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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 1
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    • that what today is known as physical science is a withering
  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 2
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    • to believe that what he took in as food was only physical substance,
    • Persephone. This densification went on right into the physical body.
    • three bodily sheaths; it is enclosed in the physical body, the ether
    • factor. It is the ether body which has made the physical body denser,
    • upwards into the astral body, and downwards into the physical body;
    • and upon the physical bodies. During the period I have referred to
    • the ether body makes the physical body definitely denser, more
    • physical body as it develops from the earliest times right up to the
    • more under the influence of its physical environment whereas the
    • delicate physical body of old was more subject to the spiritual
    • physical body which did not exist earlier in a similar form have been
    • enhanced; the causes of disease, of illness, in the physical body in
    • world. Today the physical body is bound up with external physical
    • for the requisite conditions for health more to the external physical
    • emanating from the ether body and working upon the physical body,
    • which in the physical body brings about changes in the conditions
    • which work upon the physical body, upon the ether body itself and
    • undergone by physical, etheric and astral bodies. Hecate works in man
    • the first seven years the physical body is changed, in the second
    • physical body, it is saying that one form of Hecate is working in
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 3
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    • intervention of the spirit in events on the physical plane to be
    • as the facts which follow the physicalmathematical-chemical laws, but
    • spiritual movement and life behind the physical plane.
    • explained by physical, chemical or biological laws; on the other hand
    • other events, events which also take place on the physical plane, but
    • to examine the activity and nature of laws in the physical world
    • only that the chemical and physical laws active in his physical body
    • should be studied, but also that the connection between physical,
    • become visible in an unobtrusive way even to physical eyes, should be
    • present-day meteorology is a purely physical science. For the Greeks
    • there was as yet no such thing as a purely physical science
    • would be for us to investigate the physical forces which move our
    • to speak of the physical body, the densest part of the human being.
    • Microcosmically speaking we have to look upon the physical body as
    • physical body. The physical body is what serves to raise the mere
    • mover behind the deed in the physical world. The will-impulses, the
    • whole outward aspect of the physical body. The physical body is the
    • In order that will can act through man here in the physical world he
    • must have the physical body. In the higher worlds, activity of will
    • is something quite different from what it is in the physical world.
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 4
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    • of our physical bodies as transplanted into space, we have what the
    • man as consisting of physical, etheric, astral, and also of the ego
    • be in a peculiar position. One can say of the forces of the physical
    • representing the forces of the physical body, Poseidon as
    • bodies. The physical bodies which we men have are an Earth product,
    • able to live out their lives in this sheath of the human physical
    • the human physical body. Thus they could not descend into incarnation
    • in physical, fleshly bodies. These leaders of the Egypto-Chaldean
    • dwelt among men in physical bodies); their human form was
    • as concerns Earth-development on the physical plane Christ was
    • in human physical bodies even in the Egypt-Chaldean epoch. Even less
    • to Earth so far as to incarnate in a human physical body, that He
    • the event which culminated on the physical plane in the Mystery of
    • may in the physical realm, we shall not find the Christ substance as
    • it could never condense to the physical in a body of flesh. Today
    • what is physical upon Earth is like a snail shell, which one day when
    • the totality of human souls, just as the physical body now falls away
    • individual soul throws off the physical body and enters a spiritual
    • the physical element of the Earth. Where will be the Christ-substance
    • physical manifestation, but for the time being remains close to the
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 5
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    • infer that they knew that, just as human beings on the physical plane
    • their gods did nevertheless incarnate in physical bodies,
    • forces of the physical body ... so that one has to think of these
    • as it meets us on the physical plane is altogether maya. It
    • the cosmos. They actually dwelt on the physical plane, and were, in
    • no longer looks upon his physical body as something within which he
    • the body, when so to say it looks upon the physical body from
    • developed his physical, etheric and astral bodies during the Moon
    • physical, etheric and astral bodies, for they had been fully
    • human soul all these forces which the human physical, etheric and
    • that he saw through his eyes by means of his physical body, but he
    • knew: ‘With my consciousness I am standing outside my physical
    • body.’ He regarded the physical body as a possession. One might
    • gradually that this consciousness began to enter into the physical
    • developed physical, etheric and astral bodies, man bore in his astral
    • outside the physical body, a time when the soul was independent of
    • could come about that each one of your souls, now in your physical
    • consciousness which lived outside the physical body and knew itself
    • blood which sets the heart in motion is the physical expression of
  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • there no chemical, physical, biological laws as we understand them
    • that man as he stands before us consists of physical body, ether
    • Let us look at them as they meet us to begin with on the physical
    • plane, in the physical world. We will for the present ignore the
    • physical eyes, for the physical world. Let us begin with the
    • by the exercise of our physical senses, by exercising our faculties
    • for knowledge of the physical world. It is not visible to our eyes,
    • study him physically, with purely physical instruments, if we do not
    • is utterly deceiving himself. With physical faculties for acquiring
    • physical body. A man may be inwardly a thoroughly untruthful person,
    • be observed with external physical instruments. Thus, however far we
    • go in investigating with the forces of physical knowledge, we only
    • that is our own. In the physical world, or for physical instruments
    • being, let us now turn to the outermost member, to the physical body.
