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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Steiner Books
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture I: Supersensible Influences in Old Persian, Egyptian, and Greek Time
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    • distribution. Those substances, too, which in present earth-existence
    • shapes. Earthly substances too, of course, assume the forms we know as
    • In those very early
    • some given here, we have heard about certain Spiritual Beings and of
    • historical evolution on the earth, men drew the spiritual Moon-Cosmos
    • the case today. In the earliest period of human evolution the Initiates
    • spoken could no longer be as effective as it had been in the earliest
    • day-consciousness we no longer have any dwelling-place on the earth; we
    • have regarded it as unlawful thus to influence men on earth during the
    • dwelling-place on the earth. The Initiates of these Mysteries were thus
    • the whole character of the workings of the Spiritual on the earth
    • astrology. For what the Chaldean Initiates learnt through their
    • on the earth. And so the Chaldean Initiates substituted a power of
    • dwelling places might be provided on earth for the Moon-Beings. For
    • no longer had their appointed dwelling places on the earth — for
    • Initiates, did indeed succeed in providing dwelling places on the earth
    • enticing the Moon-Spirits to come down to the earth, although according
    • the Luciferic Moon-Beings. In earlier lectures I have spoken from a
    • observations that were no longer possible in a natural way. In earlier
    • obliged to wander homeless about the earth. Under such conditions they
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture II: The Education of Man through Modern Intellectualism, -or- Chartres and the Mysteries of the Templars
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    • referred to two early epochs of history (the Egypto-Chaldean and the
    • Spiritual Beings who are connected with the inbreathing. And we heard
    • spheres too, of ancient historical development. We also heard of the
    • the impression of a kind of listening, of hearing that is also
    • touching, of touching that is also hearing. Homer listens to those
    • that hearing of rhythm in the Graeco-Roman epoch of which I have spoken
    • with truth that as earlier creeds speak of a Fall into Sin, meaning a
    • the physical body to help him. In earlier periods of earth-existence,
    • perceive pre-earthly existence, and this he cannot do. He is unable to
    • perceive pre-earthly existence because he lives only in mirrored images
    • spiritual, the pre-earthly life, is contained in the substance of the
    • places on the earth, because these Moon-Spirits had, as I said
    • without whose help the Initiates on earth could do very little to
    • inbreathing of men for the spiritual guidance of earth-evolution; and
    • who will bear the impulses of their morality in their own
    • in a distant future, the physical substance of the earth disperses into
    • earth is dispersed in the universe, a new earth, a
    • shed upon words from the Gospel: “Heaven and earth will pass away
    • build the future embodiment of the earth, the Jupiter embodiment. The
    • words: “Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture III: The Revelation of the Spiritual World in Old Indian Culture, -or- Old Egypt
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    • evolution of the earth through different forms, and that the Greeks, at
    • picture as clearly as possible the significance of the mummy in days
    • that could exist on earth only because the human being exists on earth.
    • name to an animal, he was conscious of hearing inwardly: This is the
    • more and more into twilight and man no longer had clear perception of
    • who spoke to him from the dwelling places provided for them on earth in
    • live on the earth because the human form was preserved by
    • research and logical deliberation would have been no use to the
    • world, had completely passed away. Indications were already appearing
    • history knows nothing, were alive all through the early Middle Ages,
    • earth. And this was provided by the mummies. Those Spiritual Beings and
    • forces which by way of the out-breathing are to bear the inner
    • man, these elementary Earth-Spirits who are to be the helpers of
    • “ether-ships” upon which the Earth-Spirits can go forth
    • And so ways and directions for the Earth-daemons have been created
    • suddenly made its appearance. For the human being cannot have knowledge
    • century there always existed, as well as these others, very earnest and
    • Angeloi who are of less interest to us on the earth but very important
    • in our pre-earthly existence. Certain Beings of the Hierarchy of the
    • occult Orders before they have come down from pre-earthly into earthly
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture IV: The Egyptian Mysteries, Indian Yoga and Egyptian Mummy Cult
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    • have bidden them regard the earth, the dwelling-place of man, as a
    • that exists in the cosmos is also to be found in the earth itself.
