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  • Title: Life Between ... Other Books by the Same Author
    Matching lines:
    • through pre-Christian events and personalities, an ancient era ends
  • Title: Life Between ... I: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • ourselves in the presence of a person in the spiritual world and yet
    • It may happen that we meet a person in the spiritual world but remain
    • ourselves how we should love a person. We can then only ask ourselves
    • the higher Hierarchies. Today every person who dies and enters the
    • consciousness of a person with an immoral soul disposition is more
    • soul, and in every case it could be established that a person with a
    • One might well ask what it matters if after death a person should
    • the man of today penetrates increasingly into his personal ego and
    • one personality. This has real consequences for the life between
  • Title: Life Between ... II: Investigations Into Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • after death one meets a person one has known, one will at first
    • upon the connection between the living and the dead. A person who has
    • example, if a person was last incarnated on earth prior to the
    • What I have described refers to the average person. For example, in
    • than others. A person who only indulges in sensual pleasures and
    • fact that such a person will fall comparatively rapidly into a
  • Title: Life Between ... III: Mans Journey Through the Planetary Spheres
    Matching lines:
    • the greatest calamity. For I could imagine that such a person does
  • Title: Life Between ... IV: Recent Results of Occult Investigation Into Life
    Matching lines:
    • there lived a certain personality named Norbert, who founded an
    • bring about a change in a person. Since the year 1899, however, such
    • whether something happens through us or through another person. This
    • way. One may for instance ask, “When a person has gone through
    • an initiate or of a person after death, is one of feeling oneself
    • ethical concepts and feelings we developed on earth. A person who has
    • painful! On earth if we have done a person some injustice or have not
    • Let us assume that a person has died before us. According to the
    • A person who has acquired spiritual understanding on earth will have
    • spiritual person farther, the less spiritual not so far — but
    • two personalities. The statues rest on pedestals, and it is likely
  • Title: Life Between ... V: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • super-sensible world that we loved a person less than we ought to have
    • shortly after death we meet a person who died before us. We encounter
    • one person and another can be on earth.
    • it becomes apparent when we consider the relationship of one person
    • personality. Jesus of Nazareth has been accepted from outside.
    • that we ask ourselves about each person we meet, “How much has
    • person passes through the gate of death he dies under a certain
    • person is born at another spot on the earth that corresponds with
    • words. Such a person would, nevertheless, in an anthroposophical
    • some way related to a person and did not love him, this cannot be
    • sleeping person cannot possibly adopt.) If, having studied every
  • Title: Life Between ... VI: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • Suppose we come across a person who died before us. At first we feel
    • are experiencing the relationship we had formed with another person
    • together with the other person in a next incarnation in such a way
    • friend or the person related to him had not become an
    • the person who has died as he was during the last period of his life
    • person as if he were sitting in front of one. He will receive this
    • materialistically minded person at once loses the connection with one
    • instance, the dead person, who has an intense longing to learn
    • experience of the dead person much depends on the kind of spiritual
    • fact, a person is only indifferent to such an event to the extent
    • regarded as unimportant. An intelligent person does not attach undue
    • a person is to know consciously something of the working of the dead
    • Humanity is evolving, and only an obtuse person would maintain that
  • Title: Life Between ... VII: The Working of Karma in Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • every person is recorded in the Moon sphere.
    • person who in life had an immoral or limited moral disposition lives
    • person, however, becomes what one might call a sociable being. There
    • when we encounter a person we perceive far more clearly than on earth
    • order is brought into karma. If we have loved a person insufficiently
    • be lodged in the person's ego-consciousness, not in his astral
    • person who feeds his animosity still further might in fact have a
    • nature. If a person investigates his astral consciousness, his
    • truly himself. A person may have brought himself to hate spiritual
    • to work fruitfully in all spheres of life. A person who has gone
    • A person has died. During his lifetime for [one] reason or another he did
    • Or what is also possible and might have occurred is that a person
    • Let us suppose that a person left five minutes early, and as a result
  • Title: Life Between ... VIII: Between Death and a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • When a person is no longer physically present, the riddle arises as
    • come across a person who, through a deep inner longing, through his
    • in earthy life. When a person has gone through the gate of death, all
    • connected with a dead person have read to him and thereby helped him.
    • But let us consider the effect on the soul of a person who has been
    • When a person begins to concern himself with spiritual science he
    • The dead person, for example, may order us to accomplish something
    • earthly life and is closely connected with a person's
    • often sense a certain fatigue in the morning. The less tired a person
    • Greek games. The more a person leaves his soul-spiritual nature in
    • spiritual world. The more a person has opened himself to receive a
  • Title: Life Between ... IX: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world, as much as if today a person would deny the
    • these people here on earth. Suppose a person has felt a quite
    • A person who is not prepared to admit the reality of karma, or
    • belongs to him. How does a person go through the world? One person
    • meet him, of the painful experience inflicted by another person. This
    • A person once asked the following question in connection with
    • possible to show that a person owed this or that faculty to his
    • why has this or that person died young. But this, too, has its source
    • world. A person who brings artistic gifts into the world does so
    • lest we gradually be obliterated from the world. A person could
    • The more a person advances in the evolution of the world, the freer
  • Title: Life Between ... X: Anthroposophy as the Quickener of Feeling and of Life
    Matching lines:
    • towards a cognition of the spiritual world. A person has died. The
    • a person misses a train that is later involved in an accident. Had he
    • makes a lasting impression on the person concerned!
