evolution at which man stood when he had developed
    • his gaze toward this period of earth-evolution, he saw the earth
    • In his study of earth-evolution, the Egyptian initiate saw that the
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 8
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    • The Stages of Evolution of the Human Form
    • WE have become acquainted with significant events in the evolution of
    • occurred in evolution. But we have observed man until about the
    • at certain stages of evolution, beyond which man was able to progress.
    • which man progressed, appears in later evolution in the forms of the
    • pushed man's evolution down. The fish form was still connected with
    • Now the great beings, the leaders of evolution, departed as they
    • event in evolution when the Christ was still united with them in the
    • which we view as a symbol of an epoch of cosmic evolution, is far
    • Now let us proceed further with the evolution of humanity. Man took on
    • earth, is the time of shame and degeneracy in the evolution of
    • human evolution.
    • the tempo of evolution as proceeding much too rapidly. The sun travels
    • before evolution could progress a step. For those members that
    • Man rises ever higher through this evolution. The next stage, during
    • We shall best understand evolution if we make it quite clear that,
    • evolved up to the evolutionary period of the Balance. Then we have the
    • of cosmic evolution are hidden in these myths.
    • every person was virginally reproductive. This stage of evolution is
    • Now there were times in human evolution in which we must recognize a
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  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • concerning the evolution of humanity. I tried to show how man
    • developed in the period of evolution that stretches approximately from
    • evolution progressed further through the various epochs.
    • vision during man's progress through evolution.
    • evolution. Hermes appeared to the Egyptians like a divine ambassador.
    • This was the lowest point of evolution.
    • Today we have followed the evolution of the cultures of the
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • Why should we examine this other side of human evolution, the
    • Evolution occurs there also. It is only natural that we should
    • course of evolution it became darkened.
    • about to say is true. Had nothing else intervened in human evolution,
    • point in evolution, but Buddha, Hermes, and the other great beings
    • were going through a stage of evolution different from his. In this
    • below. We may imagine it thus. Man's evolutionary course was such that
    • of course, move ahead with the earth evolution. Among the Mongolian
    • into the evolution of the world does not make choices, does not say
    • himself to the historical necessities that lie behind evolution.
    • Nazareth. He had proceeded so far in his evolution that he was able,
    • In the course of human evolution, the various organs have developed
    • human evolution.
    • to grasp how there is evolution for the period between death and a new
    • evolution. Certain organs are connected with this development: the
    • the physical body — and in the course of evolution something
  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 11
    Matching lines:
    • The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of Evolution.
    • the facts of post-Atlantean evolution, and we have indicated that in
    • It was also pointed out that not only the external evolutionary
    • From our studies of the earlier great epochs of earth evolution we can
    • different course of evolution.
    • in evolution. The individuality of Wotan, for example, takes such a
    • completing their evolution in the earth-time. We have seen that a time
    • branched off still earlier, who completed their evolution on a higher
    • human evolution when, through the cosmic-tellurian powers, the
    • evolution.
    • shaped by man himself. We know that through evolution on the earth
    • evolution. In these forms we see arrested stages of evolution, to the
    • evolution. Not only have the physical forms of the animals remained
    • persons who have remained standing at a certain stage of evolution,
    • Sphinx. This indicates how evolution proceeds beyond the physical
    • characteristic of the way in which things are connected in evolution.
    • We have mentioned this so it may be seen how manifold evolution is.
    • earth evolution as his physical, etheric, and astral bodies. I have
    • astral body. If evolution had proceeded further in accordance with the
    • evolution from what has actually taken place. However, certain beings
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  • Title: Egyptian Myths: Lecture 12
    Matching lines:
    • from one side we call the low point of human evolution, nevertheless
    • evolution in the Lemurian time. One who was not an initiate, who
    • evolution something was infused into mankind, through the
    • the Christ-impulse into human evolution forms the other side of
    • impulse of all human evolution. Man had to separate himself from the
    • still more deeply into the connections of human evolution as a whole.
    • are the connections of things in human evolution. Many such enigmatic

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