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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Foreword
    Matching lines:
    • Thus, the two men were friends and collaborators of long standing
    • German edition was published long before the full course. The
    • it is very good that at long last it should be made available to
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Synopses
    Matching lines:
    • sleep. First phase: indeterminate feeling of expansion, longing
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture I: The Three Steps of Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • belong to physical man, for the senses are physical organs
    • powerful experience, until finally he would no longer know
    • far he belongs to the whole universe, and to what extent he has
    • physical man between birth and death belongs directly to the
    • at the human element that is no longer bound to the physical
    • cosmos to which he belongs. He feels himself to be independent
    • belonging to a special world, to a divine world, of which
    • belonged to a divine world. But he also knew that between birth
    • which it belongs. In this way primitive man — with his
    • spirit man. Only when the ego is experienced can the longed-for
    • it has developed that in recent times, alongside the knowledge
    • sense. But man's knowledge no longer has access to them;
    • alongside knowledge.
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture II: Soul Exercises in Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • meditations, the will is carried along out of the physical
    • characterized, thinking shows that it belongs to the spiritual
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture III: The Imaginative, Inspirative, and Intuitive Method of Cognition
    Matching lines:
    • systematically, for a long time. Through what I have just
    • soul condition belonging to the single human being, while the
    • soul which belonged to humanity in a middle epoch of
    • We modern men no longer live with our processes of
    • link between our ego and the world to which it truly belongs.
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IV: Cognition and Will Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness that no longer has before it the physical
    • organism, nor the etheric organism; moreover, one no longer
    • sense world with all its sense impressions is no longer
    • Thus, laid aside, they can no longer form the covering
    • philosophy. But since one no longer had a living relationship
    • longer speaks of a rational cosmology, arrived at merely by
    • perception. Here one can no longer arrive at a content by
    • accordance with logic, cosmology can no longer do so. As a
    • for the existence of God. As long as a direct relation to
    • God into clear ideas that are logically formed. They give long
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture V: The Soul's Experiences in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • indefinite longing — one must use such a word after all
    • accompanied by a longing for God.
    • cosmic mists of the etheric world and the soul's longing to
    • of belonging to Him, the religious rituals directed to Christ
    • What appears during waking life as religious longing, as
    • passes through the last stage, which is permeated by a longing
    • longer subject to the moon forces? How does he withdraw from
    • them when he spends a long time in the spiritual world?
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VI: The Transition from the Soul-Spiritual Existence in Human Development to the Sensory-Physical
    Matching lines:
    • during sleep. Man develops this intense longing to return
    • experiences along with his inner being. Therefore, we can say
    • bodies are no longer developing but completed, and we cannot
    • belong to the most concealed aspects of the human
    • himself: Along with my own being I have seen other
    • longing for what he is about to lose. In the first stage
    • longing just spoken of prepare the soul to be accessible
    • no longer feels himself to be in an universe where subject and
    • has tended, which I myself along with others worked on as on a
    • descend to earth existence. The sense of privation and longing
    • along as endowments. The sequences of day and night cause
    • worked so long. At a certain stage of pre-earthly life, he no
    • longer possesses it. Instead, he has an inner being, called
    • longer there, at a certain stage of his experience in
    • soul no longer has the reality of this, man's universe, around
    • evolution. What man worked upon cosmically for a long
    • which reality is no longer contained, he becomes ready to draw
    • and desires, as longing for earthly life, passes along into the
    • being and therefore belongs also to the world of soul and
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VII: Christ in His Relationship to Mankind and the Riddle of Death
    Matching lines:
    • must be able to follow this Being, the Christ, Who belongs to
    • man finds himself in waking and sleeping, have always belonged
    • an extra-terrestrial world to which they belonged as much as
    • they belonged to the terrestrial world. Those who, as initiates
    • same time into a spiritual world to which man belongs with the
    • riddle of death. For they no longer knew anything through
    • could no longer consciously see into pre-earthly life and so
    • longer be aware of this Being at all — the lofty Sun
    • and extensive in regard to the sense world, alongside
    • longer did he see the eternal essence of his being through a
    • gate of death. This power which now was no longer there was to
    • him that belongs to the spirit. Look,” said such an
    • Christian century — who are no longer acknowledged by
    • strove along with the rest of mankind. In the highest grade of
    • Trinity, so long spoken of as a dogma, again comes to live for
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VIII: Ordinary and Higher Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • memories in ordinary consciousness, but alongside this ordinary
    • experience one thing alongside another simultaneously in sense
    • remains unchanged alongside the new faculty. But man cannot
    • Along with this, man begins to approach the problem of death,
    • possesses in everyday, waking life alongside all the other
    • advance how you must live when you no longer have a physical
    • longer possess your physical body. I ask you to understand that
    • would otherwise melt away from the human soul along with the
    • the physical body. In death, along with the physical body, it
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IX: The Continuation of Ego Consciousness after Death in Relation to the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • By contrast, the longer wakefulness lasts, the more
    • time in waking consciousness. As long as we possess a physical
    • spiritual world, a method no longer to be employed today. It
    • Inasmuch as the physical organism is no longer an
    • organism that is no longer bound to a physical body. While this
    • passes through death along with the ether body, it
    • being are drawn along into the cosmic-etheric realm.
    • longer have any significance in the great cosmic ocean of ether
    • soon after death. Then, along with the cosmic consciousness
    • man's inner nature, which developed along with the physical
    • brought along from earthly life. He experiences his
    • consciousness that is no longer impeded by anything, man
    • no longer will have a merely neutral image in nature but
    • soul is allowed to enter a world where it is no longer
    • cosmos after death. Along with his astral body, he naturally
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture X: The Experience of the Soul's Will Nature
    Matching lines:
    • belongs to the thinking-soul spreads out from the head
    • in the will nature of the soul, man longs, as it were, to be
    • for an extension of pathology as well as therapy along the
    • to him. A condition then commences in which man is no longer
    • about as long as a person's daytime experiences stimulate the
    • long does the experience last during which the human being
    • last we no longer possess the etheric body. Then, clad in our
    • by saying: As long as man passes through the soul world,
    • long does he remain in a kind of affinity, as if spellbound to
    • material way ceases to function. Man is therefore no longer an
    • because the moon forces continue to affect him. For a long
    • long as the moon forces influence him, they prevent him
    • stars where the moon forces no longer prevail. There, through
    • human physical body has assumed a form that is no longer able

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