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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 1: Forgetting
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    • includes the time between death and a new birth.
    • some time in his life of thought can also be forgotten? Or do we have
    • soul not to be able to remember everything all the time? We shall
    • people of Europe in the time of Charlemagne with people today: why do
    • course that it is only present after death for a certain time. And
    • blessing it would be to forget, and at the same time you have an
    • the impression it made on us every time we see him, then we relate
    • to greet him warmly next time we meet him, just as though nothing had
    • the same time it would become more and more dried up. It is thanks to
    • man largely spends his time in Devachan working on the new form he is
    • answer. But we must leave ourselves time to do this gradually, for it
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 2: Different Types of Illness
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    • recovery. How this cure is effected is sometimes a matter of complete
    • job have been appointed to do so by the authorities. In our time
    • the point of view of his soul nature. Sometimes, perhaps, just in
    • has been built up out of what has been thrust forth from man. Time
    • time. Now what arose externally has a certain connection with what
    • how materialism has overtaken mankind. In earlier times people were
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 3: Original Sin
    Matching lines:
    • last time we attempted to portray the text of The Ten Commandments.
    • movement for some time have long been familiar with it; the others
    • we go back through post-Atlantean times and then through Atlantean
    • times as far as ancient Lemuria we come to that moment when the
    • divide into two sexes until Lemurian times. Prior to that the human
    • This was still a long time before the sexes separated, when there was
    • progressive development in one direction or the other, at a time when
    • have focused our attention on this moment in time to start with,
    • fructification appeared for the first time at the moment when the
    • must picture to ourselves that in the times preceding bisexuality
    • vision can see that there was a time in mankind's earthly evolution
    • and those beings which in those early times were male-female received
    • nourishment in those times there was something else contained in
    • only at quite definite times. This depended on the changes that took
    • at quite definite times.
    • another peculiarity in the propagation of ancient times. What you
    • disadvantage in those times that it would have at the present time.
    • times this was not the case. When man was still as it were more
    • times, they were in a certain way all fundamentally alike. Each
    • those ancient times these influences brought about tremendous changes
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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 4: Rhythm in the Bodies of Man
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    • innumerable times we have referred to it that man can only be
    • very complicated. It takes a very long time for man to get to know
    • is awake, and because of its activity during this time it deprives a
    • this ego that has freed itself in the daytime from the large cosmic
    • whole sixteen hours — assuming that to be the normal time for
    • describing a circle and disappearing from time to time into the large
    • the cosmic astral body any more, whilst in earlier times man was very
    • at one particular time alternating as it were with quite different
    • feelings at another time. At one time he felt more alive in the world
    • around him and at another time he was more aware of his own inner
    • seven days, that is seven times twenty-four hours, that can again be
    • between waking and sleeping, and the astral body in seven times
    • astral body for part of the time that man undergoes this rhythm. For
    • the remainder of the time it is more outside this cosmic astral body.
    • body during sleep. If he sleeps in the daytime he also goes into this
    • which would have worked destructively in earlier times but which is
    • not so destructive these days because in our times human life has
    • feelings. This is hardly noticed today, though in earlier times it
    • take place in such a way that in four times seven days the human
    • after four times seven days it comes back to the beginning again. A
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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 5: Rhythms in the Being of Man
    Matching lines:
    • would like to remind you of the group lecture the time before last
    • body, on the other hand, takes four times seven days; after four
    • times seven days it returns to the same point. And now please bear in
    • mind what was said the time before last. With the physical body it is
    • cycle in about ten times twenty-eight days, and then returns to its
    • existence at quite different times. The rudimentary beginnings of
    • Earth, ancient Moon, and how at that time the astral body was as it
    • began at the same time as the development of the astral body and the
    • etheric body, which completes its cycle in four times seven days,
    • in the same span of time, goes round twelve times. There you have the
    • whole time with the etheric body, were to be in a certain position in
    • expresses itself in four times seven. In the case of other illnesses
    • that is, two times seven. And we can definitely say that with certain
    • phenomena the paroxysm has to be especially strong after four times
    • time, though a large part of what is the moon today was then part of
    • and a time will come for this — we should recognise the rhythms
    • of our own human members. For the time being, however, we need only
    • in earlier times certain conditions in man's life were
    • etheric body. The moon moves round its cycle in four times seven
    • times seven positions of the etheric body are exactly mirrored in the
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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 6: Illness and Karma
    Matching lines:
    • connected with the span of one human lifetime. Now anyone who is able
    • accustomed to time being absolute, like it is on the physical plane.