    • spot. This is the most opportune moment for a person who has died to
    • future it will occur quite normally that a person will feel that the
    • person slanders and rages against spiritual science, the more deeply
  • Title: Life Between ... XI: The Mission of Earthly Life as a Transitional Stage for the Beyond
    Matching lines:
    • person goes through life without any sense of judgment, this is due
    • A person who lacked a certain ability in this or that sphere during
    • situation it all makes. If nothing were to intervene, the person
    • would become less and less able. For if a person has deliberately
    • Now such a person may be clever, but his cleverness will be cold and
    • personality who lived during the sixth century B.C. as the son of a
    • person in the spiritual world unless we have first met him on earth.
    • had a previous connection on earth, yet if a person has received the
    • Supersensible perception reveals that a number of personalities who
    • nineteenth century there were already some personalities — and
    • also holds good for this exceptional case. A person who departs from
    • this, but it is not true. For if a person is at all predisposed to
    • and that is by way of human beings. If a person goes through the gate
    • he can become familiar with it through the fact that he knew a person
    • surrounds him after death. A person can read an important work of
    • It is also a fact that a simple person who has only just come in
    • person whom he genuinely loved than the seer who, though able to find
    • known. Yet more often than not one is unable to read to a dead person
    • might approach him, mention to him that a person who dies was also an
    • Let us take an example. A person is in the habit of leaving home
  • Title: Life Between ... XII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 1
    Matching lines:
    • that a person who has failed to occupy himself with higher worlds,
    • so that he [can] be adequately equipped according to his karma. If a person
    • attained. One might well imagine that when such a person again enters
    • that such a person will never find an upward path again but that is
    • endowed with a special coloring. The person who has not gone through
    • person during his next life we find that he bears the characteristics
    • hypersensitive person who is destined by his mere physical
    • person is a hypochondriac, a pathologically melancholy individual,
    • of a person wearing blinders.
    • trend in the progressive development of humanity. Indeed, a person
    • person, if he really has the will, or at least when he is given the
    • instance, when a person dies prematurely as a result of an accident
    • much of what meets a person, is brought about in a variety of ways by
  • Title: Life Between ... XIII: Life Between Death and Rebirth 2
    Matching lines:
    • living person — and much can come to our knowledge in this
    • respect — it will help the dead person in his further
    • for the child, we relieve the dead person of anxiety, and this is a
    • person has not available the means to rid himself of anxiety. From
    • It has frequently been observed that a person who had planned to do
    • of consciousness. It is not as if a dead person were on some isolated
    • and Moon. A person who forms a resolution but has not carried it out
    • imperfection in our personal development, is inscribed in the Moon
    • First it must be emphasized that as the person expands into other
    • personage Gautama Buddha. He was a Bodhisattva until in the
    • time was the personality who was born later on in his next
  • Title: Life Between ... XIV: Further Facts About Life Between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • enter into communication with a person after death, the man informed
    • one gazes down, a person who has remained behind on the earth only
    • of that person. The dead person sees these thoughts. Otherwise the
    • person remains invisible and the dead one suffers from the anguish of
    • knowing that the person is there but he is unable to find him. As
    • compared to one banished to a barren island on earth. The dead person
    • more likely than not that a person falls asleep after a meal or some
    • little is achieved in attempting to bring the person to a spiritual
    • Now when such a person dies we have the possibility of helping him
    • actually there. Thus it can happen that a person comes to hate
    • they were on earth. A person who has hated spiritual science with his
    • died, and reading to him as we would to a living person, not with a
    • years after death, for a period of some three to five years, a person
    • and those who have failed to do so. A person who has not developed
    • that the way a person lives on earth determines his existence in the
    • period. There a person who has failed to develop religious feelings
    • earth, the after-effects of what we have been personally, including
    • The one person has a deep moral sense, the other less so. The one who
  • Title: Life Between ... XV: Intercourse With the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • Let us take as an example a person who developed on earth what one
    • may call little sympathy for his fellow men, a person who has lived
    • death, especially in getting to know other human souls. Such a person
    • It may happen that a person who has avoided any form of human love on
    • We can perform the greatest service to a dead person by forming a
    • person whom one has loved passes on.
    • souls in the vicinity of a person whom it can follow on earth. Many
    • of time. The person would again feel exceedingly lonely if other
    • person to be sociable in the spiritual world. Within our movement we
    • seek to bring people together so that personal relationships may also
    • super-sensible world inasmuch as a person who belongs to a particular
    • created by an immoral person, but you will understand what I mean
    • when I put it as follows. A person devoid of a moral soul disposition
    • Science believes that a person takes on the characteristics of his
    • reveals that a person who dies at an early age is less childlike in
  • Title: Life Between ... XVI: Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • Let us take the extreme case of a person who, while on earth, has
    • two such persons die who knew one another well on earth. After death
    • Let us again take the extreme case of the person who has made no
    • For example, on earth we are connected with a person towards whom we
    • After death we again meet this person but now we feel the opposite of
    • into contact with the soul of a dead person can have the following

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