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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Synopses
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    • awareness of the etheric body — substantial and
    • eternal human entity. As the corpse is produced by the etheric,
    • the etheric of the cosmos to construct its own etheric
    • cosmic realities that give birth to the etheric. Knowledge of
    • need for sleep. Regeneration through the etheric. Thought is
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture I: The Three Steps of Anthroposophy
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    • that permeates the physical body as etheric man.
    • know the body that, as a fine etheric organism, permeates man's
    • organization before us, so man also has an etheric body; he is
    • an etheric man. When we look at the physical body we see
    • seeing. When we look at supersensible, etheric man we see the
    • — lived — in his etheric organism. In the activity
    • being in the etheric man. As there never can be any doubt about
    • rooted in reality, for he was conscious of his etheric body. He
    • etheric body.
    • Modern man has lost perception of the etheric body. In fact, he
    • philosophizing. If one has lost the knowledge of etheric man,
    • man knows nothing about his etheric body. The breathing process
    • arisen because the etheric body has been lost to human
    • perception, for it is in the etheric, not in the physical body,
    • gain a knowledge of etheric man. Out of this knowledge a true
    • man's etheric organism.
    • his etheric body. From the time humanity began to think it has
    • as one at first recognizes the etheric body as a super-sensible
    • higher member in physical etheric man. This astral being of man
    • with the physical and etheric bodies, and after death goes out
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture II: Soul Exercises in Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
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    • experienced the activity of his own etheric organism, was
    • able to experience philosophy in the etheric body, but not in
    • guaranteed the presence of a spiritual, an etheric
    • etheric organism, but at the same time is as fully conscious as
    • an etheric reality is achieved today in anthroposophical
    • him out of the spiritual etheric world, and build up in him a
    • particular etheric organism, bringing about his form and his
    • what one perceives here as the etheric or life organism is not
    • am here. In etheric imaginative perception one's own etheric
    • organism grows together, so to say, with the etheric cosmos. In
    • like manner, one experiences oneself within one's own etheric
    • organism and in the etheric cosmos. What is thus
    • experienced through the confluence of his own etheric
    • nature with the etheric weaving and pulsing in the cosmos, man
    • his conceptions out of the real etheric world.
    • of the etheric world, out of the human etheric organism and the
    • etheric cosmos. It affects the listener in such a way that in
    • all from the etheric — reality. So, when imaginative
    • physical organism and continues in the purely etheric
    • earth and clothed itself in a physical and etheric body. Man
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture III: The Imaginative, Inspirative, and Intuitive Method of Cognition
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    • etheric world. He feels this because the nature of his own
    • physical and etheric organisms. There, they would unite with
    • etheric organisms. But this cannot in any circumstances be
    • to interfere with his physical or etheric organism. Both of
    • etheric world, he can look back in this thinking upon his
    • etheric thinking has not interfered with it.
    • With this etheric thinking you feel quite outside your physical
    • this etheric thinking one moment — which is experienced
    • etheric realm. Then a true imaginative thinking is achieved. I
    • indicated in principle, one will experience etheric
    • physical and etheric organisms. Then man will really attain an
    • of the etheric organism in the course of life. From what is
    • life. We now penetrate these etheric processes in the depths of
    • consists in confronting our own etheric life — the way it
    • this way is mirrored in our physical and etheric organisms in
    • such a way that, in what is thus experienced as our own etheric
    • etheric cosmos lives in the individual human being — how
    • the outer etheric world, I might call it, reverberates and
    • resounds in man's etheric organism.
    • experience of the world in etheric man, a true philosophy can
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IV: Cognition and Will Exercises
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    • able to see the etheric world of facts unfolding in the expanse
    • acquainted through this empty consciousness with the etheric
    • gains a glimpse of how the cosmos is active within the etheric
    • man's individuality. He sees what it is that within his etheric
    • contrast, is given to individual man by the etheric, cosmic
    • organism, nor the etheric organism; moreover, one no longer
    • physical and etheric organisms. For this consciousness, the
    • present, neither is the sum of all the etheric happenings in
    • impressions, but also its own etheric body and the latter's
    • well as his etheric organism. He carries it out into the
    • outside his physical and etheric organisms. He comes to
    • Through death, the physical and etheric organisms are cast off.
