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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Synopses
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    • spirit disappears entirely in the head organism. During earth
    • the organism. The astral destroys the head and brings on the
    • head. Vitality damps down or extinguishes consciousness.
    • Different relation of the astral body and the I with the head,
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VIII: Ordinary and Higher Consciousness
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    • and form of the human head organization. Now understand this
    • head organization. The life and form of our head
    • your head organization. I do not mean now merely the head that
    • falls off when one is beheaded, but the head with its whole
    • disappears into the head organization. As a result of the fact
    • that our head organization represents a real
    • because we behold in the human head a true physical replica of
    • our pre-earthly existence, this head is a real mirror for
    • reflecting thoughts. This has come about because the head has
    • reappears in the physical world after birth as man's head
    • in this way of the head organization, but not of the rest of
    • In the head organization the spiritual world is contained only
    • such can be discovered there. The human head is actually the
    • heads toward death in order to be actually born only at death,
    • that has been transformed into the head organization —
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IX: The Continuation of Ego Consciousness after Death in Relation to the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • sleep, or, more accurately, outside the head organization
    • it works in the physical head organization of man. It turns out
    • that the activity that is exercised on the human head
    • present in the physical head system. In a manner of
    • speaking, the head's activities would be completely
    • astral organism intervenes in the head organization. This
    • the physical insofar as the brain or head organization is
    • to transform our head organization into something spiritual. An
    • forces are constantly added by the head organization of the
    • astral body to the regenerative forces of the human head
    • unconscious life in the human head. To the extent that it is
    • head organization, these degenerative forces try to destroy the
    • accustomed to from pre-earthly life. The physical head
    • configuration of the head would otherwise disintegrate
    • head.
    • forces continually expose the human head organization to
    • regard to the head organization, the etheric body, which
    • undifferentiated the ether body in the head organization
    • uniform cloud in the head, for the characteristic
    • deadening effect upon the head system.
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture X: The Experience of the Soul's Will Nature
    Matching lines:
    • thinking relates in a specific way to the head organization;
    • connected with the head system, we find that it is devoted
    • entirely to it, it is transformed, as it were, into the head
    • organization. The head organization forms a physical and
    • thought by means of the head organization, which, because of
    • contemplation does not occur. Only the head organization is
    • the head organization is worn down, or is at least brought
    • belongs to the thinking-soul spreads out from the head
    • takes place not only in the head system but also the metabolic
    • of the head organization into the arm, there it induces a
    • irregular fashion. They find their way into the head
    • bound to the head organism of the physical body. Pre-earthly
    • man flowed into this head system. Upon laying aside the

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