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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Back Cover
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    • instead was a soul-spiritual being in the soul-spiritual world.
    • today has branches throughout the world.
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Foreword
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    • by the time of the outbreak of World War I. But unhappily
    • perception of the spiritual worlds and could never speak out of
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Synopses
    Matching lines:
    • experience of the divine world by the I or
    • ‘Soul World.’ The transition to the third stage of life after
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture I: The Three Steps of Anthroposophy
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    • do research in the supersensible worlds by borrowing the
    • paths of research suited only to the sense world. We cannot,
    • however, scientifically ascend into the supersensible worlds by
    • itself so well in the domain of the sense world. Today I should
    • supersensible world in the same way as the forces of the outer
    • senses penetrate the physical sense world. What the spiritual
    • facts in the sense world.
    • supersensible world. While what is often termed mysticism has
    • sleep and have the sense world around us again.
    • clarity. Then he may begin to penetrate within the world of
    • standing in the world. They have nurtured the sciences, which,
    • prominent French journalists between World War I and World War
    • sense world that natural science is able to examine. In this
    • worlds, finds its way into our existence between birth and
    • into a soul-spiritual world. In regard to this astral nature of
    • etheric man and is incorporated in a cosmic world. It is
    • found in the physical sense world. In such a cosmic picture
    • belonging to a special world, to a divine world, of which
    • belonged to a divine world. But he also knew that between birth
    • and death he was placed outside of this world and was clothed
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture II: Soul Exercises in Thinking, Feeling, and Willing
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    • one always can in the case of any given fact in the real world.
    • Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment,
    • are set free of the physical body. Now, a picture world is
    • pictorial quality, resembles the picture world of the ancient
    • this picture world that he has before him, man now gains an
    • him out of the spiritual etheric world, and build up in him a
    • as sharply separated from the outer world as, in sense
    • his conceptions out of the real etheric world.
    • of the etheric world, out of the human etheric organism and the
    • to the world whose authenticity is guaranteed.
    • known flows into this emptiness — a new spiritual world,
    • a spiritual outer world. This, then, is the stage of
    • that lived in a soul-spiritual world before it descended to
    • in the soul-spiritual world. In inspired cognition he thus
    • cosmic world, as soul and spirit being. This being enters the
    • earthly world and only clothes itself in the physical and
    • spiritual world into his physical existence.
    • world. The knowledge gained in inspired perception,
    • events in the outer world are ordinarily observed as following
    • organism into the spiritual world outside. In thus taking the
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture III: The Imaginative, Inspirative, and Intuitive Method of Cognition
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    • the surrounding world change. Meditation, as meant in the
    • lives in a world separated from one's physical
    • etheric world. He feels this because the nature of his own
    • with his surrounding world, and in no way may they be allowed
    • etheric world, he can look back in this thinking upon his
    • perceiving the world through his senses and for thinking.
    • the outer etheric world, I might call it, reverberates and
    • experience of the world in etheric man, a true philosophy can
    • what he has experienced in the sense world. There, he has
    • other facts of the physical sense world. Now that he is able to
    • what I experience in the physical sense world as physical
    • what I experience in the physical sense world as moon; and so
    • worlds. In his soul life he must be able to move freely between
    • one has experienced in the physical sense world. It is as if
    • what has been experienced earlier in the sense world through
    • With imagination he lives in the etheric world. He feels
    • himself as alive in the etheric world as otherwise he has felt
    • in his physical body. But he feels the etheric world more as a
    • sum of rhythmic processes, a vibrating in the world ether,
    • billowing world, in this rhythmically undulating world,
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IV: Cognition and Will Exercises
    Matching lines:
    • able to see the etheric world of facts unfolding in the expanse
    • world, for it is this whereby he becomes personalized and
    • confronts anything of the world absorbed through the
    • sense world with all its sense impressions is no longer
    • soul-spiritual world before it descended into a human physical
    • existence. One looks into those worlds where the soul existed
    • soul-spiritual world and learns to know its pre-existent life.
    • soul-spiritual being in the soul-spiritual world. There, this
    • spiritual world itself. It is the ego and the astral
    • world. In this way, he learns to know what it signifies to live
    • spirit being, one is outside in the world of spiritual beings
    • When we pass over into the spiritual world with what we harbor
    • world.
    • developed on the subjects of the origin and end of the world,
    • purely spiritual world. Therefore, a “rational
    • spiritual worlds and which exact intuition gets to know, can in
    • clairvoyance into the spiritual worlds and carried across into
    • the earthly world what they experienced.
    • experiences in the divine world in the form of ideas based only
    • spiritual world and the experience of it.
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture V: The Soul's Experiences in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • When man first enters into the state of sleep, the sense world
    • were passed through consciously. Thus, the external world of
    • certain true facts of the spiritual world can be
    • cosmic mists of the etheric world and the soul's longing to
    • cosmic relationship of the soul to the world. As a result of
    • does not expand out into the planetary world during sleep, but
    • now, within this cosmic order, the moral world order arises.
