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  • Title: Cosmic Forces in Man: Lecture I: Cosmic Forces in Man
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    • catastrophes. One is tempted to use the word ‘senseless’ about it all,
    • the materialistic world are not so outwardly patent as they were
    • Anglo-South African statesman has not been grasped in Europe. The
    • times about disarmament and other ‘luxuries’ of the kind — for
    • will outshine all the glory of oriental wisdom that once poured down
    • to man. Let there be no mistake about it — as long as the
    • the hearts of Asiatics. People may talk as much as they like about
    • disarmament, about the desirability of ending wars... a great war
    • will break out between the East and the West, in spite of all
    • leaders of outer civilisation.
    • manipulate his powers out of his own freewill. In other words: it
    • our Earth is placed like a wheel. Fantastic notions are evolved about
    • but of divine Beings outside, in space and beyond space —
    • out of a kind of weak and ever-weakening faith that much prefers to
    • wanders over the Earth without knowing what kind of being he really
    • idea of annihilation at death distasteful to him. Think about all that
    • in the egotistical souls of men arises in response to teaching about
    • of man, instead of being confined to his outer, physical sheaths. But
    • The first thing we observe about a human being is his outer, physical
    • obvious in their outer shape.
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  • Title: Cosmic Forces in Man: Lecture II: The Soul Life of Man ...
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    • for what works more from out of the unconscious, to become
    • the outside world, when we are conscious of the conditions of warmth
    • the will operates in the organism. We know as little about that as
    • about the conditions prevailing from the time we fall asleep until we
    • outside the physical body and the ether-body. Now it may be of very
    • great importance to learn about just those experiences which the Ego
    • out and encounter them; but with our sense-perceptions, our waking
    • tapestry spread out around us. What lies this side of the tapestry we
    • And so throughout our life, by means of what we cultivate over and
    • When we die, all sense-perceptions fall away. The outer world can no
    • reception meted out by the higher world. A man who now again
    • Earth loving his language merely out of instinct and lower impulses.
    • automatically, and out of passions and instincts express love for our
    • the outer world in our life between birth and death. For the way we
    • position to act freely, out of the depths of his soul-and-spirit, if
    • regard himself as belonging to a world which lies outside the
    • substance, not merely with thoughts about this or that. Anthroposophy
  • Title: Cosmic Forces in Man: Lecture III: The Mission of the Scandanavian Peoples
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    • the planetary spheres work upon what lies within the outer covering of
    • in the new incarnation through intercourse with the outer world are
    • brings with him through birth is brought out by these means. But it
    • He talks a great deal about the world but he does not know it,
    • programmes, men disperse without having come to any real decision
    • your earthly dwelling-place. There is something about it that presents
    • about the tumultuous events going on in the world. These events have
    • are in operation. Looking down to Middle Europe, to the South of
    • perplexed when they thought about these happenings more deeply.
    • 1914-1915 embraced within a brief space of time as much as about ten
    • things have been happening South of you in which your participation
    • has been different from that of the peoples who live in the South of
    • utter contrast between the South and the North of Europe in this
    • period which reaches its climax in that century. In the South, on the
    • the highest form of wisdom. A change comes about in this respect, but
    • South towards the North. It is, of course, true, that from the fourth
    • South and especially in Middle Europe, is rich in qualities of soul,
    • Europe more towards the South.
    • Christianity spreads out, finds its way into the Greek world, the
    • At the time when, in the South, the Spirit withdrew more and more
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