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How Can Humanity Find the Christ Again?

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

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How Can Humanity Find the Christ Again?

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1. Nikolaus von der Flüe: 1417–1487. Urged arbitration as a method for resolving disputes.
2. Angelus Silesius: 1624–1677. See Rudolf Steiner, Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age, GA 7 (Blauvelt, New York, Steinerbooks, 1980).
3. Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 20 Dec. 1918, Die Soziale Grundfordentng unserer Zeit/in Geanderter Zeitlage, GA 186 (Dornach, Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1979).
4. World War I.
5. Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 11 Jan. 1918, Ancient Myths, Their Meaning and Connection with Evolution, GA 180 (Vancouver, Steiner Book Centre, 1971).
6. David Lloyd-George: 1863–1945. British statesman. Elected to Parliament 1890; Prime Minister during World War I. One of the “Big Four” statesmen at Paris Peace Conference 1919.
7. Gnosis: esoteric knowledge in Greco-Latin world of the 2nd century A.D.
8. Waldenses and Cathars: heretical Christian sects in western Europe, 12th and 13th centuries. They joined the Reformation movement during the 16th century.
9. Manes: 216–274 A.D. See Rudolf Steiner, Nurnberg, 25 June 1908, Apocalypse of St. John, GA 104 (London, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1977).
10. Augustine: 354–430 A.D. See Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 22 May 1920, The Redemption of Thinking, GA 74 (Spring Valley, Anthroposophic Press, 1983).
11. Scotus Erigena: 810–877 A.D. See Rudolf Steiner, Riddles of Philosophy, GA 18 (Spring Valley, Anthroposophic Press, 1973).
12. Jacob Boehme: 1575–1624 A.D. See Rudolf Steiner, Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age, GA 7 (Blauvelt, NY, Steinerbooks, 1980).
13. Rudolf Steiner, Christ in the Spiritual World and the Search for the Holy Grail, GA 149 (London, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1963).
14. Council of Constantinople: 869 A.D. See Rudolf Steiner, Building Stones for an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha, GA 175 (London, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1972).
15. “which then was the beginning of the spiritual earth-world”: original German, “die dann die geistige Erdenwelt ist.”
16. Rudolf Steiner, 29 Nov. 1921, Jesus oder Christus (Dornach, Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1980). Not translated.
17. Brunetto Latini: 1220–1294 A.D. See Rudolf Steiner, 13 July 1924, Karmic Relationships Vol. III, GA 236 (London, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1977)
18. Rudolf Steiner, Ways to a New Style of Architecture, GA 161 (New York, Anthroposophic Press, 1927).
19. Joachim and Boaz: from “Jachin” and “Boaz,” words inscribed on the two columns at the front of Solomon's Temple. See the Old Testament, I Kings, Chapter 7; I Chronicles, Chap. 3; and Rudolf Steiner, Bilder Okkulter Siegel and Saülen, GA 284/285 (Dornach, Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1977).
20. Walther Rathenau: 1867–1922. Zürcher Zeitung, Dec. 28, 1918.
21. Cardinal Newman: England, 1801–1890. Led Oxford movement in the Church of England. 1845, investment in Roman Catholic Church; became cardinal-deacon.
22. Rudolf Steiner, Gospel of St. John, Gospel of St. John and Its Relation to the Other Gospels (Spring Valley, Anthroposophic Press, 1984 and 1982).

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