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The Mystery of Death

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Mystery of Death

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I The Four Platonic Virtues and Their Relation to the Human Members. The Working of Spiritual Forces in the Physical World

Zurich, 31st January 1915

II The Path of the Human Being through the Gate of Death - A Transformation of Life

Hanover, 19th February 1915

III Spiritual Science and the Mystery of Death — Deeper Relations of European History

Bremen, 21st February 1915

IV The Intimate Element of the Central European Culture and the Central European Striving

Leipzig, 7th March 1915

V The Intervention of the Christ-Impulse in History — Bridging the Abyss Between the Living and the Dead

Nuremberg, 13th March 1915

VI Moral Impulses and Their Results — The Relations of the European Peoples to Their Folk-Souls — The Cultural Impulse of Eurythmy

Nuremberg, 14th March 1915

VII Cosmic Effects on the Human Members During Sleep — The Esoteric Foundation of Christmas — The Significance of Sacrificial Deaths

Vienna, 7th May 1915

VIII The War as an Illness Process — Central Europe and the Slavic East — The Dead as Helpers of Human Progress

Vienna, 9th May 1915

IX The Relationship of the Human Being to the Realms of Nature and the Hierarchies — Spirits of the Ages and Folk-Souls — The Admonishing Voices of the Dead

Prague, 13th May 1915

X The Significance of Central Europe's Position Between East and West — Ahrimanic Inspiration and Spiritual Impulses

Prague, 15th May 1915

XI Christ's Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman — The Threefold Being

Linz, 18th May 1915

XII Spiritual Science as an Attitude — The Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe

Elberfeld, 13th June 1915

XIII Common Ground Above Us, Christ In Us

Düsseldorf, 15th June 1915

XIV Post-mortal Experiences of the Human Being

Düsseldorf, 17th June 1915

XV Overcoming Death Through Knowledge — Pre-birth and Post-mortal Experiences of the Soul — Our Connection With the Dead

Cologne, 19th June 1915

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