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  • Title: On the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times: Lecture 1
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    • Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Time
    • On the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times
    • impulses of our time?” With open mind we must observe
    • modern time. We must not be influenced, in so doing, by what
    • impulse of the time during that century.
    • radically it differs from all that our own time, for example,
    • period. But the prevailing consciousness of the time, during
    • for us to realise that the Time itself was possessed with
    • who lived once upon a time; whom man should emulate, with
    • esoteric in those ancient times; we give ourselves up to an
    • Mysteries of those ancient times, did they conceive a
    • time when the Mysteries changed their policy — albeit
    • A.D.). During this time, it was the custom
    • time.” Well, if you judge so, you are merely repeating
    • ancient times; and, for that matter, the art of printing, and
    • is that in ancient times (to mention radical matters at once)
    • that the Mysteries of that time contained within them
    • times. With the approach of modern time they gradually lost
    • very ancient times it was the physical truths; then it became
    • The time in which the Mystery of Golgotha took place is, in
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  • Title: On the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times: Lecture 2
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    • On the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times
    • taken during the 19th century and on into our time; I showed
    • influence at that time, we found the declining aspect of the
    • and reaching on into our time — stood under the
    • in our time, we can say: The ancient Wisdom of the Mysteries had,
    • spiritual Wisdom in modern time to draw the attention of mankind to the
    • which has, once and for all, become a necessary thing in modern time,
    • If the thoughts which must inevitably be the thoughts of modern time
    • a seed which has thus been planted has had time, as it were,
    • a descending life. It sleeps in Summer-time; its deepest
    • sleep is at the time when the Summer Solstice has occurred,
    • that is, at the time when — for us — the days are
    • determined by time; the sleep of the Earth is also determined
    • yet deeper meaning in it, that the time between Christmas and
    • period of time, representing as it does the time, required
    • so on. Precisely this fact is indicated, in that the time
    • difficult for our Time, inasmuch as this Time suffers from
    • of Time and of the streams of Time. If you will only
    • — can be widened out in our time far beyond
    • throughout all time by the Holy Church, the Virgin Mary. It is
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  • Title: On the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times: Lecture 3
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    • On the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times
    • referring now to post-Atlantean time) were connected with the
    • speaks to man at night-time when the star-lit sky sends him
    • time were in reality Mysteries of Light, — in the
    • times, I mean, before the arrival of the Mystery of Golgotha.
    • those most ancient times, he had an organ with which to
    • a customary art in certain Mysteries of olden time, to
    • time the souls of the dead perceive it from the other side.
    • birth as on a Question, in those ancient times; and the old
    • wont to do. No! in the times of the old Mysteries — the
    • earliest times man had an exact super-sensible vision of the
    • — finding one another once more. In ancient times they
    • In our time it must be possible to unite the Christmas and
    • transplant ourselves into ancient times of human knowledge,
    • in olden times not only certain places in the Heavens were
    • essential in those ancient times. Man, as it were, bore
    • Zodiac which represents it. It was said, of old time: When a
    • that very time the whole of mankind, with that portion of the
    • ancient times which has since been lost, and which is
    • primeval human times a science — acquired by somewhat
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