    • Looking upwards to the world of stars, we see the moon as our nearest
    • neighbour among the heavenly bodies. Think of the earth and the moon
    • circling around the earth.1 We can picture the course taken
    • by the moon as it moves around the earth and all that lies between the
    • earth and the orbit of the moon. Those who rightly understand how to
    • interpret what they find when they dig down into the earth, will say:
    • outermost layer of the earth itself.
    • planet, which together with the earth, circles round the Sun. We can
    • delicate, aeriform, etheric substance. Again a lower layer in the earth
    • Proceeding in this way we have the whole earth as a mirror image of the
    • condensed when it is found in the earth's strata. Thus at the centre of
    • the earth, the outermost periphery of the universe would be condensed
    • image, the earth, let us study the human head. The human head is formed
    • and the earth. But — so the Initiate would have said to his
    • from the earliest period of germination in the body of the mother until
    • indicating the earth in the centre and the larger circles the paths
    • around the earth of the moon and other planets with their
    • for example, upon the heart or upon some other organ of the human body.
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture V: Modern Abstract Thinking and Living Thinking of Future Times, -or- The Idea of Metamorphosis and the Repeated Lives on Earth
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    • The Idea of Metamorphosis and the Repeated Lives on Earth
    • BEEN HEARING in recent lectures how fundamental impulses in the
    • soul. Thinking, as exercised by the human being in earthly life, is
    • what it is in earthly life, but that it is a kind of corpse in the soul
    • worlds of soul-and-spirit into physical existence on the earth. In
    • pre-earthly existence the soul was alive in the truest sense, but
    • soul-and-spirit before descending to the earth. It is simply not
    • the pre-earthly existence of man. To experience living thinking is just
    • like knowing a living human being on earth. Those who no longer
    • spiritual worlds into earth-existence, and the thinking that is a
    • Degree, and so forth. All of them are learnt, written or enacted in an
    • way described from pre-earthly into earthly existence and which, as I
    • to appear outwardly in one shape as in another. In reality there are
    • wears a green shirt and a red jacket — here there is a real
    • that the forces are, in the main, being drawn out of the earth. Here
    • the plant is drawing forces from the earth, sucking them upwards, and
    • the leaf, growing under the influence of the earth-forces, becomes
    • now said, my dear friends, you will grasp the idea of Spirit. I have
    • earth, it has absorbed the gentle sun of spring, then the full summer
    • earth and unfolds with amazing rapidity what other plants unfold
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture VI: Spiritual InFluence in History, -or- Pope Nicholas I
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    • eleventh century — 1096 is the year usually assigned — and
    • as a series of outer events continued until the year usually given as
    • We hear, for example, of
    • life during the time of the Crusades. We hear, too, of Orders like that
    • influences were clearly present in the life of the West.
    • We hear how Peter of
    • Europe as a pilgrim and by his fervent preaching won over many hearts
    • heart. Men felt that these sacred concerns were vitally connected with
    • ways cleared.
    • What impulses were working in the hearts and souls of Europeans at that
    • century, between the years 858 and 867. Before his inner eye, Nicholas
    • and set out in search of it. Pre-eminently, therefore, the three Magi
    • are examples of men concerned less with the earthly personality of
    • mighty impulse to the further evolution of the earth. These men viewed
    • of the earth, could be achieved with the help of this ancient
    • work through all the subsequent evolution of the earth. Men simply had
    • conveyed in clear concepts could now only be conveyed by pictures ...
    • the one and only way of salvation — and an echo of this is heard
    • characterizing this gaze upward into super-sensible, super-earthly
    • embrasures, into the hearts of men, revealing itself now here, now
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