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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Contents
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    • caused by this realisation the power is acquired to change conditions
    • become reality on the physical plane exist as forces and effects in
    • Vision of spiritual realities gradually lost by human souls in the
    • Old Sun. The death on Golgotha was only seemingly a death; in reality
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Relevant Works
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    • Inner Realities of Evolution
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture One
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    • will have realised what
    • you to realise that there must be complete truthfulness and deep
    • different angle, and indeed we cannot begin really to know anything
    • undertake further spiritual research into this realm and to present
    • this realm. In addition to all other demands to which only very brief
    • this inflow of spiritual knowledge to be a reality. Hence the further
    • experiences the realities of the spiritual world in a very definite
    • way. But he also experiences these realities through Initiation; he
    • the physical plane it is really only in the domain of artistic
    • practical accomplishments in that realm depend upon the establishment
    • world, we must be uninterruptedly active if we really desire
    • can also be called ‘visions’. But we must realise that
    • sense, are not the imagery of dream but realities. Let us take a
    • this vision is not a dream; we know that it is reality. When we
    • realm through which men journey after death, Homer calls it the
    • realm of the Shades in which no change is possible’.
    • Here once again I realised that we can rightly understand much that
    • of men. This attitude makes it possible to realise how the progress
    • directly and realistically from life. The artist has succeeded in
    • for instance. Homer speaks of the spiritual realm, a realm of the
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Two
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    • help everyone to realise that this ‘I’-consciousness can
    • realise that as a human being never fulfils his ideal value, his ‘I’
    • is really occupied throughout his life in reducing his own value, in
    • you will realise that between birth and death it is possible for man
    • reason that he is not, in the real sense, conscious in these members
    • passed through the gate of death becomes in the real sense a Mercury
    • individuals who during their life on Earth came to realise that
    • divine-spiritual reality. On the other hand, anyone who is a
    • realisation of the Divine element that can flow into all human souls.
    • not on the level of certain other faiths. What really matters,
    • Christianity is rightly understood only when it is realised that it
    • be made between knowledge of Christian tenets and the reality
    • understand his words can realise something of what they mean,
    • between knowledge and reality, it must nevertheless be said that he
    • this is not what really matters; what does matter is that such
    • a person knows the reality of Christianity — in the sense that
    • reality of Christianity. Not until Christians become so truly
    • between the reality of Christianity and an understanding
    • gradually acquire. But the reality itself has come to pass;
    • able to realise but does not always do so. One of the most beautiful
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Three
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    • caused by this realisation the power is acquired to change conditions
    • become reality on the physical plane exist as forces and effects in
    • between us. It is important to realise that after death we are not in
    • realise the wrong I committed, but I cannot rectify it and must rely
    • It is really only an individual who has remained on the physical
    • Such things certainly happen but we must realise that they are very
    • Without realising it he may even be longing for Anthroposophy. In
    • We realise from this that when Anthroposophy actually
    • world and the spiritual world cannot be built until we realise that
    • I want to make you aware of how little a man really knows about the
    • reality only. But an example will show that a very great deal is
    • implicit in this external reality. Suppose one day we leave home
    • All these possibilities which do not become reality on
    • karma just presented holds good only for the world of realities
    • represented by the physical realities and that our actual experiences
    • in his thoughts but only in his feelings. He may realise that he
    • some reality in the spiritual world. In teaching us that in the life
    • therefore, Anthroposophy succeeds in making a real effect upon
    • spiritual world. It is essential to realise that Anthroposophy
    • fulfils its task in the real sense only when it permeates the souls
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Four
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    • not as things are on Earth, when man does not really know his own
    • what is learnt from anatomy or biology conveys no real knowledge of
    • were outspread and what he perceives is really the centre. He looks
    • the centre. Translated into terms of spiritual reality, this is
    • that is really very similar to life between death and rebirth,
    • only one aspect of the matter, as we can realise if we consider from
    • spiritual reality connected with the passage of a constellation such
    • spiritual reality in cosmic space. Something came into their
    • cognisant of the reality. A man of the modern age does not know that
    • Bear; they ‘felt’ the astral reality and experienced
    • focal points, this was in keeping with the reality — which was
    • realised how the astral body and the Ego experience what is happening
    • was no longer able to perceive anything of the spiritual realities in
    • and through with spirituality. The same applies to his realisation
    • the Great Bear and enable them to experience as realities the
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Five
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    • realise that in his previous incarnation he was a Christian pupil in
    • before the temptation of Lucifer. Let us realise that, in accordance
    • realities of cosmic space itself and we will consider a particular
    • then we shall realise how infinitely wise was the contract between
    • in the realm beyond birth and death.
