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From Jesus to Christ

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

What has Jesus, or the Christ, to do with us today? Are the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ Jesus anything more than events now past, simply commemorated by those who call themselves Christians? This book gives clear answers to these questions. The Mystery of Golgotha, as Rudolf Steiner speaks of it, is shown to be not only an historical but an evolutionary event. As a result of it something was imparted to the earth that it did not have before; the spiritual atmosphere of the earth changed, and with it the possibilities for man's spiritual development, the very destiny of his physical body. The Christ-event is seen as a continuous one, something that becomes different in the twentieth century from what it was in the first, something which will be still different in the future.

This central theme is developed and illustrated through various studies — in the first two lectures, of the difference between the religious thought of Jesuitism and Rosicrucianism, particularly in relation to the human will; later, of the authenticity of versions of the Gospels in connection with certain misunderstandings about Christ Jesus. Further on in the course, the characteristics of the two different Jesus children spoken of by St. Luke and St. Matthew are touched upon and there is a study of the whole relation of the Christ-Being to that of Jesus which will explain the significance of the title given to this series of lectures — from Jesus To Christ.


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