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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Preface
    Matching lines:
    • direction of a magnetic needle in the needle itself. One attributes
    • forces which direct this evolution in this spiritual reality. We then
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Synopses
    Matching lines:
    • be able to direct his body from outside. In order to know what a
    • Beings working directly upon their souls.
    • directed to the physical plane. Romans were founders of civil law and
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Relevant Literature
    Matching lines:
    • London as well as directly from the Rudolf Steiner
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 1. Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • will be able to direct them from outside — for example, from a
    • command their movements and direct them externally. That is not yet
    • in the evolution of man. We shall then feel that we can direct
    • right time so that he will then be able to direct his physical and
    • individual bird is related. Just as the group-soul directs the
    • will control and direct them. He will do this in a still higher sense
    • Beings who are able to compass what is called ‘directing the
    • what are called the “Folk Spirits”, the directing Folk
    • direct their own etheric or life-body, and how they thereby work down
    • nation really is. A nation is a homogeneous group of people directed
    • ancient India will reappear in a new form. The direction of these
    • is directly associated with the work of the higher Beings, for, as a
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 2. Normal and abnormal Archangels and Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • in bold relief; at other times, when the Spirit of the Age directs
    • his influence in a certain direction, physical objects will
    • work of the Archai which acts in this way and is directed to this
    • directing the Spirit of the Age, the question arises: how do these
    • take their directions from the Spirits of the Age; how these Folk
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 3. The inner Life of the Folk Spirits. Formation of the Races.
    Matching lines:
    • be directed towards their world-picture and that they perceive
    • feels to be independent of him and for which he is not directly
    • whole people, issuing directives concerning what this people as a
    • order that his directives may function in the right way.
    • directives, in which they apportion the various tasks which are then
    • directives to the Archangel of the different nations and these in
    • directives, when he is compelled, so to speak, to take over some of
    • is replaced by a new relationship. Instead of giving his directives
    • to the Archangel, the Spirit of the Age intervenes directly in the
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 4. The Evolution of Races and Civilization.
    Matching lines:
    • are indirectly the source of the racial differences in mankind
    • acquired during the period when he is not wholly under the direction
    • Atlantean epoch, for example, man was directly dependent upon his
    • we continue northward and then turn in a westerly direction towards
    • find that they follow a line which takes an unusual direction. These
    • gradually being overcome. The first steps in this direction were
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 5. Manifestation of the Hierarchies in the Elements of Nature.
    Matching lines:
    • from the Earth and raying outward in all directions. But if these
    • forces raying outward in all directions are the forces of the
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 6. The Five Root Races of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • were responsible for directing this distribution of peoples over the
    • always investigated and originally man took his direction entirely
    • specifically directed from the original centre; this is indicated by
    • racial character cannot at first work directly into his higher
    • directly into the physical body, but they are active in the three
    • not directly as Venus spirits. For the nervous system can be worked
    • upon indirectly in two ways. One way is through the respiration. By
    • give it a definite form. In this indirect way the abnormal Spirits of
    • found in Southern Asia and in the direction of the Malay Archipelago.
    • of Form work upon the nervous system indirectly through the
    • branches out in various directions to form a network. This part of
    • associated with higher mental activity, is worked upon indirectly
    • concentrated those Spirits of Form who work indirectly through the
    • Jupiter operate in man. These elect to work directly upon the nervous
    • entering indirectly into the solar plexus through the respiratory
    • system. Now the Jupiter forces work indirectly through the
    • indirectly via all the other systems into the glandular system. In
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 7. Advance of Folk Spirits to the Rank of Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • various Hierarchies guide and direct events upon our Earth and
    • to direct the evolution of a particular race, how, for example, as
    • West-East direction those folk communities who were each under the
    • Powers directing these tribes or folk communities were at different
    • civilization. Now this Time Spirit directed the sacred culture of
    • gradually developing, were for a long time simply under the direction
    • direction of their individual Archangels. It was not until the fourth
    • Golgotha, without the activity of certain guiding and directing
    • direct the several Folk Spirits. The French people, for example, was
    • epoch who still directs us today. He belongs to the great leading
    • Time Spirits, equally with those who were the great directing Time
    • who inclines the Spirit of the Age more in the direction of
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 8. The Five Post-Atlantean Civilizations.
    Matching lines:
    • clairvoyance. They had no direct consciousness of the work of the
    • Western peoples. Thus the spiritual world could be directly observed
    • Primal Forces, the directing Time Spirits, the Spirits of
    • peoples still experienced was no longer directly experienced by the
    • to it indirectly through Spiritual Science — remains more or
    • unity of the Godhead, because he enjoyed direct perception into the
    • they experienced directly the transition from the old perception to
    • this direct transition. They preserved a clairvoyant memory of an
    • working directly upon his soul; he saw the human soul wresting its
    • way out of the Cosmos. This was direct experience to him. He did not
    • represented the wisdom that lives directly in the spoken sounds of
    • Therefore the manner in which the soul, indirectly through the
    • gave speech and runic wisdom, who worked indirectly through the
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 9. Loki - Hodur and Baldur - Twilight of the Gods.
    Matching lines:
    • Folk Soul had, and still has the task of directing European man how
    • he senses danger. He directs his gaze outwards and believes the
    • consciousness that was directed to the physical plane, just as we
    • direct association with the facts which one finds in Teutonic
    • however, still a few who were able to perceive directly what Nordic
    • for a long time there still existed the direct perception of the
    • directly from clairvoyant experience, there still survived, when
    • Christianity. But Christianity did not offer him any direct vision.
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 10. The Mission of Individual Peoples and Cultures in the Past, Present and Future.
    Matching lines:
    • instruction which was mediated directly from the higher world. Hence
    • the ancient Celts the Mysteries established a much more direct
    • the form of cognition in the ancient Indian culture was directly
    • Spirit was directed to winning recognition for the ‘I’ of
    • preserved the direct, original memory of the old clairvoyant insight
    • Northern regions in later times, that which proceeded directly from a
    • directly related to what in our earlier lectures we called the “Great
    • culture. This culture was directly connected with the highest stages
    • Spirit. What consequences will ensue when a Folk Spirit so directs
    • direct outpouring of the inner being of the people may be compared to
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda.
    Matching lines:
    • directs and guides this country (Norway) will imbue modern philosophy
    • within him some spark of a God who was directly descended from those
    • divine-spiritual Beings, those Archangels who directed the union of

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