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  • Title: Cosmic Forces in Man: Lecture I: Cosmic Forces in Man
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    • lines for counteracting the forces which were leading straight into
    • improved although it may perhaps be said that the senseless actions of
    • during the actual years of the war.
    • fact that my lectures on Folk-Psychology were ignored by one who held
    • a leading position during this period of senseless action, seemed to
    • the fact that man longs for immortality because his egotism makes the
    • us alive to the fact that the limb-structures too, still reveal
    • to-day speaks of the fact that the Sun rises in a particular
    • Neither is there any knowledge of the fact that these forces are
    • forces. The fact of being subject to the Aries forces makes it
    • remain intact. These are the constellations which in the instinctive
    • of the fact that the forces by which the limbs are given shape are
    • corresponding activity in his limbs, making him a hunter, received the
    • is bound up with activities of the limbs — the merchant or
    • way, via the earthly activities, through the influence upon man's
    • activities in life. Not until man's connection with the whole Cosmos
    • activities. And at the very outset the human form leads us to the
    • in his activities, through the limbs more particularly. Between these
    • dying we owe the fact that we can think and be conscious beings. The
    • acting with excessive strength in the head. On the one side, man is a
  • Title: Cosmic Forces in Man: Lecture II: The Soul Life of Man ...
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    • activity manifests, as in a child, in whom thought is not yet
    • in our acts of sense-perception and when we work over them in
    • wake up. In our willing, in our actions, we are asleep, while in our
    • dream. What we experience during actual sleep is withdrawn from our
    • up, we should contact the world of the Angels, in the first place the
    • world we are in contact with animals, plants, and minerals.
    • forces which enable him to come into contact with his Angel. Whenever
    • through death. This activity which unfolds between the Angel and the
    • Archai his most important contact is with the world of the Archangels.
    • as a result, in their second contact with the realm of the Angels
    • spheres. As a spatial being, man draws the forces that are active in
    • inwardly unfree. There is no truly free life in the activities which
    • position to act freely, out of the depths of his soul-and-spirit, if
    • characteristic of modern men.
    • active in the life of soul, or operate automatically.
    • greatest interest towards what was active in man between death and a
    • free spiritual activity, to a really intimate, and natural relation to
    • thoughts. When man speaks to-day of his Spirit, he is actually
    • speaking only of his thoughts, of his more or less abstract thinking.
    • man will become more and more a dealer in abstractions, He will not be
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  • Title: Cosmic Forces in Man: Lecture III: The Mission of the Scandanavian Peoples
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    • higher worlds should be carried into actual life, that we should know
    • how to bring it to expression in life. Abstract theories are really of
    • by the Spiritual. This knowledge is not acquired by studying abstract,
    • general principles. These abstract principles are often perfectly
    • correct, but they do not carry us very far in the world as it actually
    • as to those who actually live here. There was certainly a great
    • will only be a very gradual realisation that this is actually so. Most
    • people are living and thinking to-day exactly as they did in 1914. In
    • the life of Middle Europe which was in contact with Italy — you
    • — all this begins to take on a more superficial character. Men
    • with a kind of abstract feeling. Christianity makes its way from the
    • think more of the external character of the peoples.
    • remarkable and significant fact in the destiny of the peoples that the
    • Gods. But it takes on a peculiar character which is not fully
    • We need remind ourselves only of one fact — how the peoples of
    • activity, of strength, of enthusiasm, towards the South West. In this
    • is a stimulus to activity in the whole life of the peoples. This is
    • geographical conditions are also reflected in the character of the
    • now think of the remarkable character — and this applies even at
    • everywhere deflected. They do not become really active. They cannot
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