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  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): Notes
    Matching lines:
    • Readers will find it helpful to devote particular
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 1. Angels, Folk Spirits, Time Spirits: their part in the Evolution of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • more readily accepted by the modern materialist outlook. But it is
    • man of the present day consists of these bodies. Now you already know
    • Soul, the lowest member in which the ego has already worked, the
    • his astral body which he has already achieved as a first step towards
    • have already prepared the ground. We see the ego working with the
    • the Beings who have already experienced the human stage have now
    • already experienced on Old Moon the stage we shall have to experience
    • phenomena exist already and man could perceive them if only he would
    • can already do this today are the Archangels or Archangeloi. They are
    • Beings who can already do what man will be able to do some day,
    • ego in the spiritual atmosphere of our Earth, whose ego has already
    • activity we have already described as the activity of the Archangels.
    • already observed, there are a number of such Time Spirits, of such
    • inspired by them. You will readily perceive at least theoretically at
    • Ego which has already developed Manas or Spirit Self and is
    • from age to age, from epoch to epoch, Beings whom we already know
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 2. Normal and abnormal Archangels and Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • as you can readily imagine, this does not complete the picture of a
    • find, strange to relate, besides the Archangelic Beings already
    • of thought of a particular epoch. I have already mentioned that I
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 3. The inner Life of the Folk Spirits. Formation of the Races.
    Matching lines:
    • lectures we shall undertake investigations that will readily strike a
    • have already described them in their external aspect as Beings two
    • have already spoken of the normal and abnormal Archangels. The
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 4. The Evolution of Races and Civilization.
    Matching lines:
    • lives. I have already described how man departed from the laws of the
    • post-Atlantean civilization, to which we have already given due
    • influence of the terrestrial forces of India to which he had already
    • it is already moribund. The further West one goes, the more
    • process. The curve of development which we have already described
    • impoverishment is illustrated in what I have already described,
    • Beings intervene of whom we have already spoken when describing the
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 5. Manifestation of the Hierarchies in the Elements of Nature.
    Matching lines:
    • already suggested. The aspirant for spiritual knowledge will learn
    • spread out before him. He will describe this solid rock formation in
    • there were already older eminencies which at that time had already
    • also the later development of the sentient life. You already know
    • threads are woven by the normal Spirits of Form, for that is their
    • raise our spiritual vision to still higher realms. But already in the
    • Spirits of the second Hierarchy, as we already know, ought to work
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 6. The Five Root Races of Mankind.
    Matching lines:
    • species spread over the whole Earth, but that a diversity of
    • from which the individual races spread outward. We then come to Asia,
    • characteristics peculiar to the peoples spread over the Earth, an
    • centres already mentioned.
    • evidence of what we have already indicated. It runs somewhat as
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 7. Advance of Folk Spirits to the Rank of Time Spirits.
    Matching lines:
    • races of which we have already spoken took place, we must look far
    • therefore, the Earth was already colonized by the nuclei of these
    • the Earth already colonized. Thus we meet with a second migration in
    • the Archangel of India had already risen to the rank of an
    • high mission in the manner already described. This Time Spirit worked
    • Time Spirit who was active in ancient India bad already risen in
    • spread gradually over the whole Earth. Without this consummation of
    • Christianity, were still spread over a large area of Western Europe
    • given other tasks, into the hands of others. We have already
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 8. The Five Post-Atlantean Civilizations.
    Matching lines:
    • came comparatively late, at a time when the people was already to a
    • certain extent very mature, when the had already undergone what the
    • old clairvoyance and had already reached a higher stage of
    • peoples of Europe. The Indians had already undergone that elementary
    • were already endowed with spiritual powers and spiritual capacities
    • awoke to ego-consciousness when their souls had already reached a
    • able, after a brief development, to read again in the Akashic Record
    • Cosmos, and could read in the Akashic Record what was taking place in
    • already shared in former times and who therefore were no longer of
    • had already undergone what the later peoples still had to experience
    • then come to the Chaldean peoples. They were already aware of the
    • less closed to them. They had already reached a high stage of
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 9. Loki - Hodur and Baldur - Twilight of the Gods.
    Matching lines:
    • that they only awoke to ego consciousness after they had already
    • have fallen down while already dead. The injuries might have been
    • circles one is already sufficiently advanced to be in a position to
    • spread abroad, that which is expressed in the Baldur myth, in the
    • Christianity began to spread abroad, this conscious awareness of the
    • clairvoyance. In the East, the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, had already
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 10. The Mission of Individual Peoples and Cultures in the Past, Present and Future.
    Matching lines:
    • experienced in the same way. There man had already reached
    • culture was already so far advanced that it was capable of gradually
    • the peoples in other regions of Europe had already been given other
    • various stages of culture. We have already mentioned that the several
    • already said, it was like the memory of what these people had once
    • civilizations grew out of the Roman civilization already possessed
    • the Sentient Soul had already been imbued, had to develop in a wholly
    • remarkable phenomenon. We have already said that the first
    • already be anticipated in order to prepare the ground for future
    • the man Jesus of Nazareth who had already developed all the necessary
    • not an abstract, but an organic unity. Solovieff already recognizes
  • Title: Mission/Folk-Souls (1970): 11. Nerthus, Freyja and Gerda.
    Matching lines:
    • a golden thread running through the last few lectures was the idea
    • symbols of this mythology. Perhaps some of you who have read my
    • you can read how miscegenation and contact between different peoples have
    • until the moment of waking spreads out over the Macrocosm, so too the
    • magic ship spreads its sails and is then folded up again into the
    • which is to come. Mankind is now ready for freedom and self-knowledge
    • what has already existed for centuries.
    • I now come to a theme which I have already touched upon. I have
    • already told you that in a folk community which has so recently left
    • with the capacities he has acquired which we have already outlined.

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