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  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Contents
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    • or unconsciously in the soul. Thinking and will: the two poles
    • of soul life. Feeling partaking of both the clarity of thinking
    • devoid of spirit, man must find the spirit. In pure thinking man goes
    • independent thinking—the path to freedom, on the
    • Yogi. The Yogi combined breathing and thinking into one
    • body. Modern man must do the opposite: separate thinking from
    • breathing and with pure thinking enter into the rhythms
    • at separating thinking from breathing (plant exercise in
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture I: The Human Soul in Relation to World Evolution
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    • knowledge, there well up impulses of thinking, feeling and
    • within his thinking, feeling and willing, and, on the other, in
    • impulses. Between thinking and will lies the sphere of
    • Therefore, our soul life appears threefold: as thinking —
    • as will. The two opposite poles, thinking and will, are
    • example of meeting another human being; we could also think of
    • And just think of all the complicated events that can come
    • think myself away and look only at what came into existence
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture II: The True Nature of Memory - 1
    Matching lines:
    • sense, who thinks through and correlates what he can observe in
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture III: The True Nature of Memory - 2
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness we experience thinking — i.e., forming mental
    • consciousness than thinking. Feelings surge through the soul
    • waking; and, on the other, as willing, feeling and thinking.
    • therefore, within us when after waking we begin to think. We
    • become indefinite feelings. Just think how often dreams can be
    • organism of liquid, so that in reality we must think of this
    • to warmth. Just think how close a connection can come
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture IV: The Human Soul in Relation to Moon and Stars
    Matching lines:
    • fully realize this, you need only think through what has often
    • person as such. Let us say we think of a triangle; we
    • whether Smith thinks of a lion or a triangle or whether Jones
    • thinks of them. Thoughts are not concerned about subjects. The
    • being a hero, thinks of a lion and there well up within him
    • when Jones, being a coward, thinks of a lion, he immediately
    • soul content which in Smith's case makes him think of some
    • come what may; or in Jones' case makes him think of how fast he
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture V: The Human Soul in Relation Sun and Moon
    Matching lines:
    • We do not think into them all kinds of atom-bombardment or
    • Modern technology is an example of how not to think anything
    • interpretations. So it must be said that a thinking which is
    • chemical product is made, and works does not yet think in the
    • modern way. He lets other people think in him, as it were;
    • people who are in the know, who think technically. The external
    • going out is accomplished in pure thinking in the way it is
    • still think that clairvoyance means plunging into something
    • sought; here one goes out with a thinking that has become
    • independent of matter. It is a thinking that sustains
    • itself, so that, through this self-sustaining thinking, the
    • emphasis on thinking. According to them it is just too
    • pattern it ultimately makes no difference whether one thinks of
    • world with his Christianized thinking, to transform from
    • thinking. Independent thinking can still be restored within
    • personality except for the very last: pure thinking. The latter
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VI: The Formation of the Etheric and the Astral Heart
    Matching lines:
    • think and the astral body's own configuration dissolved.
    • This is a phenomenon of extreme significance. When you think
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VII: Modern and Ancient Spiritual Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • senses. Therefore, when we think, we by no means depend only on
    • our senses and nervous system as instruments of thinking. The
    • perpetual rhythm. We never think without this whole process
    • also experienced a soul element in his thinking within the
    • process of thinking, which he had hardly felt as a function of
    • merely think but felt the thought as a little live creature
    • Thus, the Yogi did not feel thinking to be merely a
    • shadowy, logical process, he rather felt how thinking
    • then let flow with the breath into his thinking. With his
    • thinking pervading his whole being. This made him aware
    • of his thinking particularly in the rhythmic air-current within
    • does not pay attention to his thinking as such. His senses
    • thoughts into the breath. This soul-filled thinking pulsated
    • the breath, but along the more inward path of thinking itself.
    • sequence; it is a thinking that is much more alive.
    • ancient times. He blended thinking with breathing, thus
    • consciousness, we think, and form concepts of our natural
    • we think, the breath continually pulsates through the nerves
    • thinking from breathing. Thinking is not on this account
    • torn out of rhythm, because as thinking becomes separated from
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  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture VIII: The Elementary World and its Beings
    Matching lines:
    • explained yesterday, this has the effect that thinking, by no
    • thinking out of ourselves into the external world, whereas the
    • through our thinking with the world rhythm, then we shall
  • Title: Human Soul/Evolution: Lecture IX: The Contrasting World-Conceptions of East and West
    Matching lines:
    • heart and mind. One need only think of the Oriental
    • documents, then he thinks that though the people were not as
    • is now. This is assumed both in regard to his thinking, feeling
    • reddish color shades. Modern man is mistaken when he thinks
    • thinks likewise, shown by its eagerness to confirm that ancient

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