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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Contents
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    • remembrance of what had formerly been direct vision. By the time of
    • is illumined for us from a certain time onwards during life after
    • Hierarchies. Essential changes take place in the course of time both
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture One
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    • emphasised all the more strongly at the present time because there is
    • inevitable on the physical plane, namely, the time factor. Hence I
    • of its founder, in many respects it did good at the time. Such
    • time there were certain tasks which it was incumbent upon the Beings
    • between us before death. We perceive what was amiss but for the time
    • that time was also connected with the study of certain works of art.
    • carefully distinguish between the point of time we have just been
    • for us. It takes a long time after death to live through this sphere
    • Sunday sermon may expound any number of moral principles but as time
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Two
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    • consciousness. It must be clear to everyone that from the time a
    • a fact that every human being can recognise. At the same time he can
    • example the religious life — at different times and for very
    • interpenetrate one another, we are together and yet at the same time
    • It was not always so. In pre-Christian times the process
    • time — even if not in full consciousness as is the case in
    • by their own flesh and blood. In ancient times, when a religion
    • The fact that in its early phases and also in our own times sects
    • already in pre-Christian times a leader of humanity such as Abraham
    • evolution; another fact is that the time when it was still possible,
    • with other planetary spheres. It is indeed a fact that at that time
    • knowledge of Christ who at that time was still in the Sun sphere, and
    • those ancient times the Mystery of Golgotha was not yet within their
    • Anthroposophy, may bear it into later times as an inner impulse and
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Three
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    • cannot, for the time being, change it at all. Thus if in the
    • our death. For instance, if at some particular time, say ten years
    • a corresponding length of time after death and only after that period
    • period after death, during the time in Kamaloka, an individual sees
    • certain time in his life and becomes an anthroposophist. It may
    • physical plane? At the present time the possibility of this is very
    • this or that to amuse ourselves. This goes on until the time comes
    • after that we carry on just as if we had left home at the usual time.
    • what might have happened, nevertheless there are times in life when
    • Because of the preconceptions current in our times,
    • soul and body. The habits of thought peculiar to the times tend to
    • time; but time has nothing whatever to do with any of the metal parts
    • with the mechanism of the electric telegraph as time has to do with
    • from Berlin to Paris, or a watch with time. It would be possible to
    • time. Similarly it is possible to conceive of a body — quite
    • stars has no more to do with this physical body than time as such —
    • the West. It was as follows: Once upon a time there was a girl who
    • as indicated by the fact that a man can also sleep in the daytime,
    • independent. At that time, in certain intervals between incarnations,
    • at a later time. Now, however, it must be made clear that when a man
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Four
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    • remembrance of what had formerly been direct vision. By the time of
    • is illumined for us from a certain time onwards during life after
    • or less normal time. Objectively speaking, an afternoon nap is a
    • relate to the particular condition prevailing at the time. But the
    • and the other methods employed nowadays. Engineers in those times no
    • In those early times there was no logical, scientific
    • actual experience and the men of those times knew a great deal about
    • establish connection with Mars as is sometimes hinted at today, for
    • the time of the Graeco-Latin epoch this state of things had already
    • even the remembrance in Graeco-Latin times of the Spiritual Beings in
    • times, the more does the possibility fade of even a remembrance of
    • intellect, because what the souls of men experienced in ancient times
    • received in olden times. And how is this done? As we do it in
    • beings who have partaken in evolution up to the time of Western
    • Hence in those very ancient times there was much less difference
    • time onwards between death and rebirth illumines the spiritual world
    • rejected — at the present time it suffices if only a few accept
    • But that can be done only on Earth. One could say: in primeval times
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Five
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    • evolution — an achievement before the time of the Mystery of
    • on Earth for the last time as Gautama Buddha has since then been
    • shepherds who had gathered together at the time of the birth of the
    • time of the birth of Jesus, and the song of Angels heard by the
    • shepherds was the message from ancient, pre-Christian times, of peace
    • had revealed himself at the time of the birth of Jesus; and he
    • the Mystery of Golgotha this Being had a notable pupil. At that time
    • his soul the teaching which the Buddha gave at that time but which
    • Buddha's activity would have been in all subsequent times if nothing
    • pre-Christian times and have been incarnated again after the impulse
    • the Earth there was a descending phase of evolution until the time of
    • Christian era. By the time of the fifteenth/sixteenth century it was
    • through the Mars sphere during the interval between the time of
    • sphere at that particular time could grasp only the physical and
    • until the time of Francis of Assisi as previously indicated, would
    • Christian Rosenkreutz at the time when the approaching modern age was
    • in line with those principles, but at the same time the soul must
    • with him at the time of his Initiation in the thirteenth century.
