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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 1
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    • points to a time when the life of the human brain was not yet cut off
    • foodstuffs and thinking through the instrument of the brain were not
  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 2
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    • eyes, my brain, my organism, and are active in me, these very same
    • the plant world without are sent into my brain.’ This Demeter
  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 7
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    • knowledge comes about as a result of work carried out by the brain.
    • Admittedly, work does take place in the brain in the act of
    • anything to do with the work which goes on in the brain?’ The
    • brain is part of the physical body, and what constitutes the content
    • ideation which takes place in the physical brain. Thus, if we are
    • ourselves what the brain has to do with all this that goes on
    • processes do take place in the brain, has of course to be admitted,
    • Nothing of the mental representation itself lives in the brain. What
    • significance, then, has the brain, has the external bodily
    • work of the brain has precisely the same significance as a mirror has
    • A man who claims that the brain thinks, a man who professes that the
    • work of ideation, of representation, goes on in the brain, is just
    • organisation. What becomes evident through the work of the brain is
    • human organisation. The mirror of the brain is needed in order that
    • that through the mirror of the brain he may perceive what he is
    • reflecting bodily organism, primarily the brain, he would still think
    • circles are to be found. These thoughts do not enter into the brain
    • they are reflected through the activity of the brain and thrown back
    • visible to us by the brain — it is these mirrored images which
    • in our soul-life. Within the brain there is absolutely no thought;
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • that not only causes him to ponder, to rack his brains to try to get
    • and streaming in the human etheric body towards the brain. And unless
    • to know about it, we should be quite unable to make use of our brain
    • brain would be completely useless if it were only to function as
    • physical brain. We have to resort to occultism to learn how the brain
    • he were entirely dependent upon his physical brain man would only be
    • coming from the heart stream continuously through the brain. These
    • part of the human brain called the pineal gland. They continuously
    • physical brain-organ respond in harmony with these etheric currents
    • again into connection with the physical brain and give it an impress
    • by way of the pineal gland our etherised blood reacts upon our brain.
    • between heart and brain. Anyone who is made aware of it through
    • how these forces stream upwards from the heart to the brain, to form
    • the brain in such a way that the human being may be able to make use
    • streams upwards to the brain is darkened, is filled with all this. We
  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • from the heart in quite distinct currents and permeate the brain; we
    • element of our etheric body streams through the brain that we are
    • the heart to the brain, only ideas, concepts, feelings connected with
    • instrument of the brain.
    • heart to the brain. During the Baptism by John in the Jordan there
    • this ctheric stream which flows upwards from his heart to his brain.
    • contact the brain, cool down. Modern science of course says
    • spirits which flow from the heart to the brain, but that is just an
    • astral body of man are present. Now the brain is a most remarkable
    • etheric current to pass. I repeat — the brain as physical
    • the heart is dammed up. The brain is permeable for the etheric
    • in our brain; in the region of the head the seer perceives that
    • astral currents rising upwards from the body spread out in the brain
    • but are held up there, are allowed to pass through the brain not at
    • which are arrested by the brain have a certain power of attraction
    • this astral hood or cap, since they are not arrested by the brain,
    • characteristic of the brain, is retained and disposed around the
    • below upwards. This ethericastral substance expands in the brain in
    • brain is held back, it reflects itself, and what in this way enters
    • together by the etheric currents streaming through the brain, which
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • instrument of the brain detaches from itself highly attenuated
    • yesterday that our brain is a kind of apparatus which impedes our
    • astral body, because they are not allowed to pass through our brain,
    • the brain was the last human organ to be developed; the rest of the
    • continues to work on the organisation of the brain; that is something
    • part of the brain which brings about both the aesthetic consciousness
    • inner laws of the physical brain. When in April 1861 Broca found that
    • the organ of speech lies in the third convolution of the brain, and
    • the hands which work into the brain and mould it. Today anthropology
    • makes it plain that the brain is formed from without by macrocosmic
    • forces. When this part of the brain is injured, there is no capacity
    • for speech. If we take into consideration that the side of the brain
    • from without, the brain can be so moulded that a speech-centre
    • develops in the corresponding third convolution of the brain on the
    • predisposition of the brain? It is not the natural tendency of the
    • brain which brings into existence the faculty of speech but the
    • developed in the brain from out of the macrocosm. The organ of speech
    • on a silent speech; these movements imprint themselves on the brain,

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