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  • Title: East and West, and the Roman Church: Lecture I
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    • European learning has something of a wretched spirit of servility.
    • It has assumed something of the plodding nature of a technical age.
    • Science. Everything which has sprung up and developed out of human
    • something was put into his soul which later developed into the
    • lacking. It appeared to the oriental as if everything he sees in
    • everything which he calls his wisdom. Characteristic passages could
    • assimilated something of the Western European civilisation and,
    • restore those things and so forget what they teach.’ She was
    • which our race rests. No, and again no. Everything of which they
    • it, well, just as something that is said. He has no real feeling of
    • saw in that Divine Being something which once upon a time fashioned
    • proceeded and whence developed everything within which we live. If
    • the Greek felt that something else lived in man, which would only
    • find its real development in the future, something which is, at yet
    • Dionysian something of the animal characteristics. That which spoke
    • will-power, was felt by the Greek as something which is still
    • say: “In me there lives something higher than man, something which
    • that, I give myself to something superhuman and I say: ‘Sing to me,
    • something that over there in the East, there still are human beings
    • who have in their soul something of the consciousness of Spirit
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  • Title: East and West, and the Roman Church: Lecture II
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    • connected with something which is of extraordinarily deep
    • knowledge, something could be learned about the Cosmos, something
    • — it was assumed that there were certain things which, in
    • something of it — for instance, Aristarchus of Samos. People
    • the world might also be said with reference to many other things
    • teaching of Copernicus. The old view about these things was
    • into powerlessness of soul; nevertheless they do lose something.
    • There is something which humanity has to speak lost since it
    • things intellectually they have found and assimilated all sorts of
    • These things lie at
    • things, they would not fall into the calumny of confusing
    • Gnosticism, or similar things.
    • Such things must be
    • has something of the Spirit in it. We must understand such a thing
    • thing about the Catholic teaching as it meets us in the Middle Ages
    • is something which really should be known, because Catholicism
    • fundamentally nothing but the last relics of those old world views
    • that field of corpses which shows him nothing but dead matter, or
    • true reality. That again is something with which the human beings
    • something which formerly was not there. In reality Catholicism does
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