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  • Title: Necessity and Freedom: Lecture I: The Past Shows Us a Picture of Necessity
    Matching lines:
    • know, at a place where people are attacking us rather severely
    • — which is now happening in many places from a great many
    • powers, and if we do not take into account that we are placed
    • was why he blinded the clockmaker. Lucifer is placed on the one
    • Thus the power for good is placed between Lucifer and Ahriman.
    • place externally, something quite different was happening
    • say, deeper natures may feel that events not taking place on
    • “That was a symbolic dream; something has taken place in
    • something took place in the soul that was of far greater
    • parallel with it and takes place in the supersensible realm.
    • when something takes place here on the physical plane there
    • took place or not.” Indeed, people are so very inclined
    • Mystery of Golgotha had to take place of necessity, and this
  • Title: Necessity and Freedom: Lecture II: The Legend of the Prague Clock
    Matching lines:
    • the first place we use our thinking only for the physical
    • are only the processes that took place on the physical
    • events of the physical world. We are also placed within this
    • look into our own souls and see only what is taking place in
    • what is taking place within us right now, it would certainly be
    • place in nature now, it would not occur to us to see it as a
    • ought to show us again and again that nothing taking place on
    • presents to our eyes and according to what takes place
    • externally, for while something quite different is taking place
  • Title: Necessity and Freedom: Lecture III: Three Teachers with Different Attitudes
    Matching lines:
    • has taken place in the various individuals.”
    • characters and what has taken place there. I have not thought
    • of the same style as the first two was appointed in his place.
    • looked with complacent satisfaction at everything he had done
    • But that is human wisdom being placed above divine wisdom.
    • realize that the cause of what takes place later obviously lies
    • in what took place previously. But that does not mean at all
    • cannot penetrate to the place where causes originate.
    • though you cannot possibly do so if you place a mirror between
    • place a mirror in front of them, and then we can certainly have
  • Title: Necessity and Freedom: Lecture IV: The Roman World and the Teutonic Tribes
    Matching lines:
    • interrelationships are in the world, and that what takes place
    • appearance. All the various events we have seen taking place in
    • What is taking place today is in turn the starting point of
    • face of it look very dissimilar to what takes place compressed
    • possible consequences of the battles taking place in that time,
    • stream of events taking place on the physical plane there
    • take place. If we could manage to remove from the human soul
    • place.
    • What took place in the course of time and ultimately led to
  • Title: Necessity and Freedom: Lecture V: The "I" is Found on the Physical Plane in Acts of Will
    Matching lines:
    • have in the first place the physical body. We know our
    • or the medical profession to tell him what changes take place
    • example of this kind of thing took place in a strange way in

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