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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Contents
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    • passed over from creation into existence. From the viewpoint of sleep
    • certain point there is a reversal of vision. Everything that was
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture One
    Matching lines:
    • different viewpoints presented in the four Gospels.
    • Attention must be paid to two points which emerge from
    • What I have just described to you as an incisive point
    • more concerned to study from somewhat new points of view those
    • ‘Night’. In point of fact, the movement is conveyed with
    • people may be disappointed but truth will be the gainer! I could well
    • to preach morality. But to quicken the human soul at the point where
    • carefully distinguish between the point of time we have just been
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Two
    Matching lines:
    • point of view will become thoroughly clear only when the whole course
    • ‘I’. After that point he can experience himself as an
    • human beings but to understand and find points of contact with all
    • starting-point, what is now to be said will in a certain sense be
    • shall now be mentioned because it can throw light upon the point
    • Being. The Old Testament tells us in symbolic words at what point in
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Three
    Matching lines:
    • would be judging from the standpoint of our limited earthly
    • manifest as genuine dream-experiences which have meaning and point to
    • bring this home to the souls of men. In point of fact it is only
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Four
    Matching lines:
    • a particular point, directs his senses outwards and then his sight
    • at a point. There comes a period between death and the new birth when
    • Zodiac. He looks out as it were from every point of the Zodiac, that
    • is to say from different viewpoints, upon his own being, and he feels
    • does from different points of the Zodiac, assumes different
    • things from one point of view only, whereas when a human being passes
    • correct as this is from one point of view, it nevertheless presents
    • the standpoint of Spiritual Science the sleep that occurs at a more
    • human being, let us say at midnight, regarded from the standpoint of
    • The important point is that what may be called the auric
    • quite rightly from a certain standpoint — that the Ego and
    • standpoint the statement is quite correct — that man leaves his
    • standpoint. With his kind of clairvoyance he pays more attention to
    • lower aura during sleep. Hence from his particular point of view he
    • We ourselves have now reached the point when it is
    • focal points, this was in keeping with the reality — which was
    • After death, however, it is a torch which from a certain point of
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Five
    Matching lines:
    • point in the process of that evolution. The great Teacher of the
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Seven
    Matching lines:
    • point of view. Today, then, I will ask you to think, above all, of
    • eludes this division into cyclic periods. It is the point of time
    • occur at exactly the same point of time, but in most cases it may be
    • point between birth and the seventh year. And something similar can
    • same point of time, that is to say who experienced the flashing up of
    • seven years of life; the human being has then reached the point when
    • human being a certain elasticity. But at that point other formative
    • further growth. That is why growth stops at some point. When growth
    • which he can constantly stretch and enlarge. But at a specific point
    • standpoint. Admittedly, we come across idealists, materialists and
    • other ‘-ists’ who swear by their own standpoint, but
    • say: truth lies in the middle, between two different standpoints. But
    • of this or that standpoint but by applying the modes of knowledge
    • said: Up to a particular point in their lives their individual
    • little aptitude for the spiritual standpoint they adopt in later
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Eight
    Matching lines:
    • passed over from creation into existence. From the viewpoint of sleep
    • certain point there is a reversal of vision. Everything that was
    • progress in evolution has in point of fact been made only by beings
    • and as if the Earth, observed from the viewpoint of sleep, contained
    • state, is revealed when contemplated from the viewpoint of sleep. And
    • perception exercised from the viewpoint of sleep, we see nothing
    • human kingdom — that is to say, from the viewpoint of sleep we
    • our vision when we are contemplating the world from the viewpoint of
    • onwards, when seen from the viewpoint of sleep, reveals a constant
    • Thus when we observe the human being from the viewpoint
    • the viewpoint of sleep, because then we know that it is the
    • life continues for a time. But then, at a certain point during the
    • from our body into the world that is not our body; from the point of
    • ancestors. But there is also the fact that from a certain point of
    • From a specific point of time between death and rebirth,
    • prepared from the above-mentioned point of time onwards between death
    • from the standpoint of our physical senses only, but far greater
    • significance because here it is simply a matter of number. In point
    • cannot be regarded from the spiritual standpoint exactly as it is
    • above-mentioned point of time and are contemplating the body that is
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Ten
    Matching lines:
    • certain points of view and the lectures given during the Winter
    • Spiritland as described from the inner point of view of the soul, we
    • the inner standpoint of the soul, it will be quite clear to you that
    • different point of view — contains what has been described as
    • reminded that in the one case the account is given from the point of
    • holds good, although light is shed upon it from the new points of

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