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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Steiner Books
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Prefatory Note
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture I: Supersensible Influences in Old Persian, Egyptian, and Greek Time
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    • connections with spiritual worlds. In our materialistic age, study of
    • attempts are made to depict what comes to pass in the physical world of
    • sense, but no consideration is given to how the spiritual world plays
    • world, and the further back we go in time, the greater was the
    • used for leading mankind. On the other hand, what came into the world
    • Beings, therefore, who according to the eternal laws of world-evolution
    • to the laws of world evolution this was no longer their allotted role.
    • monuments but that eternal Chronicle of worlds which can be read with
    • the spiritual world if we would gain knowledge of what has come to pass
    • we can say: The external world pulsates into our inbreathing. In our
    • is born from the connection between the human being and the world.
    • mean that they really know the world.
  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture II: The Education of Man through Modern Intellectualism, -or- Chartres and the Mysteries of the Templars
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    • study of the life and being of man to the spiritual worlds and I
    • danger of falling away from the spiritual world. And it can be said
    • spiritual world. The thoughts revealed themselves to men and such
    • spiritual world falls away. These thoughts are attuned to and have
    • their roots in the spiritual world and are mirrored by the physical
    • body; what they mirror is merely the external world of the senses. In
    • spirituality, the reality of the Spirit, once again into the world of
    • the modern world, a man cannot altogether rid himself of
    • again there will be men who live in communion with the spiritual world,
    • individuality, who live in the external world as I have described in my
    • work out into the world. This is possible only when the out-breathing
    • including the world of stars, will one day no longer exist; its place
    • — impulses which will build the new world out of the forms
    • worlds have entered into the sphere of the earth — Beings who
    • — we speak about the spiritual world from actual experience, we
    • But in our modern world,
    • are only mirrored thoughts. This mechanized world is a source of
    • creates in the world. And so, much as it goes against the grain, much
    • namely, to strive to spiritualise his actions in the external world.
    • of Adam or that the world shall come to an end — a man who has
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture III: The Revelation of the Spiritual World in Old Indian Culture, -or- Old Egypt
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    • The Revelation of the Spiritual World in Old Indian Culture, or
    • world. Even when immersed in his thoughts, therefore, he was living in
    • revelations of the spiritual world. In the days of the ancient Indian
    • revelations from the spiritual world. No thoughts were stimulated in
    • him by the external world, by plants, animals or other human beings.
    • Spiritual and they shed abundant light upon the world. Man lived in
    • what was being revealed to him from the spiritual world. As a result he
    • world. He was obliged, therefore, to mummify the human body. For out of
    • super-sensible world, he had recourse to helpers who were now able to
    • Egyptians for their intercourse with the external world was not of this
    • world, had completely passed away. Indications were already appearing
    • and ideas to be revealed to him directly out of the spiritual world.
    • configuration of man into the ether-world, find no paths in the
    • everyday world, but they are able to move along paths created in these
    • into the world in order to impress man's form into the cosmos of ether.
    • forth into the world and produce an effect there, then they were
    • in the spiritual world among Beings belonging to the Hierarchy of the
    • ceremonies. Such men feel the reality of the spiritual world and can,
    • moreover, be inspired by the spiritual world.
    • before birth, human beings can bring spirituality into the world of the
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  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture IV: The Egyptian Mysteries, Indian Yoga and Egyptian Mummy Cult
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    • mysteries of the world lie concealed, in a very special sense. He would
    • Looking upwards to the world of stars, we see the moon as our nearest
    • change in the brain is, in truth, a deed of the outer world. The
    • world. But the brain itself does something. When the brain receives a
    • world results in a change in the brain, the brain, for its part, works,
    • world seeing someone working with a machine or tool, say for cutting
    • world approaching and pervading all the forms and actions of the rite.
    • Spirit and what comes to pass through him in the outer world. The right
    • by men in the external world with mechanical tools or the like. Tools,
    • a true understanding of the spiritual world. Through these rites and
    • man will have to re-establish his connection with the spiritual world
    • striving to become a cosmos, a whole world. Contemplation of how the
    • indrawn air is breathed out again by man into the world — this
    • be born when Imaginative Knowledge is able to span the world; with
    • himself sends forth into the external world with his out-breathing. It
    • understanding of the world, for history must be studied in its cosmic
  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture V: Modern Abstract Thinking and Living Thinking of Future Times, -or- The Idea of Metamorphosis and the Repeated Lives on Earth
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    • worlds of soul-and-spirit into physical existence on the earth. In
    • what it means to live in the world of thought have, moreover, felt the
    • trace of any doubt that the human being lived in worlds of
    • spiritual worlds into earth-existence, and the thinking that is a
    • is directed essentially to the dead world. In our time there is simply
    • the world of thought by a glorious discovery. For this reason, in the
    • must be regarded as a form of intercourse with the spiritual world and
  • Title: Lecture: Supersensible Influences: Lecture VI: Spiritual InFluence in History, -or- Pope Nicholas I
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    • Middle Ages — a series of events which, in the outer world, ended
    • understand the deeper currents in the flow of world-history) have
    • Being had descended from worlds of spirit-and-soul, that Christ had
    • which to convey how Christ had come down from super-sensible worlds, had
    • some vision of the super-sensible worlds, in letting man share in the
    • life of the super-sensible worlds, in bringing home to him that his soul
    • worlds transcending material existence, worlds whose happenings are
    • world-history before the soul of Nicholas I was this. All the knowledge
    • an actual centre in the outer world, a geographical centre.
    • Man and of the Divine World.
    • inevitably have experienced union with the spiritual world. For the
    • is the human being to find his orientation in the ether-world, in the
    • truth of the super-sensible world had been within man's reach as an
    • which now arose concerning the nature and content of the etheric world
    • was involved in the struggle concerning the etheric world but
    • With his physical body, man lives in contact with the outer world of
    • spiritual world ... how to inaugurate a twofold stream of this
    • could still look into the spiritual worlds, whose understanding of
    • presence of something actually connected with vision of worlds beyond
    • the earth, with living experience of these worlds.
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