    • in recent years, the physical body can only be known in its true
    • to the physically based powers of physical knowledge, the physical
    • what we see as his physical body is maya, illusion. But there are as
    • many instances of this illusion of a physical body as there are men
    • example is given, and the perception of human physical bodies, of
    • only learn to know the ego when we direct our physical faculty of
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 7
    Matching lines:
    • the human being, that he consists of physical body, etheric body,
    • brain is part of the physical body, and what constitutes the content
    • about, does not go as far as the physical body; that all takes place
    • ideation which takes place in the physical brain. Thus, if we are
    • what was outside it. So it is with the whole of the physical
    • diagram to represent the human physical bodily organisation. When we wish
    • external physical organism; it all takes place in the adjacent
    • Moon evolutions, and that in fine the present physical body, and with
    • man on Earth was so formed that he could develop his physical brain
    • environment of this our physical bodily organisation. That is how we
    • physical bodily organism, without man's having any direct
    • consciousness of it, something of great significance. This physical
    • penetrate at all into what we are as physical bodily organism; it is
    • physical being than he can see what is behind the mirror. Moreover he
    • does not penetrate into his physical organisation because his
    • by physical eyes but was visible only to the inspired consciousness.
    • The hierophants, who were to be seen with physical eyes were
    • fleshly body; there he was a real man standing upon the physical
    • the physical plane. But they do not impart their most important
    • teachings on the physical plane, but following the example of
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • on Earth? Nothing of what we are familiar with today as the physical
    • Although the first rudiments of this physical body were present in
    • that had evolved of the physical and other bodies had reverted to
    • substantiality at the end of the Moon evolution. The physical which
    • longer physical, everything had been taken up into the spirit again;
    • the physical was as it were in solution, was present only as forces
    • — forces with the capacity to call forth physical forms, but
    • with the physical element not actually present. When Earth evolution
    • began, what we call the physical was not there in a physical, but
    • condensing little by little to the physical. That has to be borne in
    • form as physical body. What today is physical was at that time, even
    • forces of our present physical body were at that time in solution as
    • they were then able to bring about our physical body. Thus these
    • etheric forces were in a way the forces of the physical body but they
    • were not present in a physical condition. Thus when man entered upon
    • Condensation to the physical body only began from the Lemurian time
    • this etheric body contained those physical forces which had been
    • physical body could come into existence, but they were not yet in
    • physical form. But had the forces of the physical body condensed in
    • the way they tended to do at that time, even in his physical
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  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • the coarser physical substance of the blood which emanates all the
    • physical forces, a purely etheric form. A physically solid man such
    • as we have today, with his thick physical blood, his system of nerves
    • which we also have, in the physical body today, were at that time
    • oneself to the skeleton. What physical science describes is only a
    • group-souls upon their physical forms. The influences which resulted
    • physically, the archetypal Phantom which today only appears in
    • physical form because man has harmonised the eagle, bull and lion
    • Baptism by John in the Jordan, of the physical, etheric and astral
    • etheric current to pass. I repeat — the brain as physical
    • on the physical plane to fill out his picture with reality. Then the
  • Title: Lecture: Wonders of the World: Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • received in his physical body. These are closed regions to him. But
    • we encounter what is in us as astral, etheric and physical bodies,
    • is there below in his astral, etheric and physical natures. Together
    • hierarchies have been at work upon us, we learn how our physical,
    • inner laws of the physical brain. When in April 1861 Broca found that

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