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Old and New Methods of Initiation

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Rudolf Steiner

Old and New Methods of Initiation

Fourteen Lectures given in Dornach,
Mannheim and Breslau
1 January to 19 March 1922

Translated by Johanna Collis

Rudolf Steiner Press, London

Translated from the volume in the Complete Edition of Rudolf Steiner's works entitled Alte and neue Einweihungsmethoden (GA 210), first edition 1967.

Edited by Joan M. Thompson

The diagrams in the text were redrawn from Rudolf Steiner's blackboard sketches by Hedwig Frey.

Cover Design by Brian Gold

© Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1991

ISBN pb 0 85440 446 5 cloth 0 85440 456 2

Typeset by Emset, London NW10

Printed & Bound by Billings & Sons Ltd, Worcester.

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