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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Contents
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    • evolution of humanity. The distinction between Christianity and other
    • course of evolution. Men are now beginning to be interested only in
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Relevant Works
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture One
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    • their significance in world-existence as a whole, in the evolutionary
    • worlds; it was necessary for evolution that only little of the
    • evolutionary process most aptly express the activity of the Ego and
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Two
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    • evolution of humanity. The distinction between Christianity and other
    • present stage of man's evolution. He is unable to work consciously on
    • evolution could progress was that out of the one source — for
    • of evolution did not require men unconditionally to acquire this
    • contains a deep secret connected with the evolution of humanity. But
    • The first impulse in the evolution of our Earth towards
    • namely that in the earlier periods of Earth evolution the individual
    • Christianity makes possible the evolution of the “human
    • evolution it was made. At the very beginning of man's evolution,
    • unconnected with the whole course of evolution. I have told you that
    • evolution; another fact is that the time when it was still possible,
    • evolution proceeds. Abraham's spiritual eyes were fully open to the
    • evolution proceeded and this was necessary because new forces must
    • evolution. We are moving towards a future when it will be less and
    • necessary in the present cycle of human evolution that spiritual
    • continually new impulses will make their way into the evolution of
    • realise that whether the future evolution of the human race will be
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Three
    Matching lines:
    • Anthroposophy acquires greater influence in the evolution of
    • Macrocosm and in every epoch of evolution it will be right to
    • you now recall how the whole course of the evolution of humanity has
    • evolution of the Earth which resulted in the separation of the Sun
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Four
    Matching lines:
    • it is extremely important to know that in view of the evolution of
    • evolution — which you will find described in the book
    • course of his evolution are very complicated and as evolution
    • the whole range of these processes. But evolution consists in human
    • process of evolution as a whole becomes clear only when all the
    • evolution. There is a most significant difference in the whole
    • Evolution leading into our modern scientific age with
    • but men do not always call it so. Progress in evolution consisted in
    • beings who have partaken in evolution up to the time of Western
    • the evolution of humanity. But if this spiritual teaching were to be
    • for furthering the evolution of humanity.
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Five
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    • evolution — an achievement before the time of the Mystery of
    • present in lofty spiritual worlds continuing to influence evolution
    • advancing stream of Christian evolution in the West and special
    • evolution. He had taken the Christ Impulse into the very depths of
    • evolution since the Mystery of Golgotha took place. The figure of
    • of the Mystery of Golgotha had been given to evolution. Let us
    • the evolutionary process. The ascent is at present only beginning,
    • with the fundamental laws of evolution, whenever we return to the
    • evolution. Whenever we pass into a planetary sphere after death —
    • because the heavenly bodies are also undergoing evolution, our souls
    • example of evolution. This example is revealed to occult
    • the Earth there was a descending phase of evolution until the time of
    • ascent in the evolution of Mars, into whose sphere we pass between
    • evolution of Mars was such that what had always been bestowed upon it
    • was the case in the evolution of the Earth until the beginning of the
    • necessary that the evolution of Mars should become a process of
    • evolution this influence would have worked exclusively for the
    • such a separation taking place in the further evolution of mankind on
    • the evolution of Mars something similar to what had come about at the
    • beginning of the ascending phase of Earth evolution through the
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Six
    Matching lines:
    • connection with the evolution of worlds is possible only if our
    • understanding keeps abreast of that evolution.
    • evolution and have still not reached the level of the Spirits of
    • their evolution, who work upon man from outside, consigning him to
    • to undergo a lengthy process of evolution to achieve what has already
    • can be achieved only in the future. In the evolutionary period of Old
    • The section on the Old Moon period of evolution is included in
    • ancient Lemurian epoch, when man had reached the stage of evolution
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Seven
    Matching lines:
    • astral body, the sentient soul, and so on. The evolutionary factors
    • happening which cuts across the seven-year cycles of evolution. We
    • normal process of evolution in the Cosmos. The formative principles
    • evolutionary — but antithetical — processes in the human
    • twenty-first year of life. Then there is another evolution proceeding
    • checked. The one evolution, the regular evolution, proceeds from the
    • especially for education. The other evolution — which is a much
    • antithetical lines of evolution. Hence in the book
    • attention to the first process of evolution which proceeds from
    • On the other line of evolution — from without inwards —
    • course of evolution. If we realise this, it will, become evident that
    • mightiest incision in the evolution of humanity was made by the
    • the physical evolution of mankind from Adam onwards? Naturally, the
    • evolution of souls! The physical bodies which have descended from
    • to say, in view of the stage reached in evolution: ‘Better it
    • of a question relating to man's evolution. It is the question: How
    • behind in their evolution. Not all the Spirits who participated in
    • evolution after the Mystery of Golgotha, how they adhere rigidly to
    • approach to men. Those who have kept pace with evolution can make
    • course of evolution and become Luciferic in character. It is
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Eight
    Matching lines:
    • course of evolution. Men are now beginning to be interested only in
    • evolution. Mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom are,
    • something remained backward in the evolutionary process. Normal
    • progress in evolution has in point of fact been made only by beings
    • human evolution on the Earth. Let us look back to an age, for example
    • inevitable that in the course of evolution the possibility of
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Nine
    Matching lines:
    • sense it cannot be otherwise in the present phase of man's evolution;
    • sense. Earth-evolution is such that this aspect of life will become
    • development leading to the present cycle of evolution, the human
    • Earth-evolution, creating harmony between spirit and matter. Life on
    • — but in the same measure, if Earth-evolution is to reach its
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Ten
    Matching lines:
    • higher interests that can develop in the further evolution of
    • through the evolution of humanity, that approached humanity in
    • evolution as it is today was preceded by the earlier incarnation of
    • evolution between Old Moon and Earth something like a condition of
    • period of evolution. In an age when it was not yet possible to speak

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