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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 1: Forgetting
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    • with life. Those people who cannot see into the depths of existence
    • far more deeply illuminating than people usually imagine.
    • Some people even say that heredity is due to a kind of unconscious
    • that is not usually taken into account. People think that what is of
    • people owe their rapid or painless recovery to the fact that when
    • active people behave when they are ill.
    • people of Europe in the time of Charlemagne with people today: why do
    • present day people have such different thoughts and feelings? It is
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 2: Different Types of Illness
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    • of view of spiritual science. As a rule people are not concerned
    • content themselves with the thought that the people who carry out the
    • People do not care about the deeper significance that is actually
    • instituted. People do not want to have any insight into these
    • matters. On the other hand there will always be people who are
    • people who work out of occultism — and there again they only
    • taken seriously enough except when people are personally affected.
    • materialistic world conception, that is, he treats people as though
    • of a physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego, even if people
    • by those people who look at the being of man from a spiritual point
    • of view. Here and there are people who are chronically ill, who are,
    • illnesses will never occur in people who have a serious and dignified
    • curing people of these, illnesses which are mainly the really
    • however, if people only know of it. A lot can be done for some
    • people, for example, if they simply live in the mountains instead of
    • Now you will realise that the mixture of peoples affords us a certain
    • how materialism has overtaken mankind. In earlier times people were
    • opinions held today by the people working at the dissecting benches
    • and they cannot even see the tartar on people's teeth, let alone
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 3: Original Sin
    Matching lines:
    • the people who talked of the purposes in nature, as though nature in
    • Just imagine how infinitely dull human life would be if people were
    • being. Although the people were different in character at different
    • influence on him. If people go on a long journey nowadays, however
    • olden times. Everything had the greatest influence on people, and so
    • to someone who is specially deeply schooled in occultism. Two people
    • people do too. But remember that in these ancient times it was
    • people are doing who take mineral medicaments of this sort all their
    • nowadays people just do not see what lies in front of them and show
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 4: Rhythm in the Bodies of Man
    Matching lines:
    • improbable this sounds to people today. Nowadays they have almost
    • to people nowadays as mere fantasy, although it is nevertheless true.
    • observation you can still notice these alternations of mood in people
    • of the astral body can be established in the case of people who are
    • egoistic people who take an interest in it, but something that can
    • will be able to show that it is not so very long since people were at
    • the causes. This is particularly the case in medicine. People only
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 5: Rhythms in the Being of Man
    Matching lines:
    • of unconsciousness, as people say incorrectly in ordinary life, and
    • to make people think, namely that in pneumonia a special phenomena
    • people, but as a rule the starting-point of the illness is not always
    • forget the most important part. What an infinite number of people
    • way that people are awake when they would otherwise be asleep and
    • three o'clock, then when it is one o'clock for other people he makes
    • recommends people to eat certain foods only at certain times of the
    • some people actually get tired of hearing these basic facts over and
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 6: Illness and Karma
    Matching lines:
    • is very interesting for people to know, namely, how illnesses are
    • attraction that brings people together in life springs from what they
    • people in life whom we have to recompense or with whom we have any
    • that we form connections with a great number of people in one life,
    • meeting them again. Now this depends, too, on the other people,
    • of a lifetime, so that it overcomes what does not suit it. People
    • by all those people who, in the various religions, have connected a
    • life cycles of the present, people still have a lot of these
    • incarnation. People who have had any knowledge of this have always
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 7: Laughing and Weeping
    Matching lines:
    • laughs. Certainly there will be people who maintain that animals also
    • laugh and weep. But you cannot help such people if they do not want
    • observe the breathing process when people laugh or cry. This enables
    • because people cannot read such profound writings today, they are too
    • expression of the ego. This is the case with the kind of people who
    • attributed to the fact that the person feels superior to the people
    • the four members of man's being. In the days when people still to
    • laughter. And not for nothing did people ascribe howling and gnashing
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 8: The Manifestation of the Ego in the Different Races of Men
    Matching lines:
    • its population much in this way: What peculiar people!
    • bodies, but this must point to something special, for as a people
    • the people living around the North Pole at that time were in the
    • Lemurian times the people of these regions descended deepest into
    • physical human beings, whilst he would reckon the northern peoples to
    • the greatest imaginable degree. A great number of people looked up to
    • by people that actually lived in the realms of air in a kind of
    • wanted to become teachers of those people who were inferior souls and
    • take on the physical human form of the Lemurian people.
    • call the Lemurian population of the earth, that remarkable people of
    • people nothing remains, they became extinct. For these bodies were of
    • Atlantean population: Where the people are small we find great
    • levels. There were people whose inner nature was correctly balanced
    • maintained a balance. Such people were scattered about everywhere.
    • it to develop beyond a certain point. There were other people again
    • should have been; peoples who had completely surrendered themselves
    • peoples whose ego impulse was developed too strongly, so that it
    • these people gradually wandered to the West and became the nation the
    • people whose ego-feeling was too little developed migrated to the
    • East, and the survivors of these people became the subsequent Negro
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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 9: Evolution, Involution and Creation out of Nothingness
    Matching lines:
    • you see a man standing opposite two other people. Let us take into
    • the other two people. Then let us suppose that the first man thinks
    • pleased to see just these two particular people standing together.
    • is standing opposite the two people. The point is that the man
    • likes seeing the two people standing together.
    • yourself in that particular situation. Or, let us say, you see people
    • matter. Supposing two people are on the one hand so situated with
    • changing. People thought and felt quite differently five thousand
    • purely suggestive nature of conditions and unite with other people in
    • he can say: “Now I know why I am working with other people”.

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