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  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Christ Impulse in Historical Development - Lecture 1
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    • can see the Christ. The next three millennia on earth will be devoted
    • connected with the earth.
    • macrocosmic being who became connected with the earth for the first
    • beings can experience belongs to the general laws of the earth. The
    • earth for the Jupiter existence, whilst everything else will fall away
    • with the earth. Anthroposophy is not something arbitrary, but
    • the earth. That was at the beginning of our present era.
    • on earth any further. As long as he was a Bodhisattva he continued to
    • taken from the earth, and a new Bodhisattva became active. He is the
    • To approach true theosophy, understanding for the whole of earth
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Christ Impulse in Historical Development - Lecture 2
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    • round about us and in the firm earth beneath us. Looking back into the
    • activity that took place in ancient pre-earthly times. Then we are
    • concerning man's repeated earth lives. But how can a soul stand firm
    • — does not need to incarnate on earth any more in a body of
    • on the earth in physical form, but his achievements in the course of
    • come to men on earth who have goodwill.
    • that relates that Buddha went on living, not in an earthly human form
    • which we must also now partake in earthly life. This force, emanating
    • affects man's inner life but involves our whole earthly existence.
    • here on earth, who belong to the earth. The Christ Individuality comes
    • from the sun, and walked the earth for the first time at the baptism
    • it was destined to work for only three years in the earthly world. He
    • earth, the aura of our earth, since His blood flowed on Golgotha. The
    • brought a completely new course of events into our earthly evolution.
    • and on the other hand the spirit has come into the earth from outside
    • earth we can see meaning of the highest order. Then we shall not only
    • first. The coming years will bring many surprises to the earth. In
    • and now only works into earth evolution from outside. All those
    • have the particular destiny on earth, as every serious occultist can
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: Rosicrucian Christianity - Lecture 1
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    • earth. This residue inspired the twelve as well as their pupils that
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: Rosicrucian Christianity - Lecture 2
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    • alchemy, and when the processes took place beyond the earth they
    • regarding them as the earth processes of nature. They distinguished,
    • he called sulphur. In the stages of development of the earth he beheld
    • process. Just as he knew that the earth will at some time be purified
    • deity. In the earth processes he beheld the work of those gods who
    • only walked the earth once in a physical body, and we should be able
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: Jeshu ben Pandira - Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • During this epoch Christ worked on earth in a physical body. Since the
    • great earth catastrophe. This will be the age when man will be
    • will be dominant on the earth. Then neither external ability nor the
    • Whereas at an earlier period, when Christ came down to the earth in a
    • Before Christ appeared on earth through the Mystery of Golgotha, the
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: Jeshu ben Pandira - Lecture 2
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  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Christ Impulse as Living Reality - Lecture 1
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    • appear on earth in a body that was sufficiently prepared for it and
    • united Himself with the earth as a reality, as power, as very life.
    • Him as a power Who is now united with the earth. Thus the Bodhisattvas
    • work both before and after Christ's physical life on earth. He, who
    • earth in a body of flesh, but from then onwards he worked from the
    • had come to pass before the appearance of Christ on the earth, for
    • earth again and again in a human body and will continue to do so in
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Christ Impulse as Living Reality - Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • which, to begin with, you are not within. So far as earthly
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Dawn of Occultism in the Modern Age - Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • died very soon afterwards. His life on earth had been brief. His
    • earthly life lasted for more than a hundred years. In the new earthly
    • who accepted the principle that the soul has many earthly lives. Naturally
    • psychologists also acknowledged their belief in repeated earth lives.
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Dawn of Occultism in the Modern Age - Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • into a new earthly life. For example, even if a child's life of
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The True Attitude To Karma
    Matching lines:
    • the earth? Why is it necessary to learn about things that happened in
    • particular earth existence. But if this is so, we shall have to say to
    • earth, and everything else that Spiritual Science tells us. Just as we
    • and Earth evolution, of reincarnation and karma, of Devachan and
    • something that thrives and grows like a seed sown in the earth. Forces
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: Intimate Workings of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • matter if we cannot remember them! The right attitude towards earthly
    • experiences in the spiritual world appear in our earthly life, but in
    • have been incarnated many times in earthly bodies, among the most
    • the earth — were united in that council of the twelve.
    • belief spread over the earth.
    • that name. In that incarnation he died after only a brief earthly
    • their thought and influence has an effect over the whole earth.
  • Title: Esoteric Christianity: The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz
    Matching lines:
    • that the earth remains at rest in cosmic space with the sun and the
    • feet when Copernicus came forward with the doctrine that the earth is
    • appears on the earth in physical incarnation. But this does not mean
    • that he ceases to be active in the affairs of the earth. The Buddha
    • continues to work for the earth, although he is never again present in
    • listeners that there was no way on earth of preventing the formation
    • into these two classes. As far as conditions on the earth were
    • Between birth and death we live on the earth. Between death and a new
    • the earth lie incarnations on other planets, spiritual incarnations.
    • justified in saying: I am not an earth inhabitant, but the forces
    • man who lived on earth after the Copernican world outlook had become
    • earth's fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It was as decisive and
    • it was on the earth at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha. Just as at
    • sending down to earth human beings who only brought Copernican ideas
    • salvation, and the earth's too, depended on the declining culture of
    • similar on Mars to what it had been like on the earth before the
    • salvation of the earth was also at stake. Rosicrucianism was faced
    • that, for the earth's sake, the Mars culture should be brought once
    • to know what would bring about their salvation, for the earth was the
    • Christian Rosenkreutz from the earth to Mars. So Gautama Buddha leaves
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