    • can visualise first of all what use man makes of this time in
    • time on earth. But in that case the whole of earth evolution would
    • and that next time we are in Kamaloca we have the possibility of
    • of a lifetime, so that it overcomes what does not suit it. People
    • of carrying out the deed of compensation the next time he has the
    • capable of performing it, although by the time the illness is over it
    • diseases appearing at certain times. These show nothing else than
    • must not necessarily think of spiritual enlightenment every time;
    • ancient time in which man came into being in his present form, the
    • present time. Before man began to incarnate, the possibility was not
    • this is to look back into those times when divine-spiritual powers
    • times: a being half man and half animal. This myth tells us that
    • time comes will the original intention of spiritual science come to
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 7: Laughing and Weeping
    Matching lines:
    • time someone weeps, the clairvoyant consciousness can confirm that
    • the ego is contracting the astral body. Every time someone laughs,
    • stressed many a time, contains as it were all the other animal forms
    • time we see someone smiling or weeping we are confronting the proof
    • forces at the same time as man learnt to weep and laugh, that is, at
    • the same time as man's ego was put into his inner being. Weeping and
    • same time not yet brought their humanity under the control of the
    • some degree possessed clairvoyant traditions and had at the same time
    • the course of time. We must be conscious of the fact that there is a
    • surrounding world all the time, then sorrow and joy will be real
  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 8: The Manifestation of the Ego in the Different Races of Men
    Matching lines:
    • have often described it by saying that this was actually the time
    • was already in a physical body at the time when the sun was still
    • joined with the earth, it was not like today's body. At that time he
    • times were the closest to those conditions existing on the earth when
    • Lemurian times, in the great increase of forces raying in from
    • and this was already so in Lemurian times. In the Kashic Record we
    • in ancient Lemurian times it was just at the North Pole that those
    • vapour. Thus there was at the North Pole in Lemurian times a kind of
    • visit the North Pole in Lemurian times, he would have spoken about
    • the people living around the North Pole at that time were in the
    • Lemurian times the people of these regions descended deepest into
    • had, in Lemurian times, the characteristics of group soul beings to
    • which, in Lemurian times, descended into physical bodies in the
    • times in their etheric body, or they had to sacrifice themselves and
    • we had taken a journey in Lemurian times from the Equator to the
    • population. In those times we can distinguish as it were a twofold
    • lands. For in Lemurian times we find the members of mankind with the
    • and there are also stragglers left from these ancient times. What we
    • already basically there from ancient Lemurian times on, went through
    • earlier times would not have provided them with the possibility of
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  • Title: Being of Man/Future Evolution: Lecture 9: Evolution, Involution and Creation out of Nothingness
    Matching lines:
    • twenty-second year, which is the time when strictly speaking the
    • then slipped inside, is active for the first time independently of
    • acquired new impetus by the time man passes through the portal of
    • for the first time. There are whole areas in human life that come
    • Saturn, Sun and Moon. And a time will come — the Venus
    • earlier times by mighty spirits on a higher level than man. And
    • developing at the present time what man will experience only in a
    • at that time were sufficiently powerful to let the character of their
    • time the rudiment of human substance; on the Sun they needed the
    • Since the middle of Atlantean times they have begun living in the
    • attacking a brave man who for a time holds his own but eventually
    • time one is further advanced in his development than the other. The
    • we look back into ancient times, the Indian, Persian,
    • Chaldean-Babylonian, Greco-Latin times and right into our own time,

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