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  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture I: The Three Steps of Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • his ‘science’ has its being in these organs, he can make use
    • Philosophy, from being a matter for all mankind which once was felt in
    • this was looked upon as the astral being in man. It was not
    • which includes the whole human being.
    • spirit-men, that being at which our word ‘Ego’ now only
    • world, to which belongs his inmost being: but through super-sensible
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture II: Exercises of Thought, Feeling and Volition
    Matching lines:
    • experienced in one's inner being, in the soul, in such a manner
    • can only come into being by means of this imaginative knowledge. And
    • externals, and let the soul sink into those Beings which manifest
    • with beings of a spiritual world. These experiences of intuition are
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture III: Methods of Imaginative, Inspired and Intuitive Knowledge or Cognition
    Matching lines:
    • physical organism, and are not taken up into his etheric being. He
    • things and processes of the Cosmos are being revealed to us as our own
    • the former, pictures appear of spiritual beings who live and move in
    • Moon, Planets and Fixed Stars, these we find again as Cosmic beings;
    • in contributes to its shape and life, but also the beings who work
    • beings. He attains a condition of experience which alone on earth the
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture IV: Exercises of Cognition and Will
    Matching lines:
    • Cosmos projected on to the human being. We see how everything which we
    • Only in this way do we acquire knowledge of the eternal inner being of
    • indirect realization of the everlasting nucleus of the human being.
    • Cosmology if it is to be of a kind that the total human being is
    • these ideas are only that which pours into the inner being of man from
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture V: Experiences of the Soul in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • undifferentiated state of being. He sees there no difference between
    • his own being and that of the universe; nor any between separate
    • counterbalance to the feeling of being lost in infinity. Having lost
    • which he has in the contemplation of the life and death and being of
    • planetary motions. This being so, the inspired consciousness is aware
    • soul. And the connection with other spirit-beings, which live in the
    • with the facts of life and death. It sees itself as a spirit-being,
    • experience of star-life, that a human being has a life as spirit among
    • becomes an unconscious philosopher, cosmologist, and God-filled being.
    • shows what kind of being man himself really is; how he is part of the
    • activity of those spirit beings which have their physical counterpart
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VI: Transference from the Psycho-Spiritual to the Physical Sense-life in man's Development
    Matching lines:
    • psycho-spiritual inner being of man can be attained through inspired
    • being part of this earth. The contemplation of that state in which man
    • body of the individual human being. Man feels the spiritual cosmos as
    • existence of other spiritual beings is at the same time his own
    • existence he perceives his physical organism being built in spirit;
    • growth, its mobility, but filled with spiritual beings.
    • complete fusion with the spiritual beings of the cosmos now becomes
    • only a revelation of these beings. One might say that while at one
    • it were, less intensity of being.
    • being through which it makes itself independent of the other
    • spirit-beings with whom it lived before. One might say that at
    • later it feels itself as an independent spiritual being; the cosmos is
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VII: The Relationship of Christ with Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • understanding with one's whole nature and being what observation has
    • point of his being. He knew it through the contemplation of this echo
    • pre-earthly life a gift of grace from that spiritual Sun-Being which
    • hear how the Being who had before given to man the echo from spiritual
    • the early days of Christianity, spoke of the Christ-Being as one who
    • Christ a Being of the spiritual world before his descent to earth.
    • which was to come into being in the development of humanity, that
    • in Spirit can be regarded again as the all-pervading Being. Cosmology
    • as a Being from outside the earth, assumed mortal shape in the person
    • the Being to whose lot has fallen a decisive part in this evolution.
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VIII: The Event of Death and Its Relationship with the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness. Without being lost first however, thinking cannot be
    • being; there is actually some kind of an inner experience. But one
    • physical organism must always be capable of being brought into
    • the visionary has been turned into quite a different being.
    • its being, and can contemplate this by means of the continuation of
    • being — man. It sees how the spiritual centre of man's nature
    • being transformed into the physical and etheric organism. It is this
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture IX: The Destination of the Ego-Consciousness in Conjunction with the Christ-problem
    Matching lines:
    • picture of the experience of the astral organism and the ego-being
    • then too weak in its inner being to present its own content to its
    • organism as a psycho-spiritual being. There is in the etheric organism
    • pre-earthly existence; in the ego exists the eternal central being of
    • The astral being is never wholly incorporated into the physical
    • processes. This union brings about a Being of spirit and of body
    • organism. In this state a man looks upon himself as a moral being as
    • in earthly life he looked upon himself as a physical being. He now has
    • knowledge gained by initiation: That Spiritual Being, who, in the
    • spiritual sun-guide. Therefore the sun-being has descended on earth as
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture X: On Experiencing the Will-Part of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • prevented from being resolved into physical activity. It stands back
    • Thus life and death are warring together in the human being. In
    • physical, psychic and spiritual being. A knowledge keeping solely
    • knowledge of the human being which embraces spirit, soul and body, a
    • much more is a complete knowledge of the human being than mere
    • and from this experience is formed a kind of spiritual-psychic being
    • human being. This spiritual-psychic being represents whatever earthly
    • Therefore man strives through this spiritual-psychic being or nature
    • moral being with its spiritual quality is related by content with the
    • behind that moral quality-being with which he is related. For the
    • spiritual beings of the supernatural world must take place unhampered
    • by that quality-being.
    • this withdrawal. Here it is that the being, whose physical reflection
    • spirit in which he himself and not the spiritual moon beings are
    • there the being of moral-spiritual quality which he left behind at his
    • psychic-spiritual being to make it the foundation of his destined
    • not aided only by the solar-being after death, the faculty of
    • moral-spiritual quality-being, left behind in the lunar sphere, as the

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