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  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Preface
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    • inexperienced gardener who lifts each sprouting plant from its
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture I
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    • as inner experiences which you wish to be brought to clarity of soul.
    • to me thoroughly symptomatic. This, together with other experiences,
    • begins to dominate, truth, as experienced inwardly by the soul, dies
    • experience of truth, a living experience of human community, of
    • the most important thing is to understand what is experienced deeply
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture II
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    • experiences undergone by young people at Universities. As a matter of
    • into relation with human beings with whom it can experience Nature in
    • can experience Nature in common. This was not possible during the
    • they are uneducated. This they admit. But they do not experience
    • the age of philosophy, the Greek's experience of his connection
    • gone, in order that the Christ Event could at least be experienced
    • which, by the way, was not the experience that it might have been,
    • What must be sought for is a new experience of Christ. We are
    • standing inevitably before a new experience of the Christ Event. In
    • its first form it was experienced with the remains of old inherited
    • and the experiences have been carried on simply by tradition. For the
    • once again. The spiritual world must be experienced in a new way.
    • is the significant experience that is living in the souls of
    • experience which comes wholly from out of the human being himself. As
    • The fundamental question is: How can original, firsthand experience,
    • spiritual experience, be generated in the soul?
    • spiritual experience in man's soul is something that is
    • Golgotha must become a living experience again. In the Mystery of
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture III
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    • importance only to what he experiences consciously, from the time he
    • reckons as part of the world only that which he experiences in his
    • experienced in their waking consciousness?
    • them from their experiences during sleep. In the waking Consciousness
    • of that time man did not experience in salt, sulphur, or phosphorus
    • experience of everything around him was more intense.
    • on the experience of the ancients in connection with sulphur,
    • nothing by way of experience. External culture, which alleges such
    • experienced the health-bringing light of the sun. And before going to
    • the spatial sense, but its greatness could be experienced. His soul
    • experienced, that they are concepts filled with life. What is here
    • whereas what really matters is that experience of the Spirit should
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture IV
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    • represents an experience of real tragedy. Nietzsche was a personality
    • who through the successive periods of his life poignantly experienced
    • Nietzsche experienced intellectualism as an all-destroying spirit, it
    • fifteenth century. What Nietzsche experienced was the intellectualism
    • experience of the Spiritual, wherever we meet it, always becomes
    • he had experienced the idealistic tendencies manifest in his day. He
    • yet there. After his grandiose experience of facing Nothingness,
    • end of the eighties, had experienced in advance the mood that
    • You will not come to any clear view, to any tangible experience, of
    • you call the experiences of youth, unless you look into this
    • you try to characterize what you experience on any other basis, you
    • the immediate experience of human beings in their relations to one
    • another and to honest, upright experience of truth.
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture V
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    • it as I experienced it, and as it led to the writing of my
    • realm into human experience was a matter of course. These facts, as I
    • experienced as the divine was a Being of full reality standing before
    • had living experience of their truth, though as coming from outside
    • but no longer from actual experience.” So there is no
    • beings inwardly experienced a dead thinking once puberty was passed.
    • experience. If we look at outer Nature, we reach first Imagination,
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture VI
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    • sun and experience one of the cosmic mysteries. Let him look into his
    • face of moral intuitions, who do not experience the fire of love for
    • way that he has to submit to it. The moral experience when he thus
    • will also have to experience the tragedy when this confidence cannot
    • beings will tragically experience disillusionment in their fellow
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture VII
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    • had experience of it no longer finds the opposition in its full
    • Nothingness” was a most profound experience — this
    • sails, but certain experiences working outward from within have
    • experience became evident, at the beginning of the twentieth century,
    • have experienced the youth movement with a certain awakeness, whereas
    • experience. To give this concrete expression I should have to say:
    • similar experiences. But in the nineties of last century I was always
    • experiences of a similar kind could be related. I have said this just
    • experience the greatest thirst for air. But the lung cannot out of
    • experience of having something kindled within them in mutual
    • becoming for the other a source of experience for soul and spirit.
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture VIII
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    • an outer description of what was experienced by those growing-up
    • a definite experience of soul. This originated from all the souls who
    • being received through revelation — out of this experience
    • earth-life was experienced as tragedy.