    • realise why the Buddha had necessarily to precede Christ Jesus, and
    • will realise that before human souls pass into physical existence
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Six
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    • these periods. But this ‘I’, the real, true ‘I’,
    • simply extinguished. The real, true ‘I’ lies much deeper,
    • much, much deeper! How can we form an idea of this real ‘I’,
    • when he is still crawling on the floor. The real ‘I’ —
    • walk, to speak and to think? The actor is the real, true ‘I’!
    • Now let us observe what this real ‘I’ does.
    • reason for this is that after the exertions made by his real ‘I’
    • in his earliest years of speaking and thinking in the real sense, are
    • him, to begin with, a perverted form. These Spirits ought really to
    • life would realise: You are a warrior; you are aware of your
    • is, in fact, a Medusa head. This is a very real phenomenon. The
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Seven
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    • It is really as if until the seventh year of his life the human being
    • innermost realm of being. The outermost manifestation, the form, is
    • spiritual to the corporeal, from within outwards and is of interest
    • lectures is to acquire a really fundamental understanding of man's
    • course of evolution. If we realise this, it will, become evident that
    • errors.’ To realise this, however, is not as important as it is
    • be regarded as realities, for a world of swirling thoughts does
    • reality? You may remember that I have spoken of certain spiritual
    • is to be a beggar in the upper world than a king in the realm of the
    • might be a life in the real sense. This new impulse streamed into the
    • realise that a rich and abundant spiritual life streams from the
    • public opinion is intelligible only when it is realised that this is
    • assume importance, the Buddha-realm was established in the Mars
    • between death and rebirth man passes through this Buddha-realm on
    • there are many who realise the uselessness of adopting a one-sided
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Eight
    Matching lines:
    • Vision of spiritual realities gradually lost by human souls in the
    • real light upon his essential nature and being. For when we look
    • from then until the moment of waking he really sees nothing at all.
    • the real sense, we cannot penetrate it to any depth. We direct our
    • is really observing in the world that which amounts in his own
    • human kingdom. But then we know that the essential realities which we
    • everything except the real being of man, through the spiritual
    • is extremely difficult to describe these conditions and it can really
    • them with something that is invisible. In reality we see only the
    • earthly realm itself. Everything else stems from cosmic, not from
    • it is then that we realise for the first time why the physical body —
    • impossible for the soul to see or detect spiritual reality in the
    • itself with colours as such. In reality it takes no account of the
    • the reality. You can find books on physics and even on physiology
    • will have lost real interest in the world of light and radiant colour
    • coming into being for a further existence, he may realise that this
    • to realise: something will be lacking in that body but I cannot
    • realisation of being vitally involved in the necessities of existence
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Nine
    Matching lines:
    • unable to cope with life in this physical world. In the real sense we
    • need in order to realise how these different Beings approach us and
    • realise how impossible it is to say that we can wait until death
    • whether indeed we shall encounter any reality at all after death. Our
    • relationship to that reality depends upon whether in earthly life we
    • realise from this how Karma works over from one life to the next. In
    • when faced with reality. Here is an example: A certain free-thinking
    • incarnations. And we realise again and again what nonsense it is to
    • they have not really gone away from us but we remain connected with
    • living their influences into the realm of the dead.
    • acquired here — these feelings are the really important element
    • realise, however, how false it is to believe that without any
    • moves over the Earth he will bear within his soul the realisation of
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Ten
    Matching lines:
    • Old Sun. The death on Golgotha was only seemingly a death; in reality
    • sense-impressions bring into the soul and then try to realise how
    • comparatively vivid, and you will realise how pale they have already
    • the soul gradually realises that it is nonsense to wish for
    • realise that endeavours were made to describe this region first from
    • Soul-Force’, you will realise that the inner experiences
    • Earth belongs to the actual material realm and causes the mineral
    • kingdom to appear as a purely material realm is due to the fact that
    • sole reality, the ‘struggle for existence’ was regarded
    • thoughts are real beings.”
    • the physical, corporeal reality as a unity, to which we have
    • Land of Spirit it is an immediate reality, one which grows ever
    • know more and more clearly in this realm that in his own inner being
    • that book. We shall realise that our studies during the Winter were
    • you will realise that the Buddha-impulse has its place in the lowest
    • not be undergone in any realm where the spatial relationship to the
    • Earth and also from the Sun. These distant realms are described in
    • Earth, for the soul begins to realise the great cosmic significance
    • to live in companionship in realms beyond the Saturn region progress
    • brought into the Earth from the realms beyond the Saturn region. What
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