    • lacking morality, and on the other side a moral world order
    • the soul. Instead, we have a unified world before us. What we
    • of the world of the fixed stars, so that this world is
    • beings corresponding to the stars. Here in the sense world in
    • the spiritual world with intuition, we recognize that the sun
    • experience in sleep. In the sense world you arrive at a
    • of the external world as perceived by the senses. The soul
    • soul-spiritual world. Every night, the truth concerning the
    • life from the spiritual world and withdraws again into the
    • world of spirit. This picture streams into the soul by
    • day and is experienced by it as a vague feeling about the world
    • spiritual world the other impulses he needs. What permeates him
    • reflection in our physical world is the moon. Indeed, the
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VI: The Transition from the Soul-Spiritual Existence in Human Development to the Sensory-Physical
    Matching lines:
    • of sleep man's ordinary inner world becomes in fact an
    • outer world. When he sleeps, he simply has before him as an
    • outer world his physical and etheric bodies, which
    • observation constitutes the surrounding world becomes in a
    • certain sense an inner world.
    • world and prior to his having taken on his physical body. When
    • inner world. In a way he feels himself to be a cosmos. But in
    • one does here in the physical world. Everything is
    • sense world exists only for this sense world. But in order to
    • cosmos as we perceive it from the physical world; he has a
    • future inner world as a cosmic outer world, which, however, he
    • the universe that surrounds us as the world of the stars, the
    • pre-earthly world view having a grand, mighty content. The
    • is a feeling as if the real spirit world withdraws a little
    • spirit world. Instead of the intuitive, active life with the
    • spiritual world, it is as if we were becoming inspired by a
    • cosmic replica of this spiritual world.
    • man must undergo, as it were, in which the spiritual world in
    • revelation of the cosmos as an objective outer world.
    • with the divine foundation of the world. If therefore man as a
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VII: Christ in His Relationship to Mankind and the Riddle of Death
    Matching lines:
    • world during pre-earthly existence, makes his transition to the
    • the spiritual worlds, in His descent from extra-terrestrial
    • At most, the world view arrived at in natural scientific
    • soul-spiritual condition, in a purely spiritual world, before
    • an extra-terrestrial world to which they belonged as much as
    • they belonged to the terrestrial world. Those who, as initiates
    • same time into a spiritual world to which man belongs with the
    • permeates the spiritual world from which I myself descended to
    • dubious world of dreams. Mankind had lost that part of
    • direct vision about the world from which they had descended
    • evolution the Christ appeared, descending out of the same world
    • to a knowledge concerning the way the spiritual world looks and
    • world, in which man lives between death and a new birth, but
    • appeared in the spiritual world. The path was described which
    • had taken from the spiritual world down to earth. In all these
    • worlds because of their knowledge of ancient initiation
    • world in which they had lived before birth overcame earthly
    • by means of the sense world. This is what caused the old
    • the spiritual world, accomplished the Mystery of Golgotha after
    • experienced from the spiritual world through Christ.
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture VIII: Ordinary and Higher Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • sense world and memories. Also, there are dim thoughts that
    • what he has in mind. Matters pertaining to the physical world
    • bring forth what you want from the supersensible world. But it
    • instantly, if it is to come out of the spiritual world in truly
    • world is often really cruel to him — naturally the
    • facts from the spiritual world are to be brought forth.
    • when it perceives the outer world with ordinary
    • descending from the soul-spiritual world, man works on the
    • reappears in the physical world after birth as man's head
    • it is born out of the physical world. The will-segment of the
    • will he also has insight into the divine spiritual world.
    • In the head organization the spiritual world is contained only
    • in physical metamorphosis, not much of the spiritual world as
    • consciousness initially in the physical world between birth and
    • could now, in the present, reach beyond this world and
  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture IX: The Continuation of Ego Consciousness after Death in Relation to the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • experience in the higher worlds that we have learned about and
    • starry world and has acquired from the planetary movements.
    • is not conscious of the planetary movements and the world
    • the outer world into the physical inner being; the phenomena of
    • light stream in through the eyes and through the ear, the world
    • physical world. We do not bear within us only what we express
    • spiritual world, a method no longer to be employed today. It
    • experiences the cosmic world-ether in the etheric
    • organism. The activities that take place in this world-ether
    • world-ether stream actively into man's etheric organism, and
    • world-ether. After death, man not only lives directly in his
    • world in the depths of the amoral cosmos. Our world is morally
    • future world will arise out of ours whose nature in its
    • morality upon the physical world. This lends a nuance of its
    • and there I called them the “soul world.”
    • enter a world where it lives only in the purified cosmos, where
    • soul is allowed to enter a world where it is no longer
    • also carries into the cosmic spirit world what lives in his ego
    • happens in the spiritual worlds that man en counters
    • “After death, you enter a soul world in which you have to
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  • Title: Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion: Lecture X: The Experience of the Soul's Will Nature
    Matching lines:
    • involved when a person ponders the affairs of the world without
    • the soul-spiritual world into a physical-etheric organism. In
    • spiritual world.
    • around us in the physical world — the mineral, plant, and
    • cosmic-etheric world. Since our etheric organism is now not
    • strictly separated from the cosmic-etheric world, it flows out
    • cosmic-etheric world, and when we look back upon our etheric
    • soul world, man finds his way into the rhythm that
    • passage through the soul world, the human soul must
    • cannot bring what we have experienced in the soul world as the
    • by saying: As long as man passes through the soul world,
    • faces the necessity of entering the pure, spiritual world. As
    • of the physical world where we spent our earthly existence. In
    • Golgotha, man entered the spirit world in a manner that was
    • Before man enters the actual spiritual world where he engages
    • you are to pass out of the soul world into the spirit land, you
    • the other beings of the starry worlds and finds in turn the
    • he must tell himself: World evolution can only proceed in the
    • right into the spiritual worlds, does not establish a
    • been permeated with the spiritual worlds, something he has
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