    • observation, but in his inner experience he had an absolute feeling
    • him it was a matter of course that he experienced his abstract
    • fashion just taking in the content, but are able to experience
    • described. Today we can barely imagine what can be experienced when,
    • speaking of what was experienced in science. And about that one can
    • at the most there are experiences of the soul, but not a soul as
    • scientifically, must be experienced as having no soul. Those who were
    • inner problems of experience which confronted the soul at the turn of
    • the nineteenth century. Out of the dullest experience of soul the
    • Spiritual? How does one experience the Spiritual? The really
    • experienced through feeling. Infinitely much depends today upon
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • them to experience together with the teacher in a provisional way, up
    • out of artistic experience of the soul. Art must become the life
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture X
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    • maturity nor his experience comes into consideration; they only do so
    • experience.
    • convey what was experienced. In the earliest times philosophy was
    • experienced in the life of soul as the change of teeth or puberty is
    • it began to decline. People experienced the drying-up of life. But
    • came the following millennia. It was still experienced up to a
    • man still had living experience of the change occurring in life in
    • experienced by the soul and spirit in the immediate presence of men.
    • humanity. Man has more and more to experience out of Nature
    • experience it consciously for consciously it must again be
    • experienced. Whoever observes himself can recognize the seven-yearly
    • experience life concretely is something that has been lost in the
    • they were to have these experiences out of their own nature. Freedom
    • someone puts forward what is the result of decades of experience but
    • this pure thinking is, you will experience that a new man is born
    • such a way that from it something is really experienced. What is it
    • that must be experienced? It is the awakening of the will out of the
    • the moment pure thinking is experienced as will, man's attitude
    • experienced and may rightly be called, in accordance with the real
    • experienced. To know this second man a kind of artistic activity must
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  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture XI
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    • experience more than the head is able to. To begin with man has only
    • colors and allow only scanty remains to be experienced in the head,
    • whole man; to learn to experience the world with the whole man and
    • human beings today still have the capacity of learning to experience
    • mistake to suppose that the baby's experience when sucking milk
    • our tongue, and perhaps round our tongue. But we lose the experience
    • firmly on the ground. The experience of Johann Gottlieb Fichte's
    • of tremendous power. For those able to experience each step with the
    • other words, to experience freedom.
    • the child who experiences it with his whole being. Therefore primary
    • another human being is experienced. If you educate the human being by
    • what is abstract and scientific, he experiences nothing of your soul.
    • He only experiences your soul if you approach him through art. For in
    • intensity, quality; it is experienced as quality, as intensity, very
    • particularly in the period of life referred to. It is experienced,
    • world. We acquire a special kind of life of soul when we experience
    • geniuses as teachers. You would not say this because experience does
    • can experience in five minutes as the relations of life between man
    • and man. Before puberty it is pre-eminently an experience of the
    • experience in five minutes but cannot describe in fifty years, we
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  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • this etheric, astral cap they experienced the forces underlying the
    • rightly experience this helmet think of it as placed upon her head.
    • ancient times men were able to experience the sense-world as having
    • soul and spirit, because they experienced something of an etheric and
    • when man walks he has an experience with every step, an experience
    • preserved during the whole of their life what is today experienced in
    • man through sheaths, to direct experience of the other man's
    • that was elementary in the way in which one human being experienced
    • was experienced was not just that the man knew the other to be a town
    • the locksmiths' guild. But this was experienced in a more
    • of the sort. One man experienced the other, but experienced him
    • in the sense of modern evolution we must increasingly experience
    • experienced their own times have frightened eyes. These frightened
    • longer connected with basic human experience.
    • experience through true knowledge of man. We really become childlike
    • ascent only when, in its experience and whole way of working,
  • Title: Lecture: Younger Generation: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • humanity molded what was experienced inwardly into abstract concepts.
    • him. In those days man contributed to his experience only as much
    • The nightmare that comes from within is, as regards human experience,
    • direct exposure to the dragon. The young people then experienced the
    • we offer our services because we must do so, if men are to experience
    • not merely experience what can be perceived by the senses but
    • experience once more what can be perceived by the spirit. The age of
    • the experience of being surrounded by the picture of Michael,

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