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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Contents
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    • Lecture OneAngels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their
    • Lecture TwoNormal and abnormal Archangels and Time
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Preface
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    • not object to names such as Angels, Archangels, Thrones, etc. any
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Synopses
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    • body). The higher Beings — Angels, Archangels, Archai. Archai
    • they influence national character and temperament. Angels mediate
    • between the Archangels and the single human being. In future man will
    • Archangels cannot intervene where physical laws are
    • operative. The Archangel sometimes withdraws: then the nation
    • Abnormal Archangels responsible for the language of nations. Normal
    • Archangels, abnormal Time Spirit and abnormal Archangel working in
    • the Archangels, e.g. Folk Spirits. Archangels have three
    • members of the human soul. Archangels do not share in the Sentient
    • Archangel perceives rise and fall of peoples; incarnates in the
    • Archai (Time Spirits,) Archangels (Folk Spirits) and Angels
    • Spirit intervenes in the field of the Archangel; a part of the nation
    • Hierarchy work in the three Ethers; the third Hierarchy (Angels,
    • Archangels and Archai) in the intermediate realm.
    • In post-Atlantean times the Archangels advance to the
    • Africa, Europe. Archangels became their guiding Spirits.
    • Culture-epochs named after those peoples whose Archangels became the
    • was the ancient Indian Archangel. In the second epoch the Persian
    • Archangel became the Time Spirit who inspired the original
    • Zarathustra. In the Egypto-Chaldean epoch the Archangel of the
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 1. Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
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    • Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
    • Angels, Folk Spirits,
    • Angeloi or Angels. They are one stage higher than man because they
    • Sun. These Beings are the Archangeloi or Archangels who are two
    • Saturn, the Archangels or Archangeloi were men on Old Sun, the Angels
    • or Angeloi were men on Old Moon and men are men on our Earth.
    • astral body into Spirit Self or Manas, so the Angeloi who underwent
    • Buddhi. These Archangels, therefore, are Beings who are two stages
    • higher stage than the Archangels, a stage which man will reach in a
    • can already do this today are the Archangels or Archangeloi. They are
    • Life Spirit. If you imagine such Beings who are at the Archangel
    • Archangels or Archangeloi. We shall see how they, for their part,
    • by one of the Archangels. All that the individual members of a nation
    • perform or undertake is inspired by them, i.e. the Archangels. Hence
    • individual Archangels. If we have a Clear mental picture of how in
    • activity we have already described as the activity of the Archangels.
    • Archangels.
    • is the Hierarchy of the Angels. They are the intermediaries between
    • the single human being and the Archangel of the folk. In order that
    • this intermediary agent between the human being and the Archangel of
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 2. Normal and abnormal Archangels and Time Spirits.
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    • Normal and abnormal Archangels and Time Spirits.
    • Archangels and Time Spirits.
    • Archangelic Beings, in proof of this. Furthermore these Beings must
    • Archangelic Beings? And how are we to understand this work? You all
    • influence. The Archangels who embody the spiritual laws cannot
    • the Archangels cannot take effect. They are not sufficiently advanced
    • how does the activity of the Archangels, the Folk Souls, work into
    • the Archangel, how does he work into the people who inhabit this
    • true Archangels or Folk Spirits.
    • Archangelic Beings, who are the real Spirits of the indigenous groups
    • people, for if the Archangel, the guiding Folk Spirit, did not
    • stage upon which the Archangels meet with yet other Beings who
    • cooperate with the Archangels and, so to speak, work in conjunction
    • find, strange to relate, besides the Archangelic Beings already
    • described, other mysterious Beings who are related to the Archangels
    • them, in that they are more potent Beings than the Archangels
    • Angels
    • Archangels
    • Archangels who underwent their human stage on Old Sun. At that time
    • stages higher than the Archangels, were at the Archangel stage; they
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 3. The inner Life of the Folk Spirits. Formation of the Races.
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    • those Archangelic Beings of whom we have spoken in the two preceding
    • progressive evolution of these Archangelic Beings, this Folk Spirit
    • Soul, Intellectual Soul, Spiritual Soul; in the Archangelic Beings,
    • consciousness of the Archangels works. They do not perceive the
    • the Archangels are not Beings who are limited to mathematical
    • Archangels in terms of abstractions, such as the truths of
    • the Folk Spirits. From this you may infer that the Archangels are not
    • of that world, is a world unknown to the Archangels. If you exclude,
    • which does not concern the Archangels. The question then is: what
    • facet of consciousness is still common to man and the Archangels, to
    • the Sentient Soul is of no importance to the Archangels; they cannot
    • sensations has no significance for the Archangels. That which is
    • the Archangels. But in the Intellectual Soul of man there are,
    • Archangels. We are fully aware of this when we see, for example, how
    • the Archangels can penetrate into the inner being of man and this
    • soul-life of the Archangel first begins with the existence of its
    • the soul-life of this Archangelic Being may possess what we call
    • human ‘I’; nevertheless the ego of the Archangel is not
    • The ‘I’ of the Archangel is, in fact, two stages higher,
    • so that the Archangel and his ‘I’ are rooted in a higher
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 4. The Evolution of Races and Civilization.
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    • of Movement, of Form, of Personality, the Archangels down to the
    • Angels — and above the Thrones, the Cherubim and Seraphim —
    • intervention of the normal and abnormal Archangels down to the
    • Angels, we realize the steps which were necessary to bring forth a
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 5. Manifestation of the Hierarchies in the Elements of Nature.
    Matching lines:
    • of Form, and a people the product of a normal and abnormal Archangel;
    • animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Above him are the Angels, the
    • Archangels and the Archai or First Beginnings. This is the Hierarchy
    • the Archangels, the tribal Folk Spirits, and finally the Angels who
    • Archangels.
    • finally we have Angels, Archangels and Archai who work more
    • abnormal Archangels the evolution of the individual peoples and
    • languages; and finally the Angels who determine man's rightful
    • Angels, are the Spirits who in a sense falsify clairvoyant perception
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 7. Advance of Folk Spirits to the Rank of Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • Archangels, certain Beings of the Hierarchy of the Archangeloi,
    • Archangels in our terminology, rise to a higher rank, only then do we
    • guidance of an Archangel. But these Archangels who were the spiritual
    • the Far East for that movement of peoples whose Archangel was the
    • post-Atlantean civilization after their Archangel had been promoted
    • of Archangels.
    • from West to East had long been under the guidance of Archangels when
    • the Archangel of India had already risen to the rank of an
    • India were still under the guidance of the Archangel. After the Time
    • the Old Persian epoch the Archangel became the Spirit of Personality,
    • example of an Archangel, a Folk Soul who has risen to the rank of
    • experiencing the same situation today) namely, that the Archangels,
    • the Egypto-Chaldean epoch, the Archangel of the Egyptian people and
    • the Archangel of the Chaldean people, both rose to a higher rank.
    • During this epoch the Archangel of the Egyptian people rose to the
    • of that which formerly devolved upon the Chaldean Archangel. The
    • Egyptian Archangel But this was also the epoch in which another
    • Archangel to act as his vice-regent. In ancient times, therefore, the
    • evolving Semitic people was guided by an Archangel who was under the
    • Archangel himself grew to be a Time Spirit. Apart from the ordinary
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 8. The Five Post-Atlantean Civilizations.
    Matching lines:
    • including also the Angels, the Folk Spirits or Archangels and Time
    • Whence all the activity and positive influence of the various Angels
    • and Archangels on the human souls had become a matter of complete
    • Archangels and Angels and all those spiritual Beings who were active,
    • the Angels and the Archangels in the human soul which the Northern
    • Angels and Archangels in the development of their soul-life. On the
    • of this whole world, the working of the Angels and Archangels, both
    • Angels and Archangels upon the human soul. If we do not approach
    • recollection of the activity of the Angels and Archangels, but they
    • they were beginning to lose the memory of Angelic beings. Persian
    • the Angels or Archangels, but at the same time men were able to look
    • Angels and Archangels into the soul of man, but even at the time when
    • activity of the Angels and Archangels who were still active in their
    • man's soul by the Angels and Archangels. They were aware of
    • of the Angels and Archangels whom they called the Aesir. They were
    • the Beings who as Angels and Archangels were concerned with the ‘I’
    • abnormal Angels and Archangels, this had to be experienced by the
    • first place he beheld the Archangelic Beings who worked in his soul
    • these Archangels was Wotan or Odin.
    • one of those Archangels who in the past had decided to renounce their
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 9. Loki - Hodur and Baldur - Twilight of the Gods.
    Matching lines:
    • higher Beings, the Angels and Archangels, in the way I pointed out
    • the Archangel of Speech, the Archangel of the Runes, Odin,
    • the Archangel of Respiration, and
    • Thor, the Angel of Ego-hood. You were associated with them, and he
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 10. The Mission of Individual Peoples and Cultures in the Past, Present and Future.
    Matching lines:
    • tradition this ‘I’ was bestowed upon man by an Angelic
    • under the guidance of its Folk Soul, its Archangel. This was the
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda.
    Matching lines:
    • reasons why we may hope that the Folk Spirit, the Archangel, who
    • divine-spiritual Beings, those Archangels who directed the union of
    • those angelic Beings who had poured into the human soul all that this
    • Mystery Schools. Thus in the guiding Archangel or Folk Spirit of the
    • not apparent from the external point of view today, the Archangel of
    • Archangel Odin, the old clairvoyant powers, cannot save man;
    • understand. We hope that those forces which the Archangel of the
    • discover in the realm of the Nordic and Germanic Archangels a source
    • characteristics. The Teutonic Archangel will bring to the whole field
    • man, Angel and Archangel, but were to support the convictions of one

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