    • who had at one time been incarnated on the Earth but now no longer
    • mission of Christian Rosenkreutz at that time, a joint deed resulted
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Six
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    • and rebirth, and a short time ago an account was given of the
    • was done because since the time indicated then, the Buddha has been
    • the way that is right for our time. This understanding depends upon
    • until our own time, Rosicrucianism did not contain the teachings of
    • certain time, most of the etheric body dissolves into the cosmic
    • body accompanies him for a considerable time but again a kind of
    • greater part of the time between death and rebirth — it is the
    • indeed go back to the time when you were first able to think, but not
    • before that time.
    • time. On the Old Moon the head was still exposed in several places
    • single human being at that time, an Atlantean could see whether a man
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Seven
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    • Hierarchies. Essential changes take place in the course of time both
    • eludes this division into cyclic periods. It is the point of time
    • occur at exactly the same point of time, but in most cases it may be
    • same point of time, that is to say who experienced the flashing up of
    • of time he is given one that is not elastic; he is obliged to put it
    • different. Thus at the present time there is something that has a
    • fact it exists in a much more oppressive form in our time than it did
    • spheres it was obeyed. But at this time there was nothing resembling
    • times too — when the government of the city passed into the
    • spiritual heritage, a spiritual endowment. But in the course of time
    • these individuals was liberated from them and for a short time, while
    • the course of time that a human being now possessed very little of
    • with this is the fact that at the time when public opinion began to
    • earlier times Mars was said to be the planet of warlike traits, it is
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Eight
    Matching lines:
    • But if and when in the course of development the time comes when
    • it is then, for the first time, that knowledge dawns in us of the
    • preceding life is experienced for a time after death. All of you are
    • life continues for a time. But then, at a certain point during the
    • time to which I have just referred, between death and the new birth,
    • only be done with halting words. There comes a time between death and
    • long time previously been preparing his essential characteristics.
    • Preparation for a return to the Earth begins a long time before birth
    • time between death and rebirth a human being himself begins to
    • From a specific point of time between death and rebirth,
    • earthly conditions and has already been prepared when, at the time of
    • prepared from the above-mentioned point of time onwards between death
    • From the above-mentioned time onwards between death and rebirth our
    • it is then that we realise for the first time why the physical body —
    • world is contemplated at one time from this world and at another from
    • souls of men were deeply affected by this vista and in those times
    • material. This process will go to further and further lengths. A time
    • approach of the time when men will be interested only in what is
    • forces. A time will come when human souls — and some of those
    • above-mentioned point of time and are contemplating the body that is
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  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Nine
    Matching lines:
    • the time when materialism — mainly theoretical materialism —
    • As I said, this way of speaking could be heard time and
    • time again and this is still the case in wide circles today; in the
    • during the time that has preceded our birth since the last death.
    • during the present cycle of time has rejected all spiritual ideas,
    • because what comes later will be revealed in all good time. But the
    • and in our time they are very numerous — who can, as it were,
    • investigation to trace them back to times when souls without number
    • dead we find souls who for a certain length of time in the
    • and powers of higher worlds who are all the time pouring into the
    • Anthroposophy is a timely and active force in our epoch. People
    • they will be born in a new earthly life and by that time there will
    • said certain things about the spiritual worlds. At that time it was
    • during his lifetime have had no knowledge at all of Spiritual
    • evident. In his lifetime the man had been very erudite but had always
    • said here at Christmastime (in Lecture Five) about the Buddha and his
    • incarnated for the last time as the son of Suddodana, then worked in
    • transferred his sphere of activity to Mars, at the present time the
  • Title: Between Death and Rebirth: Lecture Ten
    Matching lines:
    • like still to have sense-impressions for a long time after death, but
    • humanity with which the soul has finished by the time it enters into
    • themselves. This also led to the result that at the time when
    • on, for the time being, their characteristics. Through this they
    • proclaimed since times primeval. And centuries after the Mystery of
    • Five.) In ancient times Brahmanism belonged intrinsically to the Mars
    • our time as the Buddha-impulse in the Mars region — is
    • at the present time had never passed beyond the Saturn region between
    • our minds for a very long time but we will at least consider it
    • ancient times, has its centre of gravity in the Mystery of Golgotha
    • for the first time ten years later. What was said years ago still

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