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Christ and the Spiritual World: The Search for the Holy Grail

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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This course of lectures examine from the earliest times the historical pattern of man's thoughts and spiritual development in searching for an understanding of the meaning of existence. We are shown the widespread influence of the Sibyls who with their astrological and clairvoyant prophecies were a backcloth to one of the richest cultural epochs, the Greco-Roman world which produced a succession of influential poets, writers, and philosophers. More importantly, Steiner distinguishes between materialist and intellectual thinking, and the approaches that take the form of external occult and spiritual research. Each direction is seen complimentary and important within the boundaries of a particular epoch: the Divine evolutionary process always a guiding factor. Divine intervention is shown in the momentous events of the Christ Being incarnating in human form, and in the Mystery of Golgotha. Mankind's response to these events is illustrated by the establishing of the Gnostic religion, and in the Legend of the Holy Grail. This whole course offers an illuminating insight into the European development of the soul-life through succeeding ages.

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