    • etheric bodies. What he receives through intuition is an
    • insight into what is also working in his physical and etheric
    • etheric organisms reveal the eternal part of him. This is
    • are entirely independent of his physical and etheric
    • be sure, the form and life of physical and etheric man are to
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture V: The Soul's Experiences in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • after-effects of sleep. His physical and etheric organizations,
    • cosmic mists of the etheric world and the soul's longing to
    • physical and etheric bodies, which he has when awake, man has a
    • physical and etheric organisms as upon an object. Just as he
    • the physical and etheric organisms underlie what might be
    • physical and etheric organizations in the systems of breathing
    • live in the physical and the etheric body and work into waking
    • and ego organizations are outside the physical and etheric
    • etheric organisms. But within the sleeping physical body the
    • circulation, and thus in man's physical and etheric
    • and etheric bodies, as well as our own moral condition,
    • and etheric bodies, becomes so liberated that it confronts them
    • his physical and etheric organizations in sleep, if this
    • his physical and etheric bodies again? What impulse is at
    • impulses to bring us back into our physical and etheric bodies
    • organization with his physical and etheric organisms.
    • to re-enter its physical and etheric bodies, it must place
    • soul back into the etheric and physical bodies from the
    • with man's spirit and soul in the physical and etheric bodies.
    • soul-spiritual and physical-etheric natures are linked is
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VI: The Transition from the Soul-Spiritual Existence in Human Development to the Sensory-Physical
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    • physical and etheric bodies and considers their organs as his
    • outer world his physical and etheric bodies, which
    • to the physical and etheric bodies naturally is connected with
    • etheric bodies in the morning is that his soul yearns to do so.
    • no such relation to a physical and etheric body is possible,
    • Such a physical-etheric organism is not present in pre-earthly
    • physical as well as etheric organizations which, however,
    • is without consciousness because the physical and etheric
    • earth. Even though the earthly physical body and etheric
    • the etheric element into these pictures from all directions of
    • the cosmos — for the cosmos also includes an etheric
    • nature and is in this respect an etheric cosmos. Out of the
    • cosmic ether man now draws etheric elements into his cosmic
    • etheric organism. He does this at the time his Physical
    • Thus, man clothes himself in his etheric organism.
    • etheric organism, which is accustomed to being united with a
    • clothed in the etheric body, strives by its own wish down
    • together out of the world ether to create the human etheric
    • etheric element that plays into the images of the human
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VIII: Ordinary and Higher Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • actually sees into an etheric process that builds up, saturates
    • abyss to a thinking that experiences its own etheric body.
    • experience, namely your etheric body, cannot simply be called
    • to etheric reality. But in doing so he now receives the first
    • objectively survey the physical organization, the etheric body
    • in imagination, to start with the etheric organism, in order to
    • physical-etheric organization, when he sleeps it is outside.
    • etheric bodies. In this soul life that lives concealed in the
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IX: The Continuation of Ego Consciousness after Death in Relation to the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • the reason for this is that when we wake up an etheric and
    • however, the etheric and astral organisms and the ego being are
    • thoughts from the activity of the etheric and astral organism
    • wakefulness by the etheric and astral bodies and the ego relate
    • three soul elements — etheric and astral organizations
    • etheric and astral bodies and the ego being — produces as
    • human etheric body alone were to penetrate the physical
    • of the etheric body alone are active once again in the
    • appearance of man's etheric body during the periods of waking
    • regard to the head organization, the etheric body, which
    • hours. In a man who is awake you find an etheric organism that
    • liver, the stomach, and limbs are located. The etheric organism
    • etheric organism lose their impact as the degenerative forces
    • differentiation, of manifoldness of the etheric organism
    • penetrates the etheric head system. In sleep, the head's
    • etheric organization acquires the same kind of forms as
    • possessed by the rest of the etheric organism during the waking
    • etheric body wake up in the head. Then, the head becomes an
    • the etheric and astral organisms and his ego being.
    • human soul. The human soul is now clothed in the etheric
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture X: The Experience of the Soul's Will Nature
    Matching lines:
    • the physical and etheric organisms.
    • etheric replica of the part of the soul involved in thinking:
    • must seek it in its replica in the physical and etheric
    • same way to the physical and etheric organisms, neither has it
    • physical and etheric organisms, nor does it become involved in
    • from the physical and etheric parts of man's organism. It has
    • physical and etheric bodies in response to a certain stimulus.
    • the soul-spiritual world into a physical-etheric organism. In
    • and etheric organism? The answer to this will be given in the
    • man's etheric, astral and ego organisms during physical
    • astral organism are still ensheathed in the etheric organism. I
    • have already outlined that what constitutes man's etheric
    • the general organization of the etheric cosmos. Streams
    • from this etheric cosmos flow continually in and out of the
    • human etheric organism. This is why, in the moment when man
    • passes through the gate of death, but still carries his etheric
    • etheric expanses yet he still feels that the etheric body which
    • etheric experiences of the cosmos, which, for his
    • consciousness, contract now and then into the mere etheric
    • content of the etheric body. For a while, we look back on this
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