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  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Contents
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    • non-divine physical world with spirit. Today it is the bench in
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Back Cover
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    • the General Anthroposophical Society, which today has
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Foreword
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    • our vital organs of today, like the lungs and heart, are also
    • properly trained initiate consciousness of today can, as it
    • he not only anticipates what will one day be the general
    • too easy today to reject out of hand any such extensions of the
    • technology today are neither the highest nor the final
    • on today, because of what we are able to make with it, has both
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture I: The Human Soul in Relation to World Evolution
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    • the organism in a way similar to that of the lung today? Has
    • different points of view. Today, by way of introduction, I have
    • This is what I wished to say today as introduction to these
    • could only make a beginning today in describing how higher
    • investigation so that in the coming days we may learn more
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture II: The True Nature of Memory - 1
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    • spoke yesterday about the sense organs and drew attention
    • said yesterday that we could at least put forward as a question
    • supersensible knowledge. To do so let us today consider
    • Yesterday it was described purely externally.
    • same with the legs. I said yesterday that the movements man
    • yesterday that the lungs become sense organ in their etheric
    • consciousness this organ is as I described it yesterday.
    • this way: In ordinary life whatever we perceive in everyday
    • today you have physically before you a human being and you see
    • today will be present. You cut your nails, your skin flakes
    • it becomes dust. After seven to ten years that which today is
    • long nails. You can be certain that what is today at the center
    • ten years' time nothing of what you are today will exist
    • except the memories of your experiences. Today nothing exists
    • because in present day life comfort is much preferred to
    • higher knowledge. When a university student today
    • the rigid concepts which today are kept as scientific records
    • experiences uncertainty already the following day even about
    • following day uncertainty arises, especially about the
    • many of you would refrain from eating today because you had a
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  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture III: The True Nature of Memory - 2
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    • organism both night and day. So you have simultaneously a
    • What in physiology today is described as human legs is like a
    • It may last a few days and then cease. He has suffered a slight
    • example, someone may for a few days secrete too much gastric
    • human organism is described nowadays as if it were solid
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture IV: The Human Soul in Relation to Moon and Stars
    Matching lines:
    • main concern yesterday was to show that the human soul is an
    • one side of soul life; today we shall begin to
    • yesterday, the soul life does not unite so intensely with
    • with their sharp contours in daylight. More than reflected
    • the arid ideas so prevalent today.
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture V: The Human Soul in Relation Sun and Moon
    Matching lines:
    • we must for the moment be satisfied. Today I shall try, by
    • number of impressions. Present-day man has for centuries been
    • such as those we spoke about yesterday. Present- day man has no
    • yesterday as the up-surging waves of instinctive
    • he reads or one of the Sunday supplements, he is learning, in
    • really occupies man today is the external world. I am not
    • a necessary outcome of the time. People today are so little
    • does make a considerable difference. But today there is no deep
    • concepts which are today imparted to man's soul are simply
    • things than the so-called scientific ideas of today. Through
    • those conceptual pictures, which today are considered to
    • the object. Today it is, of course, essential that the idea one
    • atom-splitting and the like, as is usually done nowadays
    • is today regarded as a world conception.
    • This science of the universe is today only concerned with the
    • he knows. This is why, nowadays, clever people in particular
    • his environment, he indulged in fantasies; whereas today we
    • prevalent today — this “today” was in very
    • natural-scientific approach such as we have today. Through
    • of this; today I approached it more from the historical
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  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VI: The Formation of the Etheric and the Astral Heart
    Matching lines:
    • processes of which I want to speak today. I have often
    • description of what takes place; today we shall try to reach a
    • earthly experiences. However, today we will not deal so much
    • the subject for tomorrow and the day after — but rather
    • astral body in the first days of life, gradually slip into the
    • is known nowadays. What is known are the results of man's
    • man today go on side by side independently of each other,
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VII: Modern and Ancient Spiritual Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • spoke yesterday about how man's etheric and astral bodies
    • develop. Today I want to indicate how during different
    • today. I have often drawn attention to the fact that in ancient
    • times, can attain higher knowledge. Today I want to describe
    • said yesterday.
    • civilization. Many people nowadays are returning to what was
    • different from what it is today. In the present age we
    • world than ordinary man sees today. In lightning and
    • in all solid matter, in everything fluid or aeriform. Today's
    • way of experiencing the world; namely, that man in those days
    • being today did not yet exist. Though he did not express it,
    • along a river bank. If someone today walks along a river
    • direction. Just as a swimmer today feels himself carried
    • within himself. Today this feeling of being at one with
    • This had a very definite effect upon the Yogi. When man today
    • normal consciousness today, man can reawaken experiences
    • The right path for man today is to transform, in meditation and
    • thoughts into something of a musical nature. Meditation today
    • breathing into another, man today must attempt to project
    • turning the two processes into one. The aim today is to
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  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VIII: The Elementary World and its Beings
    Matching lines:
    • Today I want to bring forward certain matters which are
    • connected with what was spoken about yesterday and the day
    • day before yesterday we saw how man's inner being appears to
    • Yesterday we saw how, during the different epochs of human
    • yesterday, mankind in general perceived — in all the
    • explained yesterday, the Yogi attempted to penetrate to his own
    • self. Through inner exercises he sought to attain what today is
    • today, with that of the Yogi. It makes a difference whether
    • will realize from what was said yesterday that mankind
    • explained yesterday, this has the effect that thinking, by no
    • nowadays provide mankind with a vast amount of popular
    • heat. When they are referred to today all one has in mind is
    • elementary spirituality. Today's
    • word. There are many people today who no longer take it
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture IX: The Contrasting World-Conceptions of East and West
    Matching lines:
    • Today I would like to speak about an aspect of
    • What I have just said is applicable to present-day man in the
    • childhood as is the case nowadays.
    • present-day Europe it is practically impossible to imagine how
    • wisdom of the Orient. Today everything originating in mental
    • today must be able to form his own thoughts about life. Without
    • millennia ago. People of the Orient today live in the
    • earliest days of mankind's evolution on earth, divine spiritual
    • have often mentioned the fact that people nowadays imagine that
    • normal consciousness today. The eyes have changed in the course
    • times, unlike today, his senses were not particularly
    • Even today, when we look towards the East, we find, for example
    • today, especially in America, that thought is not the ruling
    • must be emphasized that today's broad mass of humanity
    • traditions should be superseded. This is why there is today
    • Thus, today Western man looks into his inner being and asks why
    • today, when he looks into himself, also fails to see the
    • and cravings makes them into ghosts which today precede a
    • Gods also carry out their activity in present-day humanity
    • cause a muscle to carry out a movement. When present-day man
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