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  • Title: Contents of this Lecture Series
    Matching lines:
    • conception of the imperishability of matter and energy. — Matter
    • To speak of the imperishability of matter and energy annuls Love. —
  • Title: Lecture: Soul and Spirit in the Human Physical Constitution
    Matching lines:
    • today to consider certain matters which make for a better
    • And anyone who assumes that the tone in its essence is merely a matter
    • closely into these matters. During sleep it is only the physical body
    • So you see, no matter whether we study the man from the inner or the
  • Title: Lecture: The Moral as the Source of World-Creative Power
    Matching lines:
    • when it is a matter of any comprehensive understanding of the life of
    • regards the essential reality of tone as a matter of vibrations of the
    • moral deeds performed. But this is merely a matter of remembrance, and
    • case of theoretical ideas everything is different, no matter how
    • conservation of energy or the conservation of matter. [e.Ed:
    • that matter is conserved forever. Matter dies to the point of nullity,
    • A past world dies within us, down to its very matter and energy. It is
    • notice this dying of matter and its immediate rebirth. Through man's
    • theoretical thinking, matter — substantiality — is brought
    • to its end; through his moral thinking, matter and cosmic
    • imperishability of matter and energy were invented. If energy were
    • imperishable and matter were imperishable there would be no moral
    • does by speaking of the law of the conservation of matter and energy.
    • If matter is conserved, or energy is conserved, the moral world order
    • are theoretical ideas. No matter with what exactitude we envisage a
    • These matters create deeper and deeper insight into the universe in
    • spread abroad. — But Spiritual Science is assuredly a matter of
  • Title: Lecture: The Path to Freedom and Love and their Significance in World Events
    Matching lines:
    • our actions and deeds. Sneezing is still entirely a matter of organic
    • of view. — There is no eternal conservation of matter! Matter is
    • the will. The law of the conservation of matter and energy affirmed by
    • only. The truth is that matter is continually passing away in that it
    • see the overcoming of matter; at the other pole, the new birth of
    • matter.
    • deeds, matter is continually overcome. — And what is it that
    • Matter is born! — We behold the coming-into-being of matter! We
    • bear in ourselves that which brings matter to birth: our head; and we
    • bear in ourselves that which destroys matter, where we can see how
    • matter is destroyed: our limb-and-metabolic organism.
    • reality is that matter is continually dissolved away to nullity and
    • continually rebuilt out of nullity. It is only because whenever matter
    • dies away, new matter comes into being, that people speak of the
    • conservation of matter. They fall into the same error into which they
    • being, where matter dies away into semblance and new matter arises,
    • speak of the imperishability of matter, annul freedom on the one side

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