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Awakening Anthroposophy
in the World

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Introduction by Nick Thomas

Lecture One

Petrified Concepts and Concepts brought into Movement as an Advance from the Realm of the Spirits of Form to that of the Spirits of Movement.

20th January, 1914

Lecture Two

The Possibility of contemplating the World from twelve different Standpoints through twelve equally justified World-Outlooks.

21st January, 1914

Lecture Three

Relations of the seven World-Outlook-Moods (Planets) to the twelve Shades of World-Outlook (Zodiac). The threefold Tone in World-Outlooks (Sun, Moon and Earth). The special case of Anthropomorphism (Earth).

22nd January, 1914

Lecture Four

Man's Place within the spiritual Cosmos from the Standpoint of spiritual Astrology. Man as a Thought of the Hierarchies.

23rd January, 1914

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