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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Contents
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    • part in the Evolution of Mankind
    • Lecture SixThe five Root Races of Mankind
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Preface
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    • mankind at the present time will find that what I then said throws a
    • important because the destiny of mankind in the near future will
    • case in order to fulfil a mission common to all mankind. But the
    • promote the spiritual life of mankind we need a science which is
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Synopses
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    • Spirits of Form creates the races of mankind. Difference between the
    • concept of nation and that of race. Differentiation of mankind into
    • implies evolution of all mankind. Evolution of races by evolution of
    • e.g. the rocks of Norway. This is (outer) Maya. Two kinds of
    • development of all mankind. All nations to contribute to united
    • progress of mankind. Christ Impulse overcomes separation:
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Relevant Literature
    Matching lines:
    • Supersensible Influences in the History of Mankind (6 lectures)
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 1. Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
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    • Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
    • Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
    • relationship with the stable element in the evolution of mankind.
    • mankind in the near future will bring men together in far greater
    • common to all mankind. But the members of the individual peoples will
    • maxim will have a certain significance for the activity of mankind in
    • that we look forward to an evolution of mankind in the future and
    • The ego works upon a kind of intermediate being. Therefore, between
    • evolution of mankind. When ultimately man will have developed so far
    • into mankind and thus draw mankind into the sphere of their own
    • associated with their evolution, a progressive evolution of mankind
    • evolution, he takes over again and infuses intuitively into mankind
    • of the Age can pour into mankind — for this we need the Folk
    • first, that the mediator between the two different kinds of Spirits
    • consciously at the service of mankind and influenced our
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 2. Normal and abnormal Archangels and Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • hand some visible indication, some tangible evidence, some kind of
    • countries is aware that his familiarity with the particular kind of
    • kind of etheric aura hovers above every region of the Earth's
    • evolution of mankind there have always been Beings who remained
    • as a kind of sacrifice, so we must also look upon “remaining
    • behind” at earlier stages of evolution as a kind of sacrifice
    • we see how two kinds of Beings of different rank work alternately in
    • which furthers the progress of mankind, we must assume that this
    • Spirits of the Age intuitively sense the progress of mankind? They
    • two kinds of Beings are reflected in the make-up and being of man. It
    • evolution of mankind. It is most interesting and instructive to
    • mankind when the normal and abnormal Archangels worked together and
    • mankind, to provide a satisfactory definition of the word ‘folk’.
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 3. The inner Life of the Folk Spirits. Formation of the Races.
    Matching lines:
    • experiences. These sensations are unknown to a Being of this kind; it
    • around which again is gathered something that appears as a kind of
    • kindred German people. Holland and Germany shared originally an
    • cooperate. Through this interplay are formed the races of mankind.
    • the reason why mankind is divided into races. That which gives man
    • Spirits of Form. That which divides the whole of mankind into races
    • differentiating mankind the whole world over into races. When we look
    • mankind and how through these races a foundation is laid for that
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 4. The Evolution of Races and Civilization.
    Matching lines:
    • understand the relationship of the races of mankind to one another
    • hitherto is, in reality, a kind of embryonic state, a sort of
    • but would live in a kind of dreamlike consciousness of the Old Moon
    • ascending third; he must repay the debt in kind.
    • are indirectly the source of the racial differences in mankind
    • age. Western man will still be able to benefit mankind by making
    • forces are turned inwards. Mankind in general undergoes a similar
    • Europe it is remarkable that the geographical area which mankind
    • understand that the whole process of the evolution of mankind is
    • of all mankind. You see this repeated in the development of Spiritual
    • of mankind in every corner of the globe. We must understand therefore
    • evolution of mankind. In this realm neither personal sympathy nor
    • implies acting in accordance with the evolution of all mankind. If we
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 5. Manifestation of the Hierarchies in the Elements of Nature.
    Matching lines:
    • the part of three different forces which proceed from three kinds of
    • the foundation of what we call the history of mankind, the evolution
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 6. The Five Root Races of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • The five Root Races of Mankind.
    • of Mankind.
    • disharmony amongst mankind, one of the Spirits had to detach Himself
    • kind of modification arises, namely, the Semitic race. Here is the
    • mankind.
    • blood of mankind is thus subject to a twofold influence; two races
    • existence of an important polarity in mankind and we must emphasize
    • forces leading to the twilight of mankind, forces which set the seal
    • decline is characterized by a kind of ossification which is clearly
    • collective body of mankind, from the teaming mass of humanity, and
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 7. Advance of Folk Spirits to the Rank of Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • after, the distribution of mankind, the distribution of races, has
    • understand the period when the division of mankind into the five root
    • at first, whilst this race was gradually developing, a kind of
    • Spirit. His task was of a very special kind ‘ You will
    • Mankind
    • through which mankind received the Christ Impulse. This Impulse was
    • bestowed on mankind, had renounced the possibility of becoming an
    • guided by a kind of Time Spirit who had risen from the rank of
    • Christian impulse began to pervade mankind, Europe was the scene of
    • very unique manner. He had, in effect, to enter into a kind of
    • kinds and complexions to emerge in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch. It
    • be in the course of time for all mankind. The problem will be how
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 8. The Five Post-Atlantean Civilizations.
    Matching lines:
    • understanding of the kindred relationships between those mythologies.
    • consisting of blue trousers, red coat, and some kind of head-gear,
    • period of development, but they had lived through it in a kind of dim
    • old Atlantis man beheld the spiritual Powers and spoke of a kind of
    • but rather as the kind of Archangel whose renunciation is akin to
    • encounter in the old Teutonic Genesis, as the origin of mankind out
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 9. Loki - Hodur and Baldur - Twilight of the Gods.
    Matching lines:
    • this kind of mistake. Externally the real facts may often be exactly
    • truth, false perspective, was some kind of animal; and here in the
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 10. The Mission of Individual Peoples and Cultures in the Past, Present and Future.
    Matching lines:
    • development of mankind in the remote past, in the present and will
    • culture of mankind as it unfolds. But at the time when these European
    • turn, had a kind of psychic counterpart in the etheric body. But the
    • to assimilate that which is to enter mankind as the Spirit Self. It
    • reveal to mankind a fraction of what it holds in store. But if we
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda.
    Matching lines:
    • kindred subjects, and it must suffice if I have introduced this
    • Mankind is gradually growing into that world in order to be able to
    • witness to His dominion on that plane. But mankind is designed to
    • development of mankind. The manifestation of Christ took place on the
    • which is to come. Mankind is now ready for freedom and self-knowledge
    • account of their message to mankind. It is possible for mankind to
    • become a most valuable revelation for mankind. Everything that may
    • consequence of oriental materialism might well be that mankind will
    • recognize intuitively — which was a kind of spiritual feeling —
    • prove that mankind had not acquired any perception of, or insight
    • powers which would confuse mankind if Odin should not succeed in
    • One part only of the development of mankind and the spirit —
    • on this understanding, then we shall not be motivated by any kind of
    • in the evolution of mankind is of no consequence. He who recognizes
    • a Being plays a part in the evolution of mankind, in the life of the
    • all mankind must be given; it may, it is true, originate in a
    • to the civilizing process of mankind into what we recognize to be the
    • common property of mankind, then the more we do this, the more we are
    • people, but recognizes the God of all mankind.
    • Spiritual Science should become a kind of basic attitude permeating
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