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The Dead Are With Us

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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The Dead Are With Us

Dead Are With Us: Editorial Note

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Editorial Note

The following lecture was given by Rudolf Steiner to an audience familiar with the background of his anthroposophical teaching, at a time during the first world war when many souls had passed and were passing through the gate of death into the spiritual world. The desire for knowledge that will help to realize true links between the Living and the Dead is no less intense today, nor is the need of an approach in keeping with that healthy and vigilant consciousness which is proper to the modern age any less great. In many different contexts Rudolf Steiner emphasized that a conscious relationship with the Dead would become a more and more essential part of the civilization of the future.

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For the benefit of readers a brief list of publications relevant to the subject of the present lecture and a summarized plan of the Complete Centenary Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works in the original German have been added at the end of the text.

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