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  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture I: The Three Steps of Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • which we have to-day without realizing that methods of research which
    • realm which opens up Spiritual Science in the modern sense. It happens
    • not only in the separate realms of Natural Science and History, but
    • world-reality. The different Sciences are born of its substance. But
    • ideas no longer a direct reality, and so we try to find a theoretical
    • basis for this reality.
    • time when wisdom was considered something real, which is not the case
    • longer feel ourselves in the midst of Reality when we occupy ourselves
    • real experience. Natural Science (of the outer world) is
    • simultaneously lost its character of reality. We must first of all
    • to regain its character of reality. This must mark the first of the
    • life fails, however, to see the reality of the inner life of the Soul.
    • existence. The content of this experience constitutes the real
    • itself to be independent of all corporeality, and independent of the
    • In order that this may be the case, we must be able to see the real
    • of mankind. In modern Science man is understood as a true reality only
    • to say, of clothing Philosophy with reality; it will be my further
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture II: Exercises of Thought, Feeling and Volition
    Matching lines:
    • reality. Therefore we seek after all possible theoretical means to
    • prove that the philosophic content does refer to a reality. But this
    • Now with Anthroposophy it is a question not of attaining the reality
    • by their very nature their real content, but in waking dreams, which
    • pointed to reality precisely by means of this content. Nor had such a
    • rest. By this means we finally realize, if such a process is
    • these pictures a real vision of the life-forces. This is the
    • recall the very substantial reality of ancient Philosophy, but we can
    • also conceive a new Philosophy, and a real conception of Philosophy
    • spiritual (etheric) reality, and whose reality-content can, through
    • of the true nature of the Ego, which in reality is sunk into
    • thinking is not rooted in a real world; only in an apparent world
    • thought-copy is not in itself reality, but only apparent reality. But
    • themselves real because they come from the spirit world; the manner in
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture III: Methods of Imaginative, Inspired and Intuitive Knowledge or Cognition
    Matching lines:
    • memory hold is only the abstract accompanying appearance of the real
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture IV: Exercises of Cognition and Will
    Matching lines:
    • of meditation. But this exercise is really only a preliminary one to
    • Only ‘inspired cognition’ can arrive at a real vision of
    • of this condition, from the nature of which we can realize that it is
    • the dissolution from the body; he is given a pre-vision of what really
    • indirect realization of the everlasting nucleus of the human being.
    • refuses to step into the region of real super-sensible knowledge.
    • Cosmology. But the real subject matter of this Cosmology were ideas
    • found that in the inner life of the spirit no real inner connection
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture V: Experiences of the Soul in Sleep
    Matching lines:
    • representation, realization, volition — are dependent on a state
    • Similarly, the soul goes through real experiences in sleep; and this
    • real form of sleep experiences is not made clearer through ordinary
    • human soul experiences the real counterpart of this anxiety every
    • cannot believe in the reality of what outwardly represents itself to
    • shows what kind of being man himself really is; how he is part of the
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VI: Transference from the Psycho-Spiritual to the Physical Sense-life in man's Development
    Matching lines:
    • is now changed into a real ‘inspiration’, in which his
    • longer has consciousness of the full reality of experience of a
    • spirit, and felt as reality, in order to enter one in which he is
    • is the reality of that which later on appears as religious learning to
    • one's perception. The second is the reality of what, if described,
    • achieve as an inner reality by fully conscious imaginative treatment
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VII: The Relationship of Christ with Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • I ATTEMPTED to show in my last observations how, in the realm of human
    • If one does not realize in one's own physical nature how something
    • possible to all. The man who realizes the worlds through which the
    • the senses, but revealing something really spiritual, just as the
    • there grew up a modern branch of Theology which concerns itself really
    • But a mere Jesus-Faith is really no longer Christianity.
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture VIII: The Event of Death and Its Relationship with the Christ
    Matching lines:
    • moment, images realized in the present which point to the past only
    • as real a happening to the soul as is the guiding to and fro of
    • realize that visions are not independent of the body but dependent on
    • the character of visions with that of imagination which is really
    • not really a merging of something spiritual into something physical,
    • prejudice, one must feel their unreality. One feels vaguely the moment
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture IX: The Destination of the Ego-Consciousness in Conjunction with the Christ-problem
    Matching lines:
    • lives in reality. This reality does not enter into the ordinary
    • spiritual-cosmic world is realized by the cosmic consciousness. This
    • which gives us material for a real Cosmology. Just as an
  • Title: Philosophy/Cosmology/Religion: Lecture X: On Experiencing the Will-Part of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • Our ordinary consciousness makes us realize already how the experience
    • happy, joy-giving events of my life I owe to fate; but my really true
    • the consciousness living inside the body realizes the body in itself,
    • so spiritual consciousness realizes the content of a spiritual world.
    • the realms of the outer world are to be found mineral and herbal
    • knowledge, a real Pathology and Therapy can be built up only on a
    • real domain of the spirit.) From the point of view of the supernatural
    • man during his presence on earth has developed into a real value in

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