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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Synopses
    Matching lines:
    • body, astral body and ego. In future time man will transmute these
    • rudiment of physical body), Old Sun (etheric body), Old Moon (astral
    • Saturn, his etheric body and life of Feeling to Old Sun, astral body
    • selfishness in astral body (the Midgard Snake), falsehood in the
    • etheric body; in Persians, organ of perception was the astral body;
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 1. Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • etheric body, astral or sentient body and ‘I’ or ego
    • into the higher form of the future. The ego will transmute the astral
    • the astral body which man has inherited from the past and the Spirit
    • Self or Manas which he will fashion out of the astral body in the
    • lower members to some extent. He learned to control the astral body
    • his astral body which he has already achieved as a first step towards
    • the astral body,
    • astral body, upon the embryo of Spirit Self. We see man participating
    • then for the etheric body and finally for the astral body, and then
    • the evolution of his astral body, for example, at a time when the
    • his astral body in an earlier Earth cycle, the Old Moon epoch. Just
    • were first created during our present Earth epoch, the astral body
    • further develop our present astral body, etheric or life-body and our
    • reached the stage when they are transmuting their astral body into
    • astral body into Spirit Self or Manas, so the Angeloi who underwent
    • astral bodies into Spirit Self or Manas, or will do so during our
    • that he will be able to work upon his astral body in full
    • consciousness and, by means of his ego, transmute his astral body
    • for a moment the condition of man in sleep. His astral body and ego
    • man becomes conscious in his astral body, i.e. outside his physical
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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 3. The inner Life of the Folk Spirits. Formation of the Races.
    Matching lines:
    • astral body. These modifications prepare the transformation of the
    • astral body itself, of the etheric body and of the physical body.
    • consists of three modifications of the astral body. The three
    • lower bodies — the Sentient Soul through the astral body, the
    • therefore consists of three modifications of the astral body.
    • manifested in these three modifications of the astral body, so the
    • the astral, but in the etheric body, they differ fundamentally from
    • is still gathered some of that part of the astral nature which we
    • constitute his particular people. His world consists of an astral
    • completed the transformation of their astral bodies into Spirit Self
    • Angels. These are Beings who are engaged in transmuting their astral
    • feel more drawn to the astral body. Hence they have the fullest
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 4. The Evolution of Races and Civilization.
    Matching lines:
    • man, the physical body, the etheric body and the astral body were
    • During this period man recapitulates the development of the astral
    • a progressive decline sets in and the etheric and astral
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 5. Manifestation of the Hierarchies in the Elements of Nature.
    Matching lines:
    • an astral effect. Man, however, does not hear it. If in relation to
    • consist of the physical body, etheric body and astral body. So that
    • etheric and astral bodies into which are woven — as into an
    • was related to the astral body of man and the inner life of thought.
    • body, etheric body and astral body; thinking, feeling and willing —
    • finally to the Old Moon he owed the astral body and the power of
    • associated with the astral body and the inner life of Thought.
    • endow us with the astral body and the inner life of Thought. What,
    • chiefly with that of the element of Thought — with the astral
    • perceive this tapestry is the astral world. In order to see the
    • astral plane to the planes of lower and higher Devachan. We then
    • the astral plane, the Beings normally working from the depths,
    • astral world we find the abnormal Spirits of Form who, if they had
    • its cocoon. What is seen first of all in the astral world are Beings
    • first to become visible on the astral plane, even before the normal
    • hideous spiritual Beings on the astral plane also have their
    • of the most variegated and dangerous of the astral world and —
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 6. The Five Root Races of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • the blood, the astral body in the nervous system, the etheric or
    • in the nervous system, the reflection of the astral body; and in the
    • impress of the astral body, these Venus forces work in the nervous
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 8. The Five Post-Atlantean Civilizations.
    Matching lines:
    • upon their souls, upon their astral and etheric bodies, was
    • astral experience. He felt the kinship of the inner fire of the blood
    • the astral, his inner life becomes integrated, how the inner answers,
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 9. Loki - Hodur and Baldur - Twilight of the Gods.
    Matching lines:
    • picture. In the astral world around them they had long seen the ‘I’
    • astral body. You know that these forces made man's inner life
    • human astral. Where the astral has been integrated with the ego, the
    • worked upon his astral body; they operated from without. And because
    • these powers which permeated his astral body in order to bring
    • then, does the Luciferic influence act? It penetrates into the astral
    • his astral, etheric and physical bodies. At the present day one can
    • three different ways: in the astral body, in the etheric body, and in
    • falsehood are not limited to the inner life of man. In the astral
    • recapitulate again briefly: Lucifer begets in the astral body
    • physical, etheric and astral bodies became a prey to sickness and
    • that the Luciferic influence begets in the astral body selfishness,
    • on the astral body. The second is that which falsifies human
    • astral plane, that which to us is an illusion manifested itself at
    • once as an astral being and lived as such upon the astral plane. The
    • mythology in the form of a wolf. That is the astral form for lying
    • greater degree of error, than the corresponding astral perception
    • perfectly correct from the astral point of view. In fact the astral
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 10. The Mission of Individual Peoples and Cultures in the Past, Present and Future.
    Matching lines:
    • was limited to the sentient body or astral body. The
    • but also the astral and spiritual. Hence the Slavonic soul conceived
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda.
    Matching lines:
    • has left behind in the astral body. That which Thor was once able to
    • remain content with the manifestations of the old astral clairvoyance

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