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The Problem of Death

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Problem of Death

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Lecture 1.

The Awakening after Death. The Life of reeling that is coloured by Will finds its way into the supersensible World. The maya of our life of mental pictures on arth. The hidden weaving between soul and soul. Conflicts in life of which only a small portion come to consciousness and become subjects for artistic treatment. Grimm's tale, “The Singer.”

Lecture 2.

The after-working of the etheric organisation after death. Unused etheric bodies become a source of power in the elementary world, especially for art that is based on clairvoyance, and for spiritual movements. A human being who dies in advance age works more as an individuality into specific human hearts, more humanly than cosmically. The “Death Spectrum” containing the will that is bound up with the karma which has not been lived out. The “Etheric Spectrum” is a prophetic picture of what must, at some time, be fulfilled between human beings. Herman Grimm's novel “Unconquerable Powers”. Cosmic events, too, proceed from the karma that has not been lived out and has separated itself from the individuality.

Lecture 3.

Mobility of inner life is preeminently necessary for the attainment of a connection with the spiritual world. There must be capacity for adaptation to all the diverse individualities. Consciousness after death is, at first, too strong and therefore stupefying. The freeing of the impulses of will and of feeling from the light of the cosmic thoughts enveloping us. The unity of the hierarchies and the attainment of relationship to the single Beings through the extraction of the rays of will from the power contained in death. One's own being must be obliterated before the objective truth can appear. Illusions as parasites of the life of thought and idea. Those activities which the soul needs after death must play into all artistic occupations of human beings; the Will must be penetrated by the spiritual world, by the dynamic element. Spiritual-scientific strengthening through contact with the invisible being of